Sunday, July 31, 2011

Affirm your results....

Affirmation. How often do you proclaim what you want and believe in it? I have found that this can have great effects on a persons life and existence. There is so much negativity surrounding us when we walk out our doors that it amazes me how some of us are able to think straight. There are always distractions, evil intentions, toxic people and situations ready to feed off of our clean pure hearts, but sometimes we as humans get caught up in these exact things and it pushes us back a few steps.

So many times happiness comes and wraps its arms around us and we feel like we are floating through life. We just want that moment to last forever, and then like a rapture in the night something starts to slowly take your happiness away. What your happiness is can be very specific to the person, but you know when you are in bliss. It can be a new job, a new mate, a new apartment, a moment of self-reflection, time with a loved one, the birth of a new baby, the list can go on. These can be some of the most joyous occasions in our life and we want them to last forever. Unfortunately, due to the balance of the world, there will always be something lurking to steal your joy. If it wasn't it would not be life. Our focus should not be on the fact that something will always try to steal your joy but on how we can prepare and react to it, so we deal with it in the most positive way.

I believe it is imperative to have some spiritual guard and a connection with GOD. You need it to keep you anchored in your positive space and to keep your happiness. Affirmation is a powerful tool because the things that we truly want the most can exist in our lives and in our world. Sometimes we loose faith in ourselves and our own power gets diminished because we allowed it to. We must simply constantly affirm the things we want and what we need. It takes discipline and will to continue coaching and encouraging ourelsves. It is so easy to always look for someone else to lift us up but it is when we can always depend on ourselves to lift us up we have tapped into that power and we need to sustain it.

On this day I know who I am...I know what I want, I know where I am going and I am fully ready to embrace all the things that come with that. I know Love and I proclaim it. I know peace and I proclaim it. I know God. What are your affirmations? Keep them positive.