Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My apologies....

Ever get tired of saying "I am sorry", feeling sorry, or thinking to yourself " I wish I didn't say it like that".

It makes you wonder...are you really that bad? Did I really sound too harsh. Did I sound like I did not care? Was my tone off? Did I not give enough of my time? Was I rude? Discerning? Mean?

Many times when we speak on others conditions and situations who we love, we come from a place of love and concern. When we disagree and we speak our minds, sometimes our mind offends their emotions.

When we hold someone close to our heart and our world the words sometimes come out with no chaser. We deliver how we feel and we are passionate. Our passion is what drives our world. If anything or anyone is worth anything to us, the passion is what sustains it.

I love hard and I fight harder. I admit I sometimes need to control my emotions, attitude and my delivery because as someone once told me "don't let your delivery dilute your message" ...very powerful statement. *winks*

We must all learn to pay attention to the fact that we all are different and that we all do not see things the same way. Our minds process information on all different types of levels and even if our intentions come from a sincere place they can be received from the wrong perspective.

When you speak today choose your words carefully, fully think and contemplate the message you would like to get across and think about the best possible way to translate your thoughts for your message to be received the way you intended it to.

BE KIND...BE PRESENT in all your moments....