Thursday, September 29, 2011

Switch signals...

What do you do when every effort you make towards something produces no results? Do you give up? I think it depends on your passion for the results you would like. The passion is what thrives us in all that we do. I am a firm believer that if you put your very best foot forward in all that you do then the universe will repay you for your hard work and effort. You may not get what you ultimately want at that very time but it usually comes in due time and it may be more than what you originally bargained for.

Sometimes we find ourselves fighting a loosing battle against the things that we love and are passionate about the most. Sometimes the battle is not or wasn't ours to fight to begin with. You have to just let time take it course and allow the forces that work to do just that... work.

Many times when it comes to the people in our lives..they are so use to their own "flaws" that they don't even realize when they are inflicting pain and hurt on the ones who love them the most. We all are a work in progress and we are all looking for the ultimate be happy...peaceful and loved. We live thinking that we are always doing our very best but we have to realize what is "best" is only limited to our experience and knowledge. What may be best for you may not be best for your neighbor.

Respecting that everyone has feelings, differences, and comes from a different place in life helps when it comes to the way we communicate with one another. Love is a universal language. If you do things from a loving space, I have found that the signals never get switched. It is only when we speak from a position of hate, envy, bitterness, disappointment, and grief that we are not able to reach each other thoroughly.

Positive flow and energy kills matter what is happening just don't let it take you over and stay positive. Keep on your path and what is meant for you will be. are greater than the mediocrity around you and GOD places people and environments in your world that are more suitable to you and the language you speak. I do not believe anything is by accident. Things most definitely happen for a reason always, so pay close attention to it all and start to decide the way you will react to make the results you ultimately NEED occur.


Friday, September 23, 2011

I say it's so.....therefore it IS.....

What a great feeling it is to know you are loved. I have the gift of walking into a building everyday to work and when I enter I literally feel the love popping off of the little bodies that I am teaching. The love is so strong for me from these small children that I am not even the teacher to some of them and I have children expressing how much they love and adore me? I ask myself "What did I do to deserve all of this?"

I am in a very delicate space in life at the moment trying to piece the puzzle together in a way that makes sense. I know what I want and I am steadily making my way to that destination and nothing will stop it. How do I know I will make it there, because God lives within me and he will lead me to where it is I need to be. The people and circumstances that have been a part of my life for the past few years have been a magnificent journey and a blessing. It has placed me in a place of self-reflection and has given me so much insight into how amazing this life of mine is.

The most important lesson I have learned is to not give up on anything or anyone just because you believe in it more than it or them. If you believe strongly enough in anything, that alone is enough to carry out whatever vision you have. You have to have the confidence and drive to make the things you want come to fruition and that does not happen by second guessing yourself. Outside forces will rip you and your dreams apart if you allow them to have space in your world. Learn to keep a positive circle around you always. To love and encourage who you are and where you would like to go.

Stay focused, stay true and stay real to what really matters to you regardless of what it appears to be or what is said. Your heart and instincts are always factual and you will know they are working when you pay attention and act on them.

What a beautiful day of revelation and affirmation....get a piece of it.