Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shut it off!

We live in a world that provides us with the curse of constant distraction. There is just something always ON. TV, Radio, Cellphones, Computers, etc. The list of course gets higher and higher when you live in places that are more prone to never closing their eyes like "NYC" and other fast pace metropolises. There is soo much going on externally that we forget how to tap into the richness that is within ourselves. We forget out to just sit and listen and be with ourselves. We forget how to turn off our phones for just 2 minutes. We forget that the most important connection we need (the GOD within us) requires our attention more than anything else, because through that we are able to achieve the purpose we are here to do. Through that connection we achieve success and greatness and know what to do with it.

I recently heard a a very powerful message about this exact thing, and it moved me. It made me realize that I am part of the distraction, and guilty of falling into the same distractions every day. So I asked myself, why is it so hard for me to just FOCUS on one thing at a time? Why do I have to engage in the very things that may be stimulating for the time being but do not increase my productivity and push me closer to the priorities that will put me where I need to be?

This becomes harder and harder for those like myself who always have some place to go, some party to support someone in, somebody requesting your company here and there and having the desire to want to make everyone you love happy. It comes to a point where you just have to say "NO".

It is imperative you take time to be with you, to meditate, to expand on everything going on in your life mentally and be able to get the answers from yourself. I am learning that when I need to know something best for me, it is not going to "ask someone their opinion or advice" it is shutting out the world and sitting still and listening to the little voice that we all have.

The little voice speaks so loud when you dedicate the stage to just it. NO SHARING with the cellphone, the TV, the Radio, the Internet, the Socialites...JUST YOU!

Make a difference in your life and be proud to say you were responsible for it. The difference will pour out of you and touch someone else.

Have a marvelous blissful Tuesday!

Love .....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FRIENDS...How many of us have them?

I say Thank you to those who I can call my FRIENDS and never second guess it. Those who have always stood by me and supported me, never said anything to me that they knew might be hurtful but say it anyway...never defame my character behind my back, reaches out to me to check on me and my family, comes to functions that I throw for my loved ones, Give me daps ...and give me hugs...This is for you!

I appreciate authenticity.

I appreciate those who do not have jealousy and hate running through their makeup, and think it is hidden...I can see it.

I appreciate the times that you just reach out to just say hello.

I appreciate the advice that you have given with my best interest in mind.

I appreciate you sacrificing your time which belongs to you, to be by my side.

I appreciate all the late night chats we have indulged in because we just wanted to keep the joke going.

I appreciate the countless meals that we have enjoyed together.

I appreciate the gifts that you have bestowed on me throughout the years..even when it wasn't of material nature.

I appreciate you telling me how much I mean to you in your life.

I appreciate the wisdom that you have taught me without you even knowing it.

I appreciate you searching for the right words, because you want me to get the message but you want me to take it the right way.

I appreciate your respect.

I appreciate your smile.

I appreciate your prayers that have included me in them.

I appreciate your good intentions.

I appreciate the essence of you... MY FRIEND!

Have a wonderful day and tell your Real True Friends...How much they mean to you!


Thursday, September 17, 2009


We are human, living in a world of distraction. We turn left there is noise, We turn right there is chaos..We close our eyes, our phone rings. We sleep...we may dream in color of what is to be...We are human beings..living on a plane of uncertainty.

It is not my battle to fight, nor is it yours. We take everything sooo seriously. WHY? That bill needs to get paid, That event is happening next week I need to go. I have not visited him or her in a long time I need to go. I need those shoes. I need that bag. I need a new man. I need a fly girl. I need a house. I need that car. I need to go on vacation. I need a new job. I need..I need..I need!

I tried an experiment one day with some people who for the record, had no idea they were being party of my observation. I carried my day on as normal and whoever reached out to me on that day...they were part of the hypothesis. What did I hypothesize? That I would hear them either express discomfort, complain or speak of all the things they DON'T have but NEED or WANT. Hear them speak of everything that is not right.

It becomes overwhelming. Not once did someone say I am so grateful and happy for what I have in my life. Most times people don't take a moment out of their day to just give thanks for IT ALL. No matter how troubling times can get...Is it ever really that bad?

Listening to all of the ranting an complaining makes me feel 10 lbs. heavier of course because I am soaking up all that negatively charged energy, but I am conscious through it all, and made the conscious decision to respond positively and upbeat. You would be shocked at how your high enthused energy will eventually break down that person's negative ball. It is funny to watch because it is as if they are a fish out of water, and wont know how to move once you respond opposite to the way they are.

I am too blessed...too happy and to GRATEFUL for all the wonderful threads that make up this life of mine. I will not sulk, feel beat up, think pessimistic, feel conquered, feel hopeless, faithless, or helpless. I am a child of God. I was put here to carry out a purpose and it shall be fulfilled. I am, thankful for IT ALL!

I read this passage one day out of a book written by Maya Angelou (who I adore) and she says:

"The ship of my life may or may not be sailing on calm and amiable seas. The challenging days of my existence may or may not be bright and promising. Stormy or sunny days, glorious or lonely nights, I maintain an attitude of gratitude. If I insist on being pessimistic, there is always tomorrow. Today I am blessed."

And blessed YOU shall be....

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Speak your gratitude OUTWARD! Wear it on your sleeves!!!! It looks good on you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where does your ambition lie?

Drifting...through space...existing...just to be....at work...in school...in life..you are just drifting...you are there...you are watching the world happen...but what are you making happen?

There are so many people who watch. There is this old proverb that my dad once again used to drill in my head “Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened"? I could almost hear him yelling at me saying "WHICH CATEGORY ARE YOU"? And looking at me fiery mad.

I knew the answer to that question, and everyone else if asked would most definitely say they do not fall into category 2 or 3, but you would be AMAZED at how many that actually DO fall into these categories. Ask yourself this:

If you are always just hanging out watching other people's movements, at your job with no motivation or concern just there...no direction...in school, just because your parents want you to go, maintaining relationships just because you don't have the guts to wonder why you are holding on to something that does not contribute to your growth...then you might fall into this category.

Why are you not taking a proactive approach to your future and what you want for yourself. Why are you recycling each and every day and living on repeat. Why not MAKE something happen TODAY! Try something that you never tried..Dare to stand out of the crowd..Disregard what everyone else thinks for a second..you will be surprised at the outcome. Dance to the beat of your own Maracas!

Have direction and purpose in ALL you do...you would be surprised at how far it will get you. And let the chips fall.

Enjoy your Tuesday for it is a GIFT!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Accountability....outside of YOU

You ever watched someone close to you go through some pretty hard times. They are always down, depressed and have low energy. You pretty much get used to them being "that way". We start to justify them being miserable and allowing them to be that way around us and everyone else. We trick ourselves in to believing that its OK for them to be upset and complain about every single thing because the world always breaks down on their shoulders. They never get a break. Life is just so hard for just them.


We are just as much as fault for them being that way if we choose to keep these people's company and don't encourage them as much as we can to "try something else". My dad used to tell me growing up..and its a famous Quote by Benjamin Franklin. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". You CANNOT expect to see differences in your life that you want to change, just because you said it. You have to go about things differently and actively change up the way you have done things in the past. You have to change your way of thinking as well. Switch up your paradigm and move with it.

It's almost guaranteed that the things that the people in our life who seem to have a hard time go through is caused by no one else but them. They might not realize it because they are so focused on the issues, and sometimes it helps when those around them can offer honesty and insight into what they see from standing on the outside.

When you make the decision to ensure that if you can help it at all, you will make sure this person has fun, live life and try to get the most out of it, then you are doing your part as a friend, a relative, a companion. When you make the decision to encourage them to do more, and to assist them when they need it you are playing your part.

It is a great feeling to see someone you love smile, laugh, play and be one with the moment, and to know you played a part in making it happen. It is also a great accomplishment for anyone to witness progress, no matter what form it comes in.

Have a great Tuesday! Lend a hand to your friends...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


There is this Philospher and Psychologist, called William James that once said " The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook". How fitting and true this is.

How many times can we think of when someone got under our skin, did something out of character, made us feel belittled and put a damper on our day over non-sense? It happens way more often than we would like...and the worst part is it can happen with those closest to us. This presents a dilemma because when someone is close to you and shares an important part of our life, we have to be wise about "which battles we fight".

In relationships, this is more common, and married couples will be the first to tell you "choose your battles wisely". WHY? because many times when you are fuming and red at something at that moment, once you give yourself a moment to cool down and to think about the situation, you realize it was not worth the time and effort to begin with.

Our circumstance, mind frame, and external forces can sometimes play a role in the way we receive certain information. It is in our best interest to never react off of initial emotion. In the heat of the moment you can allow things to shoot from your mouth that you can never take back, and if enough words are spoken venomously it can put a dent in the lifeline of the relationship you have with that person.

Stop, Breathe and Think about how you wanna handle your next hiccup. Is it worth overlooking or pulling out the big ones? The decision we make in the moment will affect our tomorrow's. Life is all a series of our best moves....what is your next one?

RESPECT...not just a 7 letter word.

RESPECT is earned not given. This can be debatable by some..some would say that why not show certain people "automatic" respect if they are a certain someone in your life. Like your mom, dad, child's parent, in-laws, and elders are just SUPPOSE to get a certain level and amount of respect when it comes to who they are in your life.

This should be the case but what happens is the people who hold these titles can do some of the most disheartening, disrespectful, cold things to you and it can really tear at your spirit and soul. Making it extremely hard to show them any sort of "automatic respect".

What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. Why should we endear the blatant disregard and stupidity that so many of these people put on display. It is a hard question to answer and many of us would have to take it by a case by case situation.

Assess the "titles" in your life and ask yourself seriously if they are worthy of Respect?

Just a thought...I'm going somewhere with it soon....

Have a great Tuesday! Love the Life you have...while you have it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ignorance Demon is running rampid.....look to your left..

As a new season enters and is approaching...It's time to pack away the old and pull out the new. This can apply to clothes, environments, activities and people. I am in the process of purging people from my life who do not have any place there. They may have had a place at some point, but clearly they have made it obvious they no longer do.

Life and opportunity is of the moment and what time do we have to waste with those who are negative, inconsiderate, insensitive, and non ambitious. In addition to having issues that are so deeply rooted in their well being that they may have some trouble seeing their flaws and understanding why you have elevated from who they choose to be.

New season's bring new blessings, if you welcome them in. Be who you are naturally and deflect the ignorance demon that is bound to try to creep into your space on the daily. This demon can possess anyone and anything and try to cloud your vision, but you know better. You can spot it a mile away and you should be able to walk away from it EASILY because you know who you and it's soo much more than what is being presented to you.

Be Wise..Remain the bright spot in the room, and live your dreams out loud, you may need to loose some people and things along the way....but as they say "Pack lighter you get further".

Happy Tuesday!!!