Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shut it off!

We live in a world that provides us with the curse of constant distraction. There is just something always ON. TV, Radio, Cellphones, Computers, etc. The list of course gets higher and higher when you live in places that are more prone to never closing their eyes like "NYC" and other fast pace metropolises. There is soo much going on externally that we forget how to tap into the richness that is within ourselves. We forget out to just sit and listen and be with ourselves. We forget how to turn off our phones for just 2 minutes. We forget that the most important connection we need (the GOD within us) requires our attention more than anything else, because through that we are able to achieve the purpose we are here to do. Through that connection we achieve success and greatness and know what to do with it.

I recently heard a a very powerful message about this exact thing, and it moved me. It made me realize that I am part of the distraction, and guilty of falling into the same distractions every day. So I asked myself, why is it so hard for me to just FOCUS on one thing at a time? Why do I have to engage in the very things that may be stimulating for the time being but do not increase my productivity and push me closer to the priorities that will put me where I need to be?

This becomes harder and harder for those like myself who always have some place to go, some party to support someone in, somebody requesting your company here and there and having the desire to want to make everyone you love happy. It comes to a point where you just have to say "NO".

It is imperative you take time to be with you, to meditate, to expand on everything going on in your life mentally and be able to get the answers from yourself. I am learning that when I need to know something best for me, it is not going to "ask someone their opinion or advice" it is shutting out the world and sitting still and listening to the little voice that we all have.

The little voice speaks so loud when you dedicate the stage to just it. NO SHARING with the cellphone, the TV, the Radio, the Internet, the Socialites...JUST YOU!

Make a difference in your life and be proud to say you were responsible for it. The difference will pour out of you and touch someone else.

Have a marvelous blissful Tuesday!

Love .....


Rho said...

I hear that. So true!

Game Poker said...

Bravo, fantasy))))