Monday, February 20, 2012

Proactive approach.

What is something you want to do but you just aren't doing at the moment? If you can answer this then fear is present in your life. There are so many things that we are put on this mission to do and GOD has the script. He places people, things and experiences in your life to shape you into doing exactly what he sent you to do. The funny thing is we choose to ignore the gut feeling that nags at your heart, we choose to ignore our passions, intuitions and dreams because we believe they are far much too great or we will create an excuse as to why we can't do it at the moment.

I say that all of that is nonsense! This is a story that you have told yourself for years and you have now begun to believe it. There is a freedom that unleashes when you finally decide to LIVE and DO what you want. Some people look at this, as being selfish, because you have centered your motivations around what makes YOU happy, but in essence, this is needed if you are to share your life with anyone. We must be able to embrace the humanism power of pro activeness and commit to being greater!

I know a few people with amazing God given talent and they are doing absolutely nothing with it. I knew from a child that my gift lied in my ability to communicate and speak to others. I would sit in my mothers room for hours acting as if I had a class in front of me. I was 9 years old and did not know, that I was practicing for the career that I am now in. I also know that teaching is not what I will be doing forever and that I will take my ability to speak, touch and inspire people to a greater level and that is my ultimate goal. God knowing that I am in tuned with my gift he will allow it to manifest and place the people, places, and experiences there, I just need to openly embrace and recognize it. That is why we all should pray for the power of discernment.

We all have this ability, and we allow distractions to occur in our life on a daily basis to keep us from attaining it. I have reached the point where if something or someone does not serve a positive purpose in my life then I must get rid of it. I have learned to take responsibility for the energy I create and surround myself around. If you do not do these things, and you keep negative people and influences in your circle, unconsciously they will keep you from achieving your greatness.

Love is one of the most important aspects of ones life and it is something we all want. Do not be afraid to embrace love or be with the ones you love because the lesson will be hard and hurt later. Stop over thinking everything and allowing your fear of failure, and what "might" be, to keep the gift of love away in your life.

We are not promised tomorrow and if you have today spend it being of service to someone else, say things that uplift, be with the ones you love and make your mark.

LIVE ON PURPOSE....The time is NOW! Today is a great day to start!