Thursday, February 26, 2009

Age of subliminality....

I am absolutely positively 100% certain that if my physical shell was alive AND living during slavery, or the civil rights movement I would have died young. I cannot stomach nor fathom ignorance on any level, and racism in my opinion is the definition of ignorance.

Since President Obama has been in office I have noticed that every single action, thought and idea that he has taken has been publicly scrutinized and criticized beyond belief. I know for a fact (and I have been on this planet 26 years) that I have never seen any other President receive so much blatant disrespect from the media in all my life. I am the first to say yes, Bush was disrespected by the citizens of the world ALL THE TIME, and made fun of because of his lack of a brain and trailer park demeanor, BUT the media held a certain respect when speaking of him or about him.

My friend brought this to my attention this week when he clearly showed me an example of CNN referring to PRESIDENT OBAMA as ...Barack Obama. Believe it or not many of the cable news channels are refraining from addressing him as President. I am not going to focus on this, this issue of race with just Obama, because there have been countless examples of racism since he has taken office, and all I can do is SMH till I am dizzy because "Really, are we still at this level of stupidity"?

It was also brought to my attention that 21 states have applied for sovereignty since President Obama has taken office. If you do not know what this means, Sovereignty is the exclusive right to control a government, a country, a people, or oneself. A sovereign is a supreme lawmaking authority. So if a state like Arizona (one of the 8 who have applied already, including, Hawaii, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Washington.) is granted sovereignty then they rule itself as a state alone and will be seen as a lawmaking, state that controls what it does OUTSIDE of our central government. Which goes against any sort of UNITED STATES. There will be no UNITED anything if states are being seen as separate ruling entities.

Of course the justification for this nonsense is President Obama's stimulus plan that he has introduced, but the truth is and I BELIEVE that some of these states cannot accept a black man running their government. It is a sad day. Very sad. This man has proven himself intellectually on sooo many levels, and his capabilities of handling this job. I don't think the qualifications before him or the standard before him was set as high as he has made it sense taking office. YET, people will still not accept him for who he is.

I am seeing the news (papers & television ) actually give light and cover irrelevant news to add on to the ignorance. I know it is to brainwash others into accepting this nonsense. A bakery owner in Chelsea made offensive "Obama cookies" with huge over exaggerated lips and a nose and sold them to the public. His justification was "it was in celebration of Obama's win". Why is the NEWS covering this? Why give light and attention to it? That is the problem. People like him will exist but to give him air time and attention..just gives him light.

People have lost their minds and it is just a reflection of the energy that is amongst us. You must take a stand and have your voice heard when you hear and see such ignorance. How can you sit quietly?

I for one am always ready to shut down anyone who is in the line of TRYING to say anything disrespectful or sideways about this administration. It used to really shock me when I saw Bush supporters, or just people who accept and believe the lies that IS this country at times. But they exist, and the answer is never to yell, scream and kick but to take a second to think and respond in a way that is a reflection of your higher self.

I think President Obama did an exceptional job at addressing the stupidity of the NY POST. He simply did not. As the rest of us got excited, hot and bothered, he was still on his grind, doing his job and did not give them the privilege of seeing him break a sweat in the midst of their ridiculous antics.

I am not watching ANY cable news for the next month purposely because I feel it is unhealthy for my mind. I cannot take in such toxic information. I have been more interested in spending time with those close to me, writing, reading, planning, eating, loving... you get the drift.

It does not hurt for you to be mindful what you choose to take in as well!

Love you fab people!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pain in the....TOP 10 for 09!

Some people just will never cease to get on your last good nerve! I do not care WHAT they say, how they VOW to not do it, how they TRY to be better...they just sometimes cannot help being a tick on a (shut yo mouth)....I am at the point where I must just start sending out list and saying what irritates me and if it hurts your feelings then so be it. It is all for growth!

1- Do not call me or ask me for something AS SOON AS I WALK into anywhere! Can I take off my coat, say my hellos get comfy before you start requesting my life away!

2- Do not call me and SAY NOTHING or have NOTHING to say! Everyone knows I rather text if you have nothing to say just send me a line...and I will respond. Let it be known some of my best conversations are via TEXT! (SMH - I know) lol

3- Do not come out with me if you are not cash equipped! Please bring ENOUGH cash to be comfortable for the night out or at least have your bank card ready to pull out more if need be. There are a zillion ATM's in NYC! This is the ATM Capital.(what's in your wallet?)

4- Do not be OVERLY sensitive about non sense or anything that may come out my mouth. Grow up and man up. This is 2009 and if your skin is made of Angora...stay away from me! I will not do you any injustice by lying to you and laughing at you when you are not funny, and you really need some sound advice...Sorry..I AM GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOU! I will vow to be honest and not make you feel good because that is what you want...FORGIVE ME!

5- Do not say you wanna hang out and have a good time on the town and then come and act like Moses. If you were tired and you really felt like we were "dragging" you to come out..DON'T COME! You kill the vibe and the energy. I find I get further when I travel light!

6- If I tell you something and I have to see, hear, or receive that same message from someone else that means I will never be telling you anything again, and I wont say anything about me hearing it either...Stop running your mouth! I know it is hard..I used to be a serial talker too. You must practice control and discipline! It is so worth it in the long run.

7- If you have a crush on any man/woman that I have in my life and you come around JUST to be in that person's company BUT when you are there you act socially retarded and us all a favor and Do not come! He/She is actually afraid of your wackiness....This actually can apply more to my male friends who are constantly skeeming on my fine a*** friends! FALL BACK HARD!

8- If you clearly tell me you are going to do something the day of an event, and you don't communicate to me that you are not going till a couple hours BEFORE the event...and I have to reach out to you to find out...I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed in your lack of respect for my time! We all can change our minds and are free to do so, but at least let me know when you start second guessing that you might not want to go.

9- If we are having a conversation and you are cutting me off and talking OVER me as I am talking...we clearly are not CONVERSING. Take a break..I will take mine ...we will meet at the middle. Do we really need to go over conversations for dummies?

10- Do not ACT like you are cooler, fabber or hotter than you really are. Do not be fake, phony, or non genuine EVER...unless a paycheck depends on it and even then that is suspect! People can always see right through the nonsense and BS...especially me so...STOP IT! It is such a turn off! IN addition DO NOT act like we are cooler than we really are! STOP IT! This may sound crazy but have you hung out with someone who is really not that cool with you but may be a friend of your homie's and they start cracking jokes, slapping your back, asking for some of your fries *side eye* like ya'll as cool as you and your homie! We just met not to long ago...I am not sharing food with you and you cannot get that tone in your voice just yet! (Some people are so clueless)

These are just my top 10's for TODAY! I have a ton! These are ten things that annoy the hell out of me BUT I am sure EVERYONE can relate and I am sure you can add on to this list. Send it the one's close to you as well...I have to add one for good luck because I truly cannot STAND this:

BONUS: If I have not heard from you since Damaged Jeans was in style or in some cases a couple months DO NOT ..I REPEAT DO NOT...Call me to ask for a favor (money, a ride, a meal, NOTHING)....You must earn your way back into the good graces!

Love you all!


Have a fabulous TUESDAY!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


When is Enough, Enough?...

How many times does your friend have to ask "Can you spot me this time" before you say "NO"!. How many times do you sleep with that person one more time...for the last time..who you know is toxic before you tell him/her "NO"! How many times do you tell yourself you are finally going to leave this person for good no matter how inconvenient it will be for you at first. How many times do you tell yourself that you are going to leave your job because you are sick of it and it is not rewarding to you on any level, but you stay because you are comfortable, yet complain day in and day out without LOOKING for something new. How often do you say I am not going to do this, that, him, her, and the third but you just cannot seem to keep your word to YOURSELF?

I find being a human being that it is sooo hard for us to break out of good ole habits. Our habits can be activities that we do, people that we have around us, thoughts that we have. YES, your thoughts are habits as well. If you are constantly thinking negatively, being pessimistic and consuming your mind with nasty thoughts then you will be that in your actions, promoting bad habits, overeating, drinking, smoking (not socially), setting bad examples for those around you and so on.

I was watching Oprah (since I DVR it everyday) and saw that on Tuesday's show it interviewed and focused on a family of 4 in Ohio who all were all addicted to Heroin, and they all got high together very often. The family consisted of Mom, Dad, and two boys one 16, the other 18.

The dad, was a successful worker at one point, Just 7 years ago he was making 80-100K a year, the wife was good and the kids were doing well. The father was on some painkillers from a work injury he sustained and he became addicted to the pain killers that were prescribed for him. The painkillers were becoming too expensive to keep up and someone told him to try Heroin for 3 x's cheaper and it made the pain disappear faster and for longer. He said he was addicted from the 1st hit. Once he became addicted ..the wife started and then the kids started. They are all homeless in Ohio now after he sold every single possession that they owned to maintain their habit. Get this..they also have a 13 month old baby who they truck around with them to find dope!

This was unbelievable to me because Damn, how do you get high with your kids? The father and mother clearly hated themselves and wanted help and to be rid of the addiction, but they claim there is no place in Ohio that offers the kind of rehabilitation that they need. Even in an extreme case like this where you are strung out on a drug and your kids are doing it with cannot say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Minor day to day things should be easier to break but it isn't...Addiction is addiction no matter how you slice it. Laziness is an addiction, not going out on a limb is an addiction, and dumbing down who we are is an addiction.

I think many of us don't go after what we want because we don't have constant motivators and reinforcements to keep us Grinding, on our A game and moving forward. It is one thing to be able to SAY what you wanna do, and constantly speak about doing great things but to actually put that into action can be a whole other animal.

I know soo many s*** talkers, and it makes me sick! I know they mean well but's played. I also know of some people who are doing it HUGE and they are only able to maintain that playing field because all the people around them are doing it big, or they choose to keep the company of those who are where they eventually want to be. Being around those who have attained the stuff you want for yourself is crucial in getting closer to your own dreams. I can attest to this first hand.

I am excited about a lot of things that are on the brink of happening and those who read this and know what I am talking about, and have helped me in getting there...I am a reflection of you!

Have a great weekend, and leave that old habit...Who, What, or Wherever it may be...where...BACK THERE! (yes Vivica you were right)!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When the stars are perfectly aligned....

Ever been someplace or been with someone and everything just seems to happen perfectly. Like no one is talking over anyone, You are running late for a something and everything is happening swiftly, down to you driving and all the lights seem to be green and its a clear path ahead. You are planning something BIG and information just comes to you without you having to seek it out. These are called the Signs.

I have noticed that when I am supposed to do things that I think are pretty GREAT and everything is just working out EFFORTLESSLY, it is the universe telling me that I am supposed to be doing it. Now, of course, there are times when you are about to do some pretty FAB things and the universe will put obstacle courses in your way as a test, but for the most part you know when you are passionate and on the right path.

I don't know why people forget these laws of the universe when it comes to relationships? We think that it is a coincidence that when you call his phone he never can answer, or when you two are together you fight more than love, or you cannot seem to see eye to eye on anything, or he makes you feel smaller than the bigger person you are...these are SIGNS that he or she is not for you.

I cannot stress enough how much people tend to ignore the warning signs of a crazy volatile relationship before it matures and erupts into something terrible and then it is too late from getting away from it. When we are in love we will overlook some crazy scenarios, but let one of your girlfriends say what they are going through and you will be the first to say "Not me" , " You crazy girl, you better let him know"...Until it is you that is experiencing the abuse, disrespect and violation first hand.

We all know when something is off, and when something is not...We sometimes can even have the prince charming right under our nose, and because his money is not right, or he is not as fine as the "bad boy" you don't even give the relationship a chance or the opportunity with this person to bloom and reach the potential that is is meant for you to experience.

Start paying attention to the signs and the higher being talking to you all the time. It speaks loud and clear and we let it fade to the background..causing ourselves more stress, anxiety, and unnecessary drama!

On a lighter much brighter note...I HAD A FABULOUS weekend and I hope all of you guys did as well. I love my..... :)

I want to end with this...I was on the train coming home on the F Friday and as I sat there I looked across at this guy writing something on his newspaper..the pen started to give him trouble and not write and he got frustrated and threw it in the seat he was sitting in as he got off the train.

As a couple entered the train, the woman said "Look Babe, A pen"....she grabs it up and she is excited. Then they sit and they look across the train and a fresh Saks Fifth Avenue bag is sitting there unclaimed with newly purchased goods in it.

The lady says "Oh, my..My first trip to NYC and I am finding all sorts of treasures" (She had a British accent, and they were clearly tourists).

She grabs up the Saks Fifth Avenue bag and opens it up as the rest of us are looking on in anticipation to see what she has found. Many of us are pissed that we did not find it and it was sitting right there in front of all of us.

Well..she found her a beautiful sexy luxurious Sweater and Tailored slacks to match. The lady clearly could not fit the beautifully tailored pants but she may have a granddaughter or niece who can.

All of this to say...That was her karma and luck in action and I witnessed it from start to finish.

The stars were aligned just right for her to get that brand new bag of goodies fresh from Saks...and the girl who left it there rushing off the train...played her karma as well. Maybe she bought it for the wrong reasons, maybe she bought it for ill attract someone else's man, to go out with someone she should not go out with, or maybe she is bigger than the size of the clothes we saw purchased and is forcing her body into clothes that don't fit.(hmm)

I can go on and on..the point is...the universe spoke loud and clear and rewarded the older woman who is a tourist from London, with the goodies. She probably deserved it!

Karma is REAL and is on the loose. Acknowledge it!

Love you all!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

V-DAY SPECIAL! (awwww I just had to)

Can you remember your "first time"? Well I don't think anybody ever forgets! It was either Dreadful or it made you do belly flops in heaven for weeks on end because everything seem so perfect!

In this day and age, the first time can start as early as 10 (SMH) or can be as late as 35! I still have to shake my head to this one because the thought of living on this planet without any sort of LOVING for 35 years makes my head go into a migraine trance. I know someone to this day who is suffering from this. (PRAYERS)

When people first start a "new" relationship, (and this does not mean they are boyfriend/girlfriend) just means they are spending time together, it feels FAB! It's brand new, fresh , and nothing can take them off their is the best feeling in the world.

The feeling you feel is not by accident either, there is actually some sort of chemical that is being released from your brain cells when you are falling in love with someone and many doctors and scientists take this Love thing pretty serious.

Basically they say there are 3 stages of love:

LUST (we all know this tooo well), ATTRACTION (we know him even better) and ATTACHMENT (We wish we never knew this one sometimes I am sure). The crazy thing is each of theses stages releases a chemical and hormones are triggered with it, that makes us get those feelings.

Per researchers at Rutgers University (BIG UPS TO RUTGERS)

Stage 1: LUST

This is the first stage of love and is driven by the sex hormones (Starting off SMH) testosterone and oestrogen – in both men and women.


This is the amazing time when you are truly love-struck and can think of little else. Scientists think that three main neurotransmitters are involved in this stage; adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin.


The initial stages of falling for someone activates your stress response, increasing your blood levels of adrenalin and cortisol. This has the charming effect that when you unexpectedly bump into your new love, you start to sweat, your heart races and your mouth goes dry.


This chemical stimulates ‘desire and reward’ by triggering an intense rush of pleasure. It has the same effect on the brain as taking cocaine! YES! COCAINE! This is why the ladies go crazy! Just as drugs give you that high, if you don't see your love or a man seems to be "dipping out on you" you are ready to kill like pookie from New Jack City to secure your goods!


And finally, serotonin. One of love's most important chemicals that may explain why when you’re falling in love, your new lover keeps popping into your thoughts.


Attachment is the bond that keeps couples together long enough for them to have and raise children. Scientists think there might be two major hormones involved in this feeling of attachment; oxytocin and vasopressin.

Oxytocin is considered the The cuddle hormone and is released by both men and woman during orgasm.

It probably deepens the feelings of attachment and makes couples feel much closer to one another after they have had sex. The theory goes that the more sex a couple has, the deeper their bond becomes. ONE MORE TIME!!!!! more sex a couple has, the deeper their bond becomes.

This would explain the high divorce rates in AMERICA because woman and men tend to STOP having sex after marriage...(just my thoughts!) Therefore they grow apart and the mistress is born!

Vasopressin is another important hormone in the long-term commitment stage and is released after sex.

We are balls of energy but we also have a lot of chemical action going on in these bodies of ours! We must tend to them, stay balanced and live a balanced SEXUAL life! When you have or make makes you feel good! I don't know about you , but I can always tell when my girls are getting the goodness because they are glowing, they are happy, they are bouncing in their stride down the block and they are ooozzzingggg FABULOSITY! It is what it is!

You can always tell a bitter cold miserable woman who has not opened up shop since The wonder Years was on Network TV. (I really miss that show - *blank stares*) OK!

So .....In the spirit of V-Day (which I totally think is overrated and corny...but many don't and I thought I would do a blog that would be a reflection of all the love be it, fake or genuine in the air this weekend ---

HAVE FUN, LIVE IT ALLLLL THE WAY UP, and BE SEXY! It actually feels pretty goodddd!!!!! Be SAFE before anything else!

Love you GUYSSSS!!!!!!!



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chasing a dream to nowhere....all women encouraged to apply....

Last night I decided to watch "For the love of Ray J" for the first time, and as expected I was left feeling ... *crickets*, *blank stares*, SMDH! This blog is not to discuss the show or Ray J. In actuality I happen to think that Ray J is a physically fine specimen and I have seen his...aheemmmm..."WORK" so I think that he can offer someone a great deal. *winks* BUT......

Why the need for him to do a show that is just outright purposeless, and that is just a ploy for him to have his name in lights for 15 minutes, while the girls on the show degrade themselves and be noticed for 5 of those minutes, bewilders me.

To see that these women, actually in their mind think that by going on this show and acting like an alley cat will help them become the next Angela Basset or help them to receive an Oscar one day is outrageous.

I only use this example because so many of the girls "have a bigger purpose and a dream" as they say. Don't we realize they are actresses and models? (SIDE EYE)

What sort of respectable career can you foster after shaking your behind and doing splits all over the place for an entire season, along with selling your body to a BOY in an effort of him choosing you to be his girl for a couple of months? It is as if THINKING has been taken out of the equation entirely when it comes to black television.

At least when you tune into the BACHELOR on ABC, the girls are actually having intelligent conversations with the guy (for the most part), and whomever the bachelor is, really tries to get to know the woman and they do interesting activities with one another. They aren't told to make their bodies into a human "milkshake" or whatever the hell this pitiful woman did last night to prove to Ray J she is the one.

Of course her efforts of popping her behind with bananas and milk pouring all over her body was praised by Ray J, and was celebrated. (My stomach is aching again at the thought).

The whole reality dating show concept is such a BORE and its all scripted and stupid. What the girl does not realize, is this is her first "Acting" job and she will have a grand opening and grand closing very quickly once it is all over.

I am sooo disappointed and saddened by the way Americans chase fame like its their baby running across the tracks of a moving train, yet they wont chase what really matters in the world. They wont focus on the importance of what is around them and the way they can help and add on to the world in a way that is needed. You are not helping anybody by being a redundant slore on television. It is just sickening.

I am so done with the media and what they allow to be penetrated into the minds of these young people, and these adults. Adults are just as brainwashed as the kids, and if they are brainwashed it is even worst because they are the only thing the kids have to look towards for insight and direction. So if your mom and dad are infused into this garbage then what is to happen to their offspring.

It is a sad day in the culture of America. We praise things that have no significance, and we look for inspiration in tangible items.

Best thing you can do is turn off your TV and RADIO for a week, and be with yourself and see what you come up with, without the distractions, the lies, and the staged show.

Hear yourself for once, and be in tuned with you.



Thursday, February 5, 2009

"We're drowning in information and starving for knowledge". - GET YOUR SMART ON!

Put on the TV, Radio, Open a magazine at the book stand, you will see TONS of information....on NOTHING!

I don't know if it is because we have a Chief of Staff who is educated and it actually SHOWS, or we are just entering a new wave of "consciousness" on this planet, but it appears to me...that more people are interested in learning, growing, expanding their knowledge, and being GREAT!

People are actually picking up books, wanting to join book clubs, grinding it out and going back to school. I know a girl who never had dreams of being a lawyer, was actually in the entertainment field and now come May 2009 she will be getting her law degree. I know another person who ask him just a year ago, he would have said " Forget school, I don't care, I am gonna do this rap thing" he is achieving awards in school for most improved student (Good Job Bro).

I know another young person who dropped out of school to just "WORK", he would say "It is not what you have Dee it's who you know", So yes he got a job at a pretty cool place because he knew some folks...but guess what..he is back in school now and I am so happy.

The point I am making is that I can attest and know for a fact that is who you know in this world that helps you get closer to your dreams a little bit easier than the next mate. BUT....when you get there you need to know how to hold your own, have a strong backing of intellect to bring to the table, and make those who have given you the chance feel comfortable and at ease that they made a wise choice.

Going to school is not the end all or the overall answer either. There are people in school who spends thousands to just sit there and do the assignments, and meet the bare minimums to say they have a degree.

Then there are folks who have not gone to college BUT they have self-educated themselves better than any ivy league institution could have done. They READ books and books and books (without being told), They expose themselves to different cultures, ideas, they have conversations with people outside of their comfort zone, they think out of the box and they become well rounded, intelligent individuals who want to add on to the world and in turn receive the fruits the world has to offer them.

I don't think the answer is always going to school for some. You have to be committed to always challenging yourself to be better, to go to the bookstore, library and actually something that sparks you. Read something you never heard of, you will see how far you can travel in your mind and see what potentials you may have that you never knew existed. Your mind is really the only breeding ground you need to accomplish greatness!

All the ideas, the goals, the plans, the avenues you can develop happens mentally first!

When I was young and I would wake up on Saturday mornings and I would watch "Saved by the Bell" and right after it went off the same commercial would come on every week. There was a black backdrop and some stars and colors shooting across the screen that said "A mind is a terrible thing to waste".

When I saw and heard it then, of course you don't pay it much attention, you think how cliche.."DUH, of course it is", but it is not until you get to be 26 years old, and the same people who once watched that commercial when you did, at the tender age of 11, they are now 26 as well, and they have not done much with the mind they have.

You see so much potential for them, but they rather smoke, drink, run the streets,chase after people and situations that do not add on to their greater self, and the only constant positive that they ever you!

You listened to the have achieved goals that you set for yourself, and you are not close to being finished. You are putting your mind to use..good use! You are LIVING this life like it's GOLDEN..and that is all you can do!

I just want to say I was sparked to do this blog after seeing a snippet of Lil Wayne being interviewed by Katie Couric for his 10 Grammy nominations. (great interview by the way, LOVE HIS AUTHENTICITY!) Check it out.

This man did not go to school, at all. BUT....he was committed to crafting in on his GREATNESS. He knew what it was and he put all his time and energy into it. I knew from the first time I saw lil Wayne when he was 15 that he was HOTT, because there is something in the eyes of a person who is on a mission. You can always feel it. I don't care if you notice it at that moment or will realize it eventually.

Kudos to Lil Wayne, and ANYBODY else who is stepping up their game to be the BEST they can be in whatever field, industry, or passion that drives them! Educate yourself and hone in on your potential! It is so worth it!

Be MINDFUL of your time, what you do with it and how you are elevating yourself! We all are superstars in our own right.

FYI - Katie Couric Later went on the early show to discuss her interview with Lil Wayne with some of the reporters, and she said "I was amazed, I never heard anyone say "I am a GANGSTA" like that before". LMAO! There is such a disconnect in our world. :)

Love you all!

Have a great Weekeend!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You are only as strong as your weakest link........the slow DEMISE of RICK ROSS

You are only as strong as your weakest link is what they say! This is the truth. Who we decide to keep around us..and especially when we are in relationships is crucial to the way the chips may fall for us in the long run.

I usually do not discuss stories that are in the news that are revolved around hip hop because there is unfortunately so much buffoonery and disgrace that IS Hip Hop these days, things are rarely worth mentioning, BUT, this is a lesson in character and is very relevant to EVERYONE and ANYONE...because it can happen to you!

So since I have to be on top of what goes in the media for the most part, I am aware of this silly child drama that has occurred between Rick Ross and 50 Cent. For the record anytime I hear 50 has "beef" with anyone in the industry and they are an artist, I am looking to see a slow death start to take place.

We all can remember how he BURIED Ja Rule when he was at the HEIGHT of his career, he came at Camron he is still missing even though he JUST recently surfaced (YAY!), bringing it back to the point, it is seemingly possible for him to do this to anyone, he is just that sort of dude that has a following, has the charm, wit, and swag to do this and get away with it...EVEN if he is NOT on his own A game.

So...when I heard the bars that Rick Ross spit about 50 cents baby mother I was *scratching my head*....I think Rick Ross last 2 albums were ILL, and I have liked him as an artist since he first came out..but to hear this, it did not make sense to me. I think he was unaware of WHO he was talking about. Or maybe he thought that since 50 has been pretty quiet and doing more movies and business deals than rap it was fare game to ATTEMPT to try to humiliate him and it would be "OK"....hmmmm...well...

To make a very long story short 50..being 50....contacted Rick Ross's Baby mother of his son, Miss TIA (who is by the way a "call girl" since Rick Ross does not support her, so she says) and he coaxed her to coming to meet him to discuss her baby father, AKA Rick Ross. She basically sold her "BABY FATHER" out putting all his business on BLAST, making him look like a serious FOOLYWANG, and all for what....50 video blogs taking her to Kaufman furs..buys her a fur, takes her to GUCCI buys her various pairs of shoes...and she prances around like a worthless piece of mucket she is. I have included the video for you to see below:

I cannot BEGIN to tell you how nauseated and disgusted I am as a woman that she can call herself a Woman, and smile and feel good about what she has done. OK....he might not pay his child support, his jewelry is rented, and he may be fronting for his rap career blah blah blah...SO WHAT! What does that have to with you TIA, who obviously did not have time to try to cultivate a respectful woman out of yourself because you were too busy pole sliding and being a whore, and looking for a man to rescue your silly my opinion you appear to be even more STUPID and ignorant for allowing a man to treat you like piss on the curb, and manipulate you to selling out someone who probably would have had your back if you needed it. 50 does not care about you and him buying you a slew of shoes and a fur is snacks and cake for him. SMDH!

You have officially made yourself the poster child for being a sneak, rat, sell out trifling truffle of 2009!

The purpose of this to to say to everyone... there are people in YOUR life right now who you think love you and has your back but if some green came in the picture and a little bit of fame...would turn on you in an instant.

They always say a man's woman is the weakest link in a man's empire if she is not strong, can destroy a man's entire dynasty. This is true.

The way we treat ourselves as women in turn will be the fate of the way those will treat you in this world. You think 50 had to think twice about approaching this woman, he KNEW what he was dealing with from jump and knew she would bite the bait based on the way she carried herself. SMARTEN UP LADIES!

It is a dog eat dog society and, I am a woman and I say, MEN be careful who you "wife" up, lay down with, hold hands with, impregnate and allow to be that thread in your Coogi because as you can see "there is nothing like a woman scorned".

50 Cent has started something that can very well now become violent, because at the end of the day these are MEN. Forget rap, lyrics and fame, this stuff is just downright disrespectful. I hope things are handled civilly and that it can be collectively seen.

The youth of today are feeding off of this garbage, and they love it, so since you have these young people's attention...turn it into something positive, and let them see how men can really handle differences! When will the madness stop?