Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chasing a dream to nowhere....all women encouraged to apply....

Last night I decided to watch "For the love of Ray J" for the first time, and as expected I was left feeling ... *crickets*, *blank stares*, SMDH! This blog is not to discuss the show or Ray J. In actuality I happen to think that Ray J is a physically fine specimen and I have seen his...aheemmmm..."WORK" so I think that he can offer someone a great deal. *winks* BUT......

Why the need for him to do a show that is just outright purposeless, and that is just a ploy for him to have his name in lights for 15 minutes, while the girls on the show degrade themselves and be noticed for 5 of those minutes, bewilders me.

To see that these women, actually in their mind think that by going on this show and acting like an alley cat will help them become the next Angela Basset or help them to receive an Oscar one day is outrageous.

I only use this example because so many of the girls "have a bigger purpose and a dream" as they say. Don't we realize they are actresses and models? (SIDE EYE)

What sort of respectable career can you foster after shaking your behind and doing splits all over the place for an entire season, along with selling your body to a BOY in an effort of him choosing you to be his girl for a couple of months? It is as if THINKING has been taken out of the equation entirely when it comes to black television.

At least when you tune into the BACHELOR on ABC, the girls are actually having intelligent conversations with the guy (for the most part), and whomever the bachelor is, really tries to get to know the woman and they do interesting activities with one another. They aren't told to make their bodies into a human "milkshake" or whatever the hell this pitiful woman did last night to prove to Ray J she is the one.

Of course her efforts of popping her behind with bananas and milk pouring all over her body was praised by Ray J, and was celebrated. (My stomach is aching again at the thought).

The whole reality dating show concept is such a BORE and its all scripted and stupid. What the girl does not realize, is this is her first "Acting" job and she will have a grand opening and grand closing very quickly once it is all over.

I am sooo disappointed and saddened by the way Americans chase fame like its their baby running across the tracks of a moving train, yet they wont chase what really matters in the world. They wont focus on the importance of what is around them and the way they can help and add on to the world in a way that is needed. You are not helping anybody by being a redundant slore on television. It is just sickening.

I am so done with the media and what they allow to be penetrated into the minds of these young people, and these adults. Adults are just as brainwashed as the kids, and if they are brainwashed it is even worst because they are the only thing the kids have to look towards for insight and direction. So if your mom and dad are infused into this garbage then what is to happen to their offspring.

It is a sad day in the culture of America. We praise things that have no significance, and we look for inspiration in tangible items.

Best thing you can do is turn off your TV and RADIO for a week, and be with yourself and see what you come up with, without the distractions, the lies, and the staged show.

Hear yourself for once, and be in tuned with you.



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