Thursday, February 26, 2009

Age of subliminality....

I am absolutely positively 100% certain that if my physical shell was alive AND living during slavery, or the civil rights movement I would have died young. I cannot stomach nor fathom ignorance on any level, and racism in my opinion is the definition of ignorance.

Since President Obama has been in office I have noticed that every single action, thought and idea that he has taken has been publicly scrutinized and criticized beyond belief. I know for a fact (and I have been on this planet 26 years) that I have never seen any other President receive so much blatant disrespect from the media in all my life. I am the first to say yes, Bush was disrespected by the citizens of the world ALL THE TIME, and made fun of because of his lack of a brain and trailer park demeanor, BUT the media held a certain respect when speaking of him or about him.

My friend brought this to my attention this week when he clearly showed me an example of CNN referring to PRESIDENT OBAMA as ...Barack Obama. Believe it or not many of the cable news channels are refraining from addressing him as President. I am not going to focus on this, this issue of race with just Obama, because there have been countless examples of racism since he has taken office, and all I can do is SMH till I am dizzy because "Really, are we still at this level of stupidity"?

It was also brought to my attention that 21 states have applied for sovereignty since President Obama has taken office. If you do not know what this means, Sovereignty is the exclusive right to control a government, a country, a people, or oneself. A sovereign is a supreme lawmaking authority. So if a state like Arizona (one of the 8 who have applied already, including, Hawaii, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Washington.) is granted sovereignty then they rule itself as a state alone and will be seen as a lawmaking, state that controls what it does OUTSIDE of our central government. Which goes against any sort of UNITED STATES. There will be no UNITED anything if states are being seen as separate ruling entities.

Of course the justification for this nonsense is President Obama's stimulus plan that he has introduced, but the truth is and I BELIEVE that some of these states cannot accept a black man running their government. It is a sad day. Very sad. This man has proven himself intellectually on sooo many levels, and his capabilities of handling this job. I don't think the qualifications before him or the standard before him was set as high as he has made it sense taking office. YET, people will still not accept him for who he is.

I am seeing the news (papers & television ) actually give light and cover irrelevant news to add on to the ignorance. I know it is to brainwash others into accepting this nonsense. A bakery owner in Chelsea made offensive "Obama cookies" with huge over exaggerated lips and a nose and sold them to the public. His justification was "it was in celebration of Obama's win". Why is the NEWS covering this? Why give light and attention to it? That is the problem. People like him will exist but to give him air time and attention..just gives him light.

People have lost their minds and it is just a reflection of the energy that is amongst us. You must take a stand and have your voice heard when you hear and see such ignorance. How can you sit quietly?

I for one am always ready to shut down anyone who is in the line of TRYING to say anything disrespectful or sideways about this administration. It used to really shock me when I saw Bush supporters, or just people who accept and believe the lies that IS this country at times. But they exist, and the answer is never to yell, scream and kick but to take a second to think and respond in a way that is a reflection of your higher self.

I think President Obama did an exceptional job at addressing the stupidity of the NY POST. He simply did not. As the rest of us got excited, hot and bothered, he was still on his grind, doing his job and did not give them the privilege of seeing him break a sweat in the midst of their ridiculous antics.

I am not watching ANY cable news for the next month purposely because I feel it is unhealthy for my mind. I cannot take in such toxic information. I have been more interested in spending time with those close to me, writing, reading, planning, eating, loving... you get the drift.

It does not hurt for you to be mindful what you choose to take in as well!

Love you fab people!



AdrianC said...

This is interesting because I was just talking to a co-worker about racism still being alive and well. The first thing that people point out is oh there is a black president in office times are changing! But in actuality I think a lot people chose him because they just liked him better than mccain. The fact of the matter is racism is worst than ever and the fact that it is done with sublety does not make it better in fact I rather you wear your hate on your sleeve than smile in my face and call me a monkey behind my back. Like you said people whenever they interview them about what he is doing always say he's arrogant but I see the other side of that if he is timid or holds back, they will say he is not strong enough to handle his position. It's damned if you do, damned if you don't. The man has been given the country at possibly the worst time in our history. War is not saving our economy and all those fat cats on wall street have been exposed for the greedy self-inflated f*&^s that they are and part of the reason that they were allowed to get that way is because of all the incentives and tax breaks the bush administration allowed them to have. You mean to tell me that with your billions of dollars you can't re-funnel that into the economy? No you just horde and then complain that you don't want to pay for the elderly or children or medicaid. Funny those same corp execs now are trying to use the democratic process to say they need help and handouts too. He looks perturbed (Obama) because folks think he is not as smart or shrewd as he knows he is, but he does handle semantics and jackassery pretty well. Whew, remember folks we are barely a century removed from slavery and not even 50 removed from segregation, alot of the adults of the previous generation grew up without "niggers" drinking from there fountains don't believe the hype there is still hate out there support Obama and support intelligence not ignorance peace!

"Those that fail to acknowledge history are condemned to repeat it!"

The FEATURE™ said...

It's amazing how well you put your thought into words in this piece and I'm saddened by the fact, that I am only the second person to comment. Not to touch on another topic, but it just goes to show how brainwashed we really are with the information around us. We lost our fight as a people and we lost our individuality.

In regards to our President, he has been the best man for the job since he took center stage at the DNC in 2004. He has been groomed and prepared to become the leader of this country. Many (Sandra Rose) might say it is a gimmick by the Democrats to be the first to come forth, but nonetheless he was the right person for the job. If we had picked Hillary Clinton, she would have been good too, but many critics would agree, she wouldn't have been able to handle this magnitude of issues.

I've said it many times before his electoral win, President Obama creates a fear in White America, unbeknown to us. It's not simple because he's a Black man or that he's intelligent or that he's Democrat. It's the fear that all their fears of futility will actually be realized. For many years, Whites have had the upperhand, because they've believed themselves to be superior to other races. Even the most educated of them will see with President Obama that they still have a long way to go before they can ever truly say that again. They know he is the best man for the job, they know that he is the most equipped mentally for the job, their fear is that he will do a better job than any of them has ever done. Times are changing, but ignorance is more rampant today than during the times of slavery!!!