Thursday, February 19, 2009


When is Enough, Enough?...

How many times does your friend have to ask "Can you spot me this time" before you say "NO"!. How many times do you sleep with that person one more time...for the last time..who you know is toxic before you tell him/her "NO"! How many times do you tell yourself you are finally going to leave this person for good no matter how inconvenient it will be for you at first. How many times do you tell yourself that you are going to leave your job because you are sick of it and it is not rewarding to you on any level, but you stay because you are comfortable, yet complain day in and day out without LOOKING for something new. How often do you say I am not going to do this, that, him, her, and the third but you just cannot seem to keep your word to YOURSELF?

I find being a human being that it is sooo hard for us to break out of good ole habits. Our habits can be activities that we do, people that we have around us, thoughts that we have. YES, your thoughts are habits as well. If you are constantly thinking negatively, being pessimistic and consuming your mind with nasty thoughts then you will be that in your actions, promoting bad habits, overeating, drinking, smoking (not socially), setting bad examples for those around you and so on.

I was watching Oprah (since I DVR it everyday) and saw that on Tuesday's show it interviewed and focused on a family of 4 in Ohio who all were all addicted to Heroin, and they all got high together very often. The family consisted of Mom, Dad, and two boys one 16, the other 18.

The dad, was a successful worker at one point, Just 7 years ago he was making 80-100K a year, the wife was good and the kids were doing well. The father was on some painkillers from a work injury he sustained and he became addicted to the pain killers that were prescribed for him. The painkillers were becoming too expensive to keep up and someone told him to try Heroin for 3 x's cheaper and it made the pain disappear faster and for longer. He said he was addicted from the 1st hit. Once he became addicted ..the wife started and then the kids started. They are all homeless in Ohio now after he sold every single possession that they owned to maintain their habit. Get this..they also have a 13 month old baby who they truck around with them to find dope!

This was unbelievable to me because Damn, how do you get high with your kids? The father and mother clearly hated themselves and wanted help and to be rid of the addiction, but they claim there is no place in Ohio that offers the kind of rehabilitation that they need. Even in an extreme case like this where you are strung out on a drug and your kids are doing it with cannot say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Minor day to day things should be easier to break but it isn't...Addiction is addiction no matter how you slice it. Laziness is an addiction, not going out on a limb is an addiction, and dumbing down who we are is an addiction.

I think many of us don't go after what we want because we don't have constant motivators and reinforcements to keep us Grinding, on our A game and moving forward. It is one thing to be able to SAY what you wanna do, and constantly speak about doing great things but to actually put that into action can be a whole other animal.

I know soo many s*** talkers, and it makes me sick! I know they mean well but's played. I also know of some people who are doing it HUGE and they are only able to maintain that playing field because all the people around them are doing it big, or they choose to keep the company of those who are where they eventually want to be. Being around those who have attained the stuff you want for yourself is crucial in getting closer to your own dreams. I can attest to this first hand.

I am excited about a lot of things that are on the brink of happening and those who read this and know what I am talking about, and have helped me in getting there...I am a reflection of you!

Have a great weekend, and leave that old habit...Who, What, or Wherever it may be...where...BACK THERE! (yes Vivica you were right)!



Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

peole always talk and dont act. I am one who belives doing for self and keeping my word defines me bout as a man and father

well said sister

ps - i added u to my blog roll so i can check up on u if u dont mind, maybe u will add me one day maam - do u own a dog btw?

LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...

Thanks! I been added you to my following! lol.

And I do not own one but am looking to get one soon for my 4 year old daughter. Why?

Anonymous said...

NICE!.. i liked this one dee.. started with a crazy story, then SMACK the sh*t talkers in the head!