Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pain in the....TOP 10 for 09!

Some people just will never cease to get on your last good nerve! I do not care WHAT they say, how they VOW to not do it, how they TRY to be better...they just sometimes cannot help being a tick on a (shut yo mouth)....I am at the point where I must just start sending out list and saying what irritates me and if it hurts your feelings then so be it. It is all for growth!

1- Do not call me or ask me for something AS SOON AS I WALK into anywhere! Can I take off my coat, say my hellos get comfy before you start requesting my life away!

2- Do not call me and SAY NOTHING or have NOTHING to say! Everyone knows I rather text anyway...so if you have nothing to say just send me a line...and I will respond. Let it be known some of my best conversations are via TEXT! (SMH - I know) lol

3- Do not come out with me if you are not cash equipped! Please bring ENOUGH cash to be comfortable for the night out or at least have your bank card ready to pull out more if need be. There are a zillion ATM's in NYC! This is the ATM Capital.(what's in your wallet?)

4- Do not be OVERLY sensitive about non sense or anything that may come out my mouth. Grow up and man up. This is 2009 and if your skin is made of Angora...stay away from me! I will not do you any injustice by lying to you and laughing at you when you are not funny, and you really need some sound advice...Sorry..I AM GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOU! I will vow to be honest and not make you feel good because that is what you want...FORGIVE ME!

5- Do not say you wanna hang out and have a good time on the town and then come and act like Moses. If you were tired and you really felt like we were "dragging" you to come out..DON'T COME! You kill the vibe and the energy. I find I get further when I travel light!

6- If I tell you something and I have to see, hear, or receive that same message from someone else that means I will never be telling you anything again, and I wont say anything about me hearing it either...Stop running your mouth! I know it is hard..I used to be a serial talker too. You must practice control and discipline! It is so worth it in the long run.

7- If you have a crush on any man/woman that I have in my life and you come around JUST to be in that person's company BUT when you are there you act socially retarded and nuts..do us all a favor and Do not come! He/She is actually afraid of your wackiness....This actually can apply more to my male friends who are constantly skeeming on my fine a*** friends! FALL BACK HARD!

8- If you clearly tell me you are going to do something the day of an event, and you don't communicate to me that you are not going till a couple hours BEFORE the event...and I have to reach out to you to find out...I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed in your lack of respect for my time! We all can change our minds and are free to do so, but at least let me know when you start second guessing that you might not want to go.

9- If we are having a conversation and you are cutting me off and talking OVER me as I am talking...we clearly are not CONVERSING. Take a break..I will take mine ...we will meet at the middle. Do we really need to go over conversations for dummies?

10- Do not ACT like you are cooler, fabber or hotter than you really are. Do not be fake, phony, or non genuine EVER...unless a paycheck depends on it and even then that is suspect! People can always see right through the nonsense and BS...especially me so...STOP IT! It is such a turn off! IN addition DO NOT act like we are cooler than we really are! STOP IT! This may sound crazy but have you hung out with someone who is really not that cool with you but may be a friend of your homie's and they start cracking jokes, slapping your back, asking for some of your fries *side eye* like ya'll as cool as you and your homie! We just met not to long ago...I am not sharing food with you and you cannot get that tone in your voice just yet! (Some people are so clueless)

These are just my top 10's for TODAY! I have a ton! These are ten things that annoy the hell out of me BUT I am sure EVERYONE can relate and I am sure you can add on to this list. Send it the one's close to you as well...I have to add one for good luck because I truly cannot STAND this:

BONUS: If I have not heard from you since Damaged Jeans was in style or in some cases a couple months DO NOT ..I REPEAT DO NOT...Call me to ask for a favor (money, a ride, a meal, NOTHING)....You must earn your way back into the good graces!

Love you all!


Have a fabulous TUESDAY!


AdrianC said...

Wow talk about airing ish out! Glad you got all that out of your system nice! I don't think many people can put this as concisely as you did kudos! TTYL!

The Social Mogul said...

sounds good