Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When the stars are perfectly aligned....

Ever been someplace or been with someone and everything just seems to happen perfectly. Like no one is talking over anyone, You are running late for a something and everything is happening swiftly, down to you driving and all the lights seem to be green and its a clear path ahead. You are planning something BIG and information just comes to you without you having to seek it out. These are called the Signs.

I have noticed that when I am supposed to do things that I think are pretty GREAT and everything is just working out EFFORTLESSLY, it is the universe telling me that I am supposed to be doing it. Now, of course, there are times when you are about to do some pretty FAB things and the universe will put obstacle courses in your way as a test, but for the most part you know when you are passionate and on the right path.

I don't know why people forget these laws of the universe when it comes to relationships? We think that it is a coincidence that when you call his phone he never can answer, or when you two are together you fight more than love, or you cannot seem to see eye to eye on anything, or he makes you feel smaller than the bigger person you are...these are SIGNS that he or she is not for you.

I cannot stress enough how much people tend to ignore the warning signs of a crazy volatile relationship before it matures and erupts into something terrible and then it is too late from getting away from it. When we are in love we will overlook some crazy scenarios, but let one of your girlfriends say what they are going through and you will be the first to say "Not me" , " You crazy girl, you better let him know"...Until it is you that is experiencing the abuse, disrespect and violation first hand.

We all know when something is off, and when something is not...We sometimes can even have the prince charming right under our nose, and because his money is not right, or he is not as fine as the "bad boy" you love..you don't even give the relationship a chance or the opportunity with this person to bloom and reach the potential that is is meant for you to experience.

Start paying attention to the signs and the higher being talking to you all the time. It speaks loud and clear and we let it fade to the background..causing ourselves more stress, anxiety, and unnecessary drama!

On a lighter much brighter note...I HAD A FABULOUS weekend and I hope all of you guys did as well. I love my..... :)

I want to end with this...I was on the train coming home on the F Friday and as I sat there I looked across at this guy writing something on his newspaper..the pen started to give him trouble and not write and he got frustrated and threw it in the seat he was sitting in as he got off the train.

As a couple entered the train, the woman said "Look Babe, A pen"....she grabs it up and she is excited. Then they sit and they look across the train and a fresh Saks Fifth Avenue bag is sitting there unclaimed with newly purchased goods in it.

The lady says "Oh, my..My first trip to NYC and I am finding all sorts of treasures" (She had a British accent, and they were clearly tourists).

She grabs up the Saks Fifth Avenue bag and opens it up as the rest of us are looking on in anticipation to see what she has found. Many of us are pissed that we did not find it and it was sitting right there in front of all of us.

Well..she found her a beautiful sexy luxurious Sweater and Tailored slacks to match. The lady clearly could not fit the beautifully tailored pants but she may have a granddaughter or niece who can.

All of this to say...That was her karma and luck in action and I witnessed it from start to finish.

The stars were aligned just right for her to get that brand new bag of goodies fresh from Saks...and the girl who left it there rushing off the train...played her karma as well. Maybe she bought it for the wrong reasons, maybe she bought it for ill intentions..to attract someone else's man, to go out with someone she should not go out with, or maybe she is bigger than the size of the clothes we saw purchased and is forcing her body into clothes that don't fit.(hmm)

I can go on and on..the point is...the universe spoke loud and clear and rewarded the older woman who is a tourist from London, with the goodies. She probably deserved it!

Karma is REAL and is on the loose. Acknowledge it!

Love you all!


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AdrianC said...

Yeah I agree and believe in the Karma thing wholeheartedly. I have had things happening for me in the past few weeks that can only be explained by such. Lesson, always pay it forward take care of others without expectation and it will find it's way back to you. Sometimes it may seem like that is not the case but things have to be arranged in the universe and that ish takes time. Have faith that there is a master plan and it is unfolding before your eyes. The Key is to appreciate the hardship along with the success it's that much sweeter. Without relativity we wouldn't be able to tell the good from the bad, or appreciate the in-between. Peace! ;oD