Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You are only as strong as your weakest link........the slow DEMISE of RICK ROSS

You are only as strong as your weakest link is what they say! This is the truth. Who we decide to keep around us..and especially when we are in relationships is crucial to the way the chips may fall for us in the long run.

I usually do not discuss stories that are in the news that are revolved around hip hop because there is unfortunately so much buffoonery and disgrace that IS Hip Hop these days, things are rarely worth mentioning, BUT, this is a lesson in character and is very relevant to EVERYONE and ANYONE...because it can happen to you!

So since I have to be on top of what goes in the media for the most part, I am aware of this silly child drama that has occurred between Rick Ross and 50 Cent. For the record anytime I hear 50 has "beef" with anyone in the industry and they are an artist, I am looking to see a slow death start to take place.

We all can remember how he BURIED Ja Rule when he was at the HEIGHT of his career, he came at Camron he is still missing even though he JUST recently surfaced (YAY!), bringing it back to the point, it is seemingly possible for him to do this to anyone, he is just that sort of dude that has a following, has the charm, wit, and swag to do this and get away with it...EVEN if he is NOT on his own A game.

So...when I heard the bars that Rick Ross spit about 50 cents baby mother I was *scratching my head*....I think Rick Ross last 2 albums were ILL, and I have liked him as an artist since he first came out..but to hear this, it did not make sense to me. I think he was unaware of WHO he was talking about. Or maybe he thought that since 50 has been pretty quiet and doing more movies and business deals than rap it was fare game to ATTEMPT to try to humiliate him and it would be "OK"....hmmmm...well...

To make a very long story short 50..being 50....contacted Rick Ross's Baby mother of his son, Miss TIA (who is by the way a "call girl" since Rick Ross does not support her, so she says) and he coaxed her to coming to meet him to discuss her baby father, AKA Rick Ross. She basically sold her "BABY FATHER" out putting all his business on BLAST, making him look like a serious FOOLYWANG, and all for what....50 video blogs taking her to Kaufman furs..buys her a fur, takes her to GUCCI buys her various pairs of shoes...and she prances around like a worthless piece of mucket she is. I have included the video for you to see below:

I cannot BEGIN to tell you how nauseated and disgusted I am as a woman that she can call herself a Woman, and smile and feel good about what she has done. OK....he might not pay his child support, his jewelry is rented, and he may be fronting for his rap career blah blah blah...SO WHAT! What does that have to with you TIA, who obviously did not have time to try to cultivate a respectful woman out of yourself because you were too busy pole sliding and being a whore, and looking for a man to rescue your silly self..in my opinion you appear to be even more STUPID and ignorant for allowing a man to treat you like piss on the curb, and manipulate you to selling out someone who probably would have had your back if you needed it. 50 does not care about you and him buying you a slew of shoes and a fur is snacks and cake for him. SMDH!

You have officially made yourself the poster child for being a sneak, rat, sell out trifling truffle of 2009!

The purpose of this to to say to everyone... there are people in YOUR life right now who you think love you and has your back but if some green came in the picture and a little bit of fame...would turn on you in an instant.

They always say a man's woman is the weakest link in a man's empire if she is not strong, can destroy a man's entire dynasty. This is true.

The way we treat ourselves as women in turn will be the fate of the way those will treat you in this world. You think 50 had to think twice about approaching this woman, he KNEW what he was dealing with from jump and knew she would bite the bait based on the way she carried herself. SMARTEN UP LADIES!

It is a dog eat dog society and, I am a woman and I say, MEN be careful who you "wife" up, lay down with, hold hands with, impregnate and allow to be that thread in your Coogi because as you can see "there is nothing like a woman scorned".

50 Cent has started something that can very well now become violent, because at the end of the day these are MEN. Forget rap, lyrics and fame, this stuff is just downright disrespectful. I hope things are handled civilly and that it can be collectively seen.

The youth of today are feeding off of this garbage, and they love it, so since you have these young people's attention...turn it into something positive, and let them see how men can really handle differences! When will the madness stop?


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i agree completely. u write well
chk me out one day if u can


Vic said...

Yo!.. this guy( 50)went in on Rick x's 1000..lmao!.. His baby moms is a super bird for that one!..this is gona get violent i think.. I know this man (rick ross) got steam blasting out his head right now..he cant win this one with songs.

TheGatesofLife said...

FINISHED!!!!!!! I dont know what is worse the COMPLETE lack of LOYALTY by his baby momz or 50 demolishing both the baby momz & ricky ross. SMMHF ahhhh man