Friday, August 29, 2008

Taking my daughter to work...

So....I hardly EVER bring my 3 year old daughter to work with me., actually I never have. If I did it was my off day and I just came up to pick something up or have her meet the staff, but today she is accompanying me for a half day while I am WORKING.

The day had a good start thus far. She rode the long commute into the city on the train and she was amazed!!! I can count on one hand how many times she has been on the train since her birth so this was big for her because now she has sense and understands. She is a "car baby" as my mom used to call me.

I was very pleased and surprised to see that she was very well behaved and sat there patiently 90% of the ride which is very impressive. She had the occasional "mommy I am ready to get off", and the famous "are we there yet"? but after I told her 2 more stops she was good to go.

After getting off the train, her next big complaint was "those stairs are too big to walk up", she was referring to the steps at the train station. I thought that was hilarious since she there was no way I was picking her up as big as she is. So now I had to walk extremely slow and make it up the stairs. It was very interesting. I am a fast walker so it was extreme discomfort to walk 2 blocks at about 10 steps per minute.

We then stopped for breakfast and she ordered like a pro "eggs, hash brown, turkey bacon which she called simply "meat" and toast". She ate 75% of that and she sips her orange juice awaiting for us to leave and go "meet auntie brie", since that is where we will be going after work.

I find with kids you have to continually give them something to look forward to. Of course if I wasn't getting off a half day I would have never attempted to bring her into work BUT I feel pretty confident she will be able to last 3 1/2 hours.

We will make a day of it in the city, do some light shopping, take her to American Girl and do some minor shopping and hopefully she will be worn out and turn into bed early.

I am so grateful that I can enjoy this once or twice a year.

Have a wonderful Labor day Weekend and Be safe!!!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


As she stood there a pretty brown with her determined gaze, words cannot describe the sensation I felt when I watched Michelle Obama, address a powerful room full of congress and the world Monday night. Her words were heard by MILLIONS that night, and regardless of how you feel about her and "Obama". You must admit that what she did was historical and well versed!

I am proud of the accomplishment that was made that night, for herself, her family, her man and for me! She speaks to me, she speaks to you and every other person who walks the grounds of this country in the hopes that her husband will set the foundation for the way this country should be.

What took me more than anything about Michelle was not so much that she stood there looking impeccable, with her perfect arched brows, bouncy shiny bob and her form fitting mint-ish green dress. She was standing there painting a flawless centerpiece of the man in her life. The man she has chosen to be her life partner, the man who has fathered her children. She stood there for almost 45 minutes going on about the character, strength, poise and potential of the man who she loves. WHO GETS TO DO THAT AND HAVE THE WORLD LISTENING!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

Obama you have done well, and it was definitely worth the persistence to reel in Miss Michelle Robinson, she has taken your last name and added even more light to it. That is the dream of every man. Every man wants a woman who can make him feel like cashmere even when he is having a polyester kinda of day! To praise him and make him feel like one of the most important creatures to set foot on the earth. To pick him up and raise him to the world to see him and his efforts in the best possible light! She has done that for Barack, in the way I have never seen another woman do, and she did it while she had the entire world's attention.

KUDOS and a job well done Mrs. Michelle Obama! I took an extreme amount of respect, courage and hope from your words and I have made a commitment to myself to reach to achieve such greatness.

Prepare yourself for a new beginning. It is approaching, many will rebel against it as we will see, some we have seen in the past weeks (assassination threats, crude and hate comments and van dilation) BUT we will still stand strong and OBAMA will still persevere.

My daddy would always tell me growing up "Dee don't follow the crowd, if you don't stand for something you will fall victim to anything" Well, Obama is standing tall and he will not run, he won't cop out and he will take this feat on even if it threatens his life. He believes in who he is and he knows his purpose. If we all had that same "Get it done or Die trying" mentality what would be different about the direction of your life?




Monday, August 25, 2008

Are you your brother's keeper?

Men...such beautiful creatures when you see them from afar. Their big hands, muscle tone, strength and courage. But are they the same when we put them under the microscope to examine?

As with anything their is a balance. Not all men are created equal, not all father's are daddy's and not all men are responsible.

We have our men who get up and work to try to make a life for himself and for those closest to him. If he has any children he spends time with his child, and he try's to make an impact on those around him.

In contrast, you have the man who is not concerned with nobody but him, him and himself. Even if he has a child, he can't worry about taking care of him because his "money ain't right". And spending time with his offspring is COMPLETELY out the question because "He busy". He will give you a million and one reasons as to why he cannot come see his child, move out of his mother's house, look for a decent job or go to school.

So where does that leave us, the one's who are doing pretty well but have these people as friends? What about "your boys" , men love to hang with their "homies" just as much as ladies love to get together. What they talk about and how they pass the time may be a little bit different from women, but they still love having each others company.

I think men and women need to start holding their "friends" responsible for things that they should be doing. If you cannot identify with the scenario I pointed out above, but yet you know someone very well who has children and does not spend time with them nor take care of them then tell them that. If you know someone who is still "hugging" the block at 25 years old and they should be trying to get themselves a legal job that can sustain their life pass 30..tell them that. If you know a GAM (Grown A** Man) who is still living at home and they pushing 30 then ask them why? If you know a man who has a child, and they clearly spend more time with you barhopping, club hopping and in the street than with their child...send them home!

Overall, men and women, if you know you have someone in your circle who should be doing more with their life than they are and they have the potential to do it, then encourage them to do it. Sometimes people need constant motivation and encouragement from people, places and things before they realize something is possible for them to do. If you have done this and none of your attempts have worked, then cut the cord. The line between you and them inevitably will cease to exist.

Do not enable them by allowing them to hang in your circle when you are doing amazing things for yourself and your life, busting your tail day end and day out to achieve your goals, while this person sits and wait for something to drop out the sky. Time waits for no one and believe it or not you allow your energy to become tainted when you have this around you. We are the average of our 5 closest how does this person measure up to you?

Just as we start packing away our tank tops and shorts, and start taking out long sleeves and jackets as the cool air comes each season, I think we should re-evaluate and pack away the dead end relationships in our lives as well.

If you don't see people around you taking their lives as serious as you are then it may be time to pack those people up. I speak more to the men because you can fall victim to so much more out here.

Many men run around here from a young age spending most of their time, "chasing tail" and drinking, and partying. There is nothing wrong with living and having fun but you have to prioritize and handle business first.

Women need you to be more responsible, be held accountable for being a MAN, and to carry yourself in a balanced light. It should also be your responsibility to have the men around you doing the same thing, and if they aren't then be a role model for them. Start promoting this amongst your crew, you might start a trend.

All men want to settle down with a respectable "good woman", so think about what type of woman can you really attract if you living in a shady state that is not of quality. Then you get frustrated, and upset when you realize over time that your baby mother is really a hood rat. You was spending most of your time in the street so this was who you attracted.

We all see once we change from the inside and start living different we start to attract a different type of person on the outside.

Ask yourself. Do you need to pack some people up at the bottom of your closet?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Who does your heart beat for?

Ba boom, Ba boom, Ba boom, Has it ever been so quiet that you can actually hear your heart beating?

Well...sometimes you will find that just being around the right person no matter how loud it may be, you can hear this and FEEL IT.

I had dinner last night with two young ladies who company I REALLY enjoy. Of course we talked, laughed, and that age old topic of LOVE creeps in with its charismatic ways. Of course LOVE should always be welcomed whenever it decides to present we embrace it with open arms.

What I learned within 90 minutes of conversation I have been hearing from many women I know, and don't know. That basically they are NOT with the man they want to be with ultimately. Many women and MEN....settle for what they currently have with a person, in fear of being alone OR of fear of hurting the other person.

A typical scenario is like this: Jasmine's Ex (Daniel) and her were togther for a very long time, they did everything together, could talk to the wee hours about anything, could send her to heaven and back within 35 minutes ( if you know what I mean), and make her feel more alive than any other living thing. Of course life happens as it will, and Daniel and Jasmine part due to the circumstances that have taken over in their lives. Years go by, and Jasmine moves on. She dates and she finally meets a man (we will call him Greg) that really is a great "catch". Respectful, hard working, handsome, generous and a true gentleman. He wins her heart and she falls into another relationship.

Now of course, Greg is on cloud nine and thinks he has accomplished something great. He has a good woman, and he deserves it, but what Greg does not know is that her heart still skips a beat faster for her Daniel. Daniel may not have all the pro's that Greg posses, but there is just something about Daniel that Jasmine cannot shake.It makes no logical sense to her friends and family WHY she would want to be with Daniel over Greg, but she knows what she feels. She keeps it in, she suppresses those feelings, and she moves on with life because she wants to be married, happy and have the American dream.

This is alll tooooo common amongst families in America, which is the reason the divorce rate is so HIGH! We know from the gate who we love and what we want, yet if we have something that is good enough we will go with that.

You start asking yourself; Why should I wait for him to realize that I am his light in the tunnel, his Queen of the Nile, His fortune under the blueberry tree? Why doesn't he GET IT! So you tell yourself to forget him and forget how you really feel and what you truly want.

Yes this sounds good and assertive and powerful, but is it worth the price of happiness and true BLISS.

The biggest mistake a lot of us make, is we look for material things to equate to what our hearts feel. He does not have a good job, he does not make enough money, SO WHAT! Rome was not built in a day and neither will wisdom, maturity and wealth. If you love something so much and you know only one person gives you that special feeling I say "give it a shot". You have nothing to loose.

I am in no way promoting for you to continue giving a looser a shot who you have given 5 shots too already. After the initial shot at trying to work something out, and allowing him to prove himself fails, then yes my darling you should move on. If he try's to come back then he has to go through the depths of HELL to win you back..make him WORK FOR IT!

Love is precious and you know when you feel it. There is nothing compared to it.

I don't care what NOBODY feels like the tip of the q-tip when you are cleaning your ears, the masseuse's fingers massaging your back, the sea breeze hitting your cheeks when you have been sweltering all day, like a big plate of some GOOD, BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, collard greens, sweet yams, and potato salad, or your favorite Italian dish, with some garlic bread and your favorite wine! hmmmmmm.

Do not settle for any type of LOVE.... its NOT WORTH IT! I have seen elders miserable and heartbroken and wanting and searching for something they let slip away.

In the words of Dr. Seuess : "When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams."

Have a LOVE-ly weekend and reach out to someone you LOVE!!!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are we that afraid of each other?

I have come very familiar with the MTA, maybe a little more than I would like. Riding public transportation is one of my least favorite things to do, and maybe if I did not live in the metropolis of the world, I would drive to work...but in NYC that is financial death!

Therefore, I get on that "iron horse", as we like to call it, every day, into Manhattan, and back home to Brooklyn. I never can say I actually look forward to my commute. A person like me hates being confined as it is for any amount of time, and to have to sit and be patient for 45 minutes and sometimes 1 whole hour if there is "train congestion ahead" can be mortifying to say the least.

To remedy my boredom, I usually will read, listen to my ipod OR just zone out. Think about what I am doing next, how I will execute and so on. Today I did not bring any reading materials, my i-pod was dead, I gave thanks for all I have and I was still left with about 30 minutes, so what did I do...OBSERVE every single human species that was on the train with me.

I observed and analyzed their movements, their gestures, their conversations (if they were with someone) and what I noticed was so funny that I actually was a little disappointed when I reached my destination and had to get off. Every single time I looked in the eyes of someone on the train they quickly moved their eyes, OR they looked back but when they realize that maybe I am not as "normal" as the rest of the people, because I stared at them back, they moved their eyes.

I even smiled at some, and spoke to a few. This is not that much out of my norm since I find myself talking to strangers more often than not..BUT to actually be aware of every detail is really interesting.

People in NYC are so into THEM and what THEY are doing that they really do not care about getting to know anyone. In addition these are the same people who are soo self-conscious its sad. Look at some of the scenarios I noticed and tell me if this is not just pure comedy:

1: Homeless looking person is sitting on the train taking maybe...a good 2 seats. The man is not stinking or looking crazy, but since the 1st person passed on the seat, no one else wants to sit next to the man, in fear they may appear to go against what everyone else is doing.

2: There is an empty seat but their is a bit of "something" in the seat, crumbs, nothing that will really do any damage to your clothes. Person A looks at it but realizes mid way to sitting in the seat and sits anyway because now she risks looking stupid amongst her fellow train riders. So she waits 3 stops and starts dusting under her behind secretly to try to move the crumbs INSTEAD of just getting up and acknowledging it. I saw the whole thing lady, and someone else too. Someone is always watching you.

3: Person A gets on a crowded train and Person B is clearly on top of Person A's neck from the gate. Instead of telling Person A when they were pushing to get on "look..there is no room where are you going"? You stay there in agony for at least 2-3 minute until the next stop, and lets hope there is no "train congestion". Don't let them squeeze in on you if you are clearly hangingout the door yourself.

And the classic,

4: Person A falls asleep and is knocked the hell out next to Person B. Person A is soooo gone and in his 5th dream that he literally starts leaning on Person B who is reading her book. Person B is clearly annoyed and she wants to nudge Person A but is afraid. What are you afraid of?

The answer is WE ARE AFRAID OF EACH OTHER UNCONSCIOUSLY. WHY??? We all pretty much come from the same makeup.

Stop walking on eggshells with strangers. Speak the hell up! If you do not like something and YOU have to experience it, SAY something. You don't have to be rude, but you have to speak up for yourself. You have to own up to being your own best defender and protector.

Lets get to know one another. Do not be afraid to tell someone they have something on their nose, that they are rubbing you with their bag and take it off, to get off of my shoulder please, to stop leaning up against me behind with your "tool" bewteen your legs, to look at me and smile.

Its a new day! Spread the word.

Monday, August 18, 2008

WOMEN! How powerful we are...

I love being a GIRL!!!! I know there are some women who do not embrace their feminitiy and delicateness because they have other "ojectives", and that is totally fine! but the women around me LOVE being girls and I LOVE being one too!!!!

We like to wear dresses, heels, makeup (very little), wear purses that are way too big, get our hair washed and conditioned every week, wear jeans that fit our bodies PERFECTLY!!! We love it!

So I wonder, why do some women who share such a strong bond and appreciation for what we have, want to scratch each other's eyes out at the same time? Why can't beautiful women be a in one room and adore one another instead of looking at each other with the evil eye and snarl!

I bring this topic up this morning because I think women are in a GREAT POSITION! I look at Michelle Obama and I am just in AWE! I think she is absolutely wonderful! She is a breathe of fresh air, and we should all be PROUD that she is up there standing next to GREATNESS! Look what that woman is able to do, we ALL can do that. Not to mention her doobie is always FIERCE and I just love her conservative yet top of the line style! I pat her on the back!!!

I think we need to love each other, pat each other on the back, spend more time with our GIRLS, and take our men in when we have time. :), I know some of my men are reading this like..."Now you crazy"..but don't take what I am saying out of context.

Nobody loves and appreciates the essence of a MAN, more than me...But as women we already give you guys soooo much!!! Most of the women reading this believe me, is thinking about when she going to see her man, what hey gonna do, what she should cook, Do they look hott enough for him when they see him, and the lists go on?

We are natural born nurturer's so we are always trying to APPEASE the man! Lets start taking just a tad bit of that energy and nurture one another. Balance out the love, energy and power.

I love my girls and they know who they are!!!! Some of them don't know how much our friendship does mean to me because we may not speak on the phone that often, we may hang out maybe 3 times in a 3 month period BUT when we do, We do it well. I am blessed to have fashionistas around me who are classy and are career driven, doing it HUGE!

That alone makes me proud and I am always happy to encourage them even more!!! All we have is us!!!

As Diamonds are the precious stones that are formed beneath the earth's surface, Women are the jewels that lie on top of the earth, no wonder we are best friends!!!

Add an extra switch in your step today, call your best girls and arrange for some time to break bread, chat and laugh it up! We own this! You know nobody can dish on those men we love so much more than you and your girls! :)


Friday, August 15, 2008

DANCING...prescribed remedy I have gotten a little older, had a baby girl and entered adult hood, I must say I have tamed my inner rock star just a bit. It is a natural instinct for a GEMINI to be the life of the party, so getting that under control is no small feat.

Even when I was partying HARD, RARELY did I go out on work nights. If I did it was to an industry event, (the entertainment business parties during the week and conducts business during the week to stay clear of "regular people" on the weekends, as they say). Last night I went to an after work party at a lounge in Harlem.

The place was absolutely AMAZING! Good music, Good Crowd, Good Energy, Good food and boy did we get it in. I was soooo satisfied with my party experience that as you can see the 1st thing I am doing this morning is acknowledging it.

It is rare even in VIP (which used to have to be a staple for me, BUT no more, because you can't run from the ignorance even behind the rope) that you have a good crowd that is MATURE in NYC.

Granted, being a lady in the city is a challenge in itself just walking down the street, getting the calls, the whistles, the eyes that undress you from head to toe. When you are in the lounges and clubs it can just be WAY too much since men are not only trying to kick it, but they are tying to touch and dance with you, and its only so far you can go to get away from them.

Well my friends and I did not have problems last night, the men were very respectful once they were turned down, :) and they were really really dancing. They were not standing posted up on a wall doing a two step, but doing actual moving. I just loved it. (Sort of reminded me of house party).

Of course the DJ helped when he took it back and played ALL the jams from the 80's that were hott. It was just the best I have experienced in a while. No fighting, no caddiness amongst the women, beautiful ambiance, and an appreciation for just wanting to come after work and get your dance on.

I have always LOVED music and dancing, so when I do party, it is solely to do just that and have a good time. I believe that when you hear music it really touches the inside of you, and reaches the depths of your soul. When we dance that is our raw natural spirit in action. Now some of us don't even allow this process to happen naturally because they are so self-conscious of what people are going to say, or how they look or they ask themselves "Am i moving on key"...NEVER QUESTION yourself when you get the urge to dance, be one with something that is powerful. THE BEAT.

In the words of Mark Twain "Work like you don't need the money. Dance like no one is watching. And love like you've never been hurt. " Always LIVE BOLD!!!! Do you know how much you are missing out on when you are being SHY and thinking about what someone else is thinking about you!

I think its important that everyone gets out from time to time and DANCE, it is truly medicine to your soul and you are being ACTIVE. Go out with your man, your best girlfriends, dress to kill and embrace all that jazziness. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe! XOXOXO.

P.S. and never let nobody tell you, you off beat!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What are we waiting for?

So I must say that I have been truly blessed to have met many people throughout my 8 years of adulthood (counting from 18). I guess what makes my roster of meeting and knowing people so high is based on the fact that not only am I a social person in general but I am the type of person when things are not feeling "right" I make a move, professionally and personally.

I have had at least 7 different jobs since the year 2000. I know, I know...some might see that as me not being able to keep still, but to be honest I have almost tripled my salary, from my 1st job right out of school. I have moved up the ladder and up the salary pole. One thing that I never have had a problem with is knowing my worth.

I have worked for non-profits to the biggest corporations and all of them have left me unfulfilled with an after taste in my mouth. Yes I was grateful that I had a job and that I could pay my bills and sustain my life, but why am I working sooo hard to try to make the head of the company richer, when obviously he is not trying to give me 10% of the profit he is making. Food for thought :(last year 500 executives earned $6.4 billion in 2007, an average of $12.8 million apiece....let me type that one more time.....12.8 million dollars a piece!!!!!!!!!!

This makes me ask the question I have always tried to fathom, why is Maria, Sylvia, Edward and the rest of the people who support the company working until 7-8-10 pm sometimes to make a measly $85,000 a year! Yes, I said $85,000 is measly because as you can see the head is getting $12.8 million years. He does not even have the decency to pay you 10% of that as a dedicated employee who works at least 65 hours a week! Its craziness.

Every job that I have had, and even the jobs I loved with a passion within my field of media, I ALWAYS was out no later than an hour after I was supposed to be done, and that's IF I stayed behind that late, WHY? because I never cared that much. This made me realize that I must start something that I am passionate about, or be a part of something that could help make a difference.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you cannot believe in someone else's dream or business and want to work for that person, but when you are working for these big corporations, who steal from those who are less fortunate and do nothing to uplift, then there is a problem.

So I ask the question, when will you stop breaking your back and start doing something that you can be proud of?! I am not telling you all to go out and quit your 9-5's but at least have a plan B so that you can one day be proud of the contribution you made.

Maybe you are happy in the position you are in and you rise out of bed eager to get to your place of business, maybe the company you work for shows and proves to you on a daily basis that they are helping and adding on to the community and world that you know, maybe you are confident that all the work and effort you put into the company will show dividends 10x fold to sustain you, and your future grandchildren. I don't know, but when I asked myself those exact questions "No's" were my response.

What I am trying to say is NEVER EVER get too comfortable in any position. I met a woman one time I was interviewing for this job, the lady had been at the job 20 years and she loved it. This lady was pretty wealthy and she did not HAVE to work, but this place obviously gave her that sense of belonging that I described above. As we spoke, and we became more familiar with one another, she shared a bit of wisdom with me. She said to me " I have been here for 20 years, and I know I am not leaving because I feel like I am a part of this place, but every 3 months I shop my resume and I go out on interview's anyway to stay brief of what is still around me and what is available, I have done that for 15 years".

I thought about that and it made sense. We all stay in these positions and "job's" just because we are used to them, but do you take time out to really see what else is happening and available to you outside of that spectrum. Its so funny, because every job that I have had I have simply asked for something and it was given to me right off the back. Some of us are too scared to ask, and then some of us wait to long to ask, and then not taken seriously.

Make a move if you feel in your spirit you should!!! Upgrade your life if your gut tells you it's time, jump out on a limb and do what you REALLY want to do. You have it in you. Never forget all the success stories before you, those individuals were humans and able last time I checked just as you are.

In the words of Sean Carter "Young Carter,Go farther, Go further, Go harder, is that not why we came then if not then why bother"? You can apply that to your own situation and see how it applies. GO HARD or GO HOME!


Sunday, August 10, 2008


I first want to start by saying SORRY!

Friday marked the 1st day that I sent my blog out for the world to view, and to my surprise I had so many typos in the first sentences. JUST HORRIBLE!

That is a prime example of passion in action. When you have something you are sooo passionate about it just flows out so natural, so fast and with such enthusiasm that even when you think you have proofread it still missed something.

Moving forward this should not be an issue, at least to the extreme it was.

Hope everyone is feeling fine, feeling light and looking forward to this cool breeze that we have been getting the past couple of days.

On another note, the weekend delivered some upsetting and unexpected news to us. Black Hollywood lost some strong, talented respectable entertainers. Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. Both were extremely talented and in my opinion possessed a uniqueness that is hard to find amongst the rising stars of today.

Life is short and of course it was very upsetting to hear the news, but all I could think of when I heard about it was "Damn, a short life lived but so much accomplished". These two men have left this earth physically but during their time here they fulfilled their mission, their purpose in ADDING on to the world in some way and sharing that gift with us all.

I think we all forget that we must try to do that. We must ADD on and if we are blessed enough to do it, then do it well, and do it with integrity.

CNN spoke with friend Bernie Mac friend Steve Harvey (one of the original Kings of Comedy, alongside Bernie) Steve said "He was a great father and a fantastic family man", so not only did he live a life that exuberated his craft and talent as a hysterical comedian, but he upheld his family and was respected by his peers for that. Issac Hayes just had a baby 2 years ago and we can say the same for him.

These were stand up men, and I am thankful for their sharing their gifts and talents with us. We don't have to know people personally to be inspired, touched and moved by the work they do in this world while they are here. I know they are looking down and appreciating the fact they left their mark. They can say "job well done" .

So many of us don't get the chance to do that, so with that being said..Live every moment as if you are making your portfolio for when you are gone. Grab life by the Horns and ride the hell out of it, and do it with your head high and a smile on your face. Give thanks ...YOU ARE HERE one more day to see your children, your mother, your loved one, kiss someone on the cheek, give a hug and dress to the tee's!


Friday, August 8, 2008

A Creation of Consciousness begins in August

So ever since I can remember I have had a lot on my mind. Even was I was maybe 3 years old I could vividly remember thinking way to hard about weather or not I should eat the peas my grandma would make on the side of my plate, thrown them on the floor or attempt to act as if was eating them, but really have a napkin hidden under my chair so I can spit them in there. (This was huge planning and concentrated deception at a young age that I was mastering).

I also always thought I was ill...typical example is the My Girl Movie. Remember how the main character LIVED at the doctors office because she thought she was dying from everything from Cancer to Tuberculosis. I was that girl. I would watch that show "Life goes on" and think I had Down syndrome after seeing Cody's character ( even though youhave to be born with that). Some of you may not have a clue what I am talking about, but the point is I "OVER ANALYZE" everything!!!! Which has prompted me to start using that same energy and thought ability into things that need it.

I love media! I love the idea of having a tool that can reach masses of people at the same time. I think the creation of TV & Radio was genius and now having Internet at our disposal is absolutely Mind blowing. Do we realize how Amazing and EASY our life is. As I sit here and write now this will not only be read by my Mom in Brooklyn, but my god sister in LA, my Aunt in Boston and my God brother in Japan. I love it, along with a host of others.

I wanted to start taking life and responsibility more seriously and wanting to use something that I have always had a passion for with everyone and that is my "gab" . Even though I am writing..I speak as I write and I want to start "gabbing" to you about everything under the sun of IMPORTANCE!

I think we live in an era that is of monumental proportions. Maybe Barack Obama has inspired me indirectly to start holding myself accountable for the human condition. Maybe turning on my TV and seeing "respected news" spend 8-10 minutes talking about one celebrity and what they did the night before and who they are sleeping with and what they ate for dinner has prompted this. Or, maybe it is that I have a young daughter who I love greatly and who I find to be the most amazing specimen in the world, is going to one day have to go to school in this country and that ranks #24 on the list of education systems in the world, compared to 20 years ago when we ranked #1. (circa 1988 - i was in 1st grade)...

When Obama speaks of change he speaks truth. I don't look to Obama to be my savior and change this world over night. I look to myself, and I look for him to be a leader who reinforces that. I hold myself accountable for being a positive role model for not only my child, but for my neighbor's daughter, the post man, the caterer, the banker, our community. We must ALL be present and alive to the moment in which we exist. we cannot walk blindly anymore and just drift and work and come home and sit and wait...wait for what!!! The time is now!!! We must be active and conscious in what we think, what we watch, what we eat what we say and what we do!

There is a crazy energy that now has possessed this earth and caused turmoil. We must reconnect with who we are spiritually and become one with ourselves and the world in which we live. Start thinking of how you can be of service and promote change. It does not have to be a hard task, it can actually be as simple as when you are riding the train or bus from work, smiling at the person across from you. Complimenting someone who you think looks nice. Sharing some info or wisdom with someone who needs it and enlightening them. Your goal should be to try to think what you can do for the net person. You will see how blessings will come to you in great proportion.

Please start small but aim to spread this good energy, this is just the beginning. I am on my mission. I will commit to writing to you and talking and sharing my thoughts with the intention for it to provide a spark to inspire goodness and change amongst humanity. I can not look at this as a black/ white thing. We are humans first and we must move and act as that and stop letting color be a barrier in us welcoming the understanding of LOVE across the human race.

Until we meet again...Live Bold! Be Conscious in everything you do. xoxoxo

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