Friday, August 15, 2008

DANCING...prescribed remedy I have gotten a little older, had a baby girl and entered adult hood, I must say I have tamed my inner rock star just a bit. It is a natural instinct for a GEMINI to be the life of the party, so getting that under control is no small feat.

Even when I was partying HARD, RARELY did I go out on work nights. If I did it was to an industry event, (the entertainment business parties during the week and conducts business during the week to stay clear of "regular people" on the weekends, as they say). Last night I went to an after work party at a lounge in Harlem.

The place was absolutely AMAZING! Good music, Good Crowd, Good Energy, Good food and boy did we get it in. I was soooo satisfied with my party experience that as you can see the 1st thing I am doing this morning is acknowledging it.

It is rare even in VIP (which used to have to be a staple for me, BUT no more, because you can't run from the ignorance even behind the rope) that you have a good crowd that is MATURE in NYC.

Granted, being a lady in the city is a challenge in itself just walking down the street, getting the calls, the whistles, the eyes that undress you from head to toe. When you are in the lounges and clubs it can just be WAY too much since men are not only trying to kick it, but they are tying to touch and dance with you, and its only so far you can go to get away from them.

Well my friends and I did not have problems last night, the men were very respectful once they were turned down, :) and they were really really dancing. They were not standing posted up on a wall doing a two step, but doing actual moving. I just loved it. (Sort of reminded me of house party).

Of course the DJ helped when he took it back and played ALL the jams from the 80's that were hott. It was just the best I have experienced in a while. No fighting, no caddiness amongst the women, beautiful ambiance, and an appreciation for just wanting to come after work and get your dance on.

I have always LOVED music and dancing, so when I do party, it is solely to do just that and have a good time. I believe that when you hear music it really touches the inside of you, and reaches the depths of your soul. When we dance that is our raw natural spirit in action. Now some of us don't even allow this process to happen naturally because they are so self-conscious of what people are going to say, or how they look or they ask themselves "Am i moving on key"...NEVER QUESTION yourself when you get the urge to dance, be one with something that is powerful. THE BEAT.

In the words of Mark Twain "Work like you don't need the money. Dance like no one is watching. And love like you've never been hurt. " Always LIVE BOLD!!!! Do you know how much you are missing out on when you are being SHY and thinking about what someone else is thinking about you!

I think its important that everyone gets out from time to time and DANCE, it is truly medicine to your soul and you are being ACTIVE. Go out with your man, your best girlfriends, dress to kill and embrace all that jazziness. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe! XOXOXO.

P.S. and never let nobody tell you, you off beat!

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AdrianC said...

ppl have told me i am offbeat i couldn't exactly stop them ;op lol Glad u had a good time!