Friday, August 29, 2008

Taking my daughter to work...

So....I hardly EVER bring my 3 year old daughter to work with me., actually I never have. If I did it was my off day and I just came up to pick something up or have her meet the staff, but today she is accompanying me for a half day while I am WORKING.

The day had a good start thus far. She rode the long commute into the city on the train and she was amazed!!! I can count on one hand how many times she has been on the train since her birth so this was big for her because now she has sense and understands. She is a "car baby" as my mom used to call me.

I was very pleased and surprised to see that she was very well behaved and sat there patiently 90% of the ride which is very impressive. She had the occasional "mommy I am ready to get off", and the famous "are we there yet"? but after I told her 2 more stops she was good to go.

After getting off the train, her next big complaint was "those stairs are too big to walk up", she was referring to the steps at the train station. I thought that was hilarious since she there was no way I was picking her up as big as she is. So now I had to walk extremely slow and make it up the stairs. It was very interesting. I am a fast walker so it was extreme discomfort to walk 2 blocks at about 10 steps per minute.

We then stopped for breakfast and she ordered like a pro "eggs, hash brown, turkey bacon which she called simply "meat" and toast". She ate 75% of that and she sips her orange juice awaiting for us to leave and go "meet auntie brie", since that is where we will be going after work.

I find with kids you have to continually give them something to look forward to. Of course if I wasn't getting off a half day I would have never attempted to bring her into work BUT I feel pretty confident she will be able to last 3 1/2 hours.

We will make a day of it in the city, do some light shopping, take her to American Girl and do some minor shopping and hopefully she will be worn out and turn into bed early.

I am so grateful that I can enjoy this once or twice a year.

Have a wonderful Labor day Weekend and Be safe!!!


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Don said...

Your daughter sounds exactly like a pro. Very informed, I am sure that she learned from her mother. Hope the holiday weekend was a blessed 1.