Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If you must go...

Isn't it funny? No matter how old we get, we still tend to get a little down that summer is leaving us.

After it romanced us, kept us up and dancing all night, kissed us with dew and sweetness, encouraged us to pack up and visit a new place, sat on our porch talking to the wee hours, take a boat ride, enjoy a jog or run around the track, have an excuse to eat BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, mango slices and watermelon every weekend. Just like that. As soon as we know it, it has robbed us... fast, quick and painless, like a metrocard swipe. It's OVER!

I love the summer for all the reasons above and more. Even though we hate to see it go, we do anticipate what the season coming in will bring, and before you know it, everybody's favorite time is knocking...Holiday season..Turkeys and Presents.

As I came into work yesterday, it was definitely a different feeling, all the kids on the trains, with their colorful demonstrations on their feet, and their skittle inspired dress codes. I look at these new trends sometimes like "WOW, would I have worn that if I was in their shoes"? Some of it is really over the top. I do appreciate the change and difference that they are not afraid to explore.

The commute was busy, crowded, school buses making us late with traffic, and small voices talking louder than they should, but through it all the sun kept shining. It shined bright and heated up the streets. I guess he is giving us some extra juice before he turns his handsome head away from us for 8 months. I am taking it all of it while it lasts because the cool air will soon come and lead us down a journey of wool pea coats, knee length leather boots, chuckers, goose downs, turtle necks and nicely fitted corduroy pants.

I will miss you summer 08. The times we shared were extremely satisfying, but I will let you go and look forward to seeing you again. It's easier for me this year since if you stay the Fall wont ever come, and I will loose the chance of seeing Obama in all his glory. To witness that moment I proudly say goodbye and kiss you on the cheek...have a safe trip. :)



valava26 said...

Very well put Dee.. summer is a friend to us all.-(. but i love winter too.. its grind time!

ChingOfBrooklyn said...

Goodbye Summer!