Friday, September 5, 2008


I must say I was not "interested" nor committed to watching the Republican Convention coverage as much as I was for the DNC. This is not because I am a Democrat, and am rooting for Obama all the way to the white house door, but because I have had enough of the lies, staging and blatant disrespect on the human race from the Republican Party.

Even if every republican is not created "Bush", they have managed to leave a sour taste in my mouth for anyone who affiliates himself or herself as a republican.

Its OK to not claim a party, it OK to not know where you stand, it’s even OK to not support Obama if you do not want to. We all have a choice, but it’s another thing to not use the ability to think, use good moral and know the difference between passion and acting.

I know when I watched Obama make history 2 weeks ago; he stood there passionate, with a gleam of hope and determination in his eyes. He spoke words that could lift you up to your feet and for a second you were floating in the sea of a new day. He stood there tall and proud and you felt that he had a plan and KNEW what he was talking about. His plan is yet to be tried BUT he has one that he stands behind 100% and more than half of this country believes him.

As I watched Palin stand there and take jabs at Obama and the Democratic Party it reminded me of watching WWF or WCW wrestling. The way the crowd would respond and make noises after hearing her speak words of non-substance. The way she smiled, giggled and made nasty remarks like a school girl about things that do not matter in the bigger scheme of things. This is who shall be VP in the country I live in?

I find that her and McCain rarely get up to speak about what they are going to do and what they stand for, but they find more passion in speaking about what they are against and what Obama "said" and "did". If they would for one moment realize that some of us are not as stupid as they presume, we are waiting to hear their plans and how they will tackle them step-by-step.

I also found it to be useless and pointless to sit there and to tell outright lies about the tax hikes Obama is looking to give when in actually he is all about giving money back to the working middle class. She is a BUFFOON!

I am a woman in this country and as much I would love to see a woman rise to the occasion of greatness, she hardly fits the bill. The truth is you have 5 children who obviously you have neglected to steer in the right paths because one of them should not be planning a wedding and having a baby at her age. The youngest one sitting there holding a baby, slicking his hair down with her spit was hardly touching for me, and I am just OVER your hypocritical portrayal of your family structure.

You have serious issues you need to address within your family. You have young children you should tend to and not waste America’s time with your nonsense.

When Obama speaks of change he speaks truth. I don't look to Obama to be my savior and change this world over night. I look to myself, and I look for him to be a leader who reinforces that. I hold myself accountable for being a positive role model for not only my child, but for my neighbor's daughter, the post man, the caterer, the banker, our community. We must ALL be present and alive to the moment in which we exist. We cannot walk blindly anymore and just drift and work and come home and sit and wait...wait for what!!! The time is now!!! We must be active and conscious in what we think, what we watch, what we eat what we say and what we do!

I am insulted that you thought you were ready to hold that speech last night in front of the world. The nerve of you to say, "community organizers don’t have real responsibilities". Lady sit down and go home!


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AdrianC said...

i guess it's safe to say where your loyalties lie, lol it's also safe to say that you are passionate about this so i hope that anyone feeling the same way gets up and votes for the changes that this country needs. Enough with the point fingers one of the major problems not just in the black community but in the world community is understanding that 1 person can make a difference. now imagine 1 times a million? it's possible anything is possible. In an election that has a black man, and a woman the 2 most scrutinized groups in the world running for prominent positions in society it's time that people take these things seriously. Take a page from Dee make your voice heard!