Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lean on me.

How can I be sitting in a chair and feel like I am sitting on the top of the moon? How can I be in a room full of people and still be so connected to myself that I am in my own little world? I LOVE who I am! I am not afraid to shout it to the world nor will I dim down my light. It's too powerful and besides some people need the rays!

I love me not "just because", but because I am in tuned with my spirit and aware of what it is that I need to do. I am present to the many people in my life who call on me for advice, who I am there to listen to their woes and worries and make them see it's really not that bad. I am thankful for my family (biological, extended and my friends who I call family). I am thankful to you who read my blogs..I AM THANKFUL to you !!!! You are conscious beings in a world that seems to be in a whirlwind at the moment yet you are elevating your level of thinking and trying to add on.

There is a feeling that we all get at some point in our lives, and it can happen more than once, it ideally should happen every hour of every day, but that's a stretch. It's the feeling you get when you are touched, truly touched. I know for me , it is when my daughter comes home from school at age 3.5 and explains to me how a butterfly starts off as a "catchapella" (this is how she says it). My heart is so full at that moment that I am here to see that she is LEARNING and she is evolving just as the butterfly she speaks of.

Its the feeling I get when I listen to some really good soul bending music and the singer belts out lyrics that move not only my spirit but the little hairs on my arms. My heart is full.

I was inspired to speak of this type of content only because 3 days ago, a friend of mine who I have known for many years, was DEPRESSED beyond description. She has not always made the best decisions in life and her current situation is a reflection of that.

She wrote a blog to cyberspace and posted on her Myspace page. I am sure, others saw that she wrote something, but did not take the time to go and read it. Something told me to go and read her blog, even though I was busy at work. When I read it, it was filled with complaints, worries, pain, despair, she was putting herself down and to me it sound like she was on the brink of giving up.

So I commented on her blog and basically tried my very best to uplift her in her time of need. I explained to her that I wont sulk with her and nor do I expect her to look and focus on all of the bad things that are going on right now. SO WHAT! I told her I expected more from her because she is a mother and she has children to live for. I told her she was better than that and she was made of some of the finest, mainly because she is a child of God.

She then asked me what to do? She was sick of people commenting and judging her situation and not advising on what she should actually do. I said I told her it may sound crazy but go outside and look to nature and she will find a calmness and stillness in herself that will help her find the answer. There is something about watching the leaves on a tree blow in the wind, watching an insect crawl in it's natural habitat, with no worries, but what their next step or meal will be. Or just staring up at the vast sky and watch it go from day to night.

If anyone has never watched this happen it is an amazing thing and you realize in that moment that you are really blessed to be part of something bigger than you, the bigger world. You sometimes feel small compared to nature if you really pay attention. We are just in it, all these magnificent things happen automatically every day and we get caught up in the small minute problems that occur that will eventually disappear. They mean nothing when we are gone. We are here on a mission with a destiny the same way as the flower that blooms in spring. The difference is the flower is on its path, the seeds have been planted so with proper light and water it will fulfill its destiny with no problem.

When it comes to us we get discouraged because we don't always know what our destiny is. We get distracted and we forget to look to ourselves and listen for the answer. We get so caught up on what everyone is thinking, about how they are going to react to our movements, and then we we don't take those big leaps and go out on a limb like our intuition tells us to.

Well I must admit that I was eager to see what she was going to say after reading my response to her blog, I really went in on her and she hates that, but what I realized is that she didn't have to say anything at all. Within an hour she took that blog down, and her new mood was changed on myspace from "depressed" to "relieved".

What was she relieved about? That somebody outside of her head maybe cared a little bit more than she thought they did. That someone outside of herself actually loves her and has no selfish motives or reasons? I do not know what the answer was because I have not yet spoken to her since that day, but she acknowledged me trough her writings.

I do know that something clicked because she has been talking with more substance on her messages to everyone on her page, she now believes that something bigger is waiting for her even if it is is not there at the moment.

I realized that day that we all affect one another in some shape or form no matter where we are positioned. My friend lives 641 miles away from NYC and I managed to help her get through a down moment. My energy was sparked and committed to trying to help lift her up only because I would want someone to do the same for me if I needed it. We have to help those in our life even if they don't want it sometimes, talk to each other, and motivate one another.

I will end with this. A friend of mine has been really into this new business venture he has taken on recently. I don't know a great deal about it but what I do know is it has transformed his energy levels and his ambition off the charts, so whatever it is, its a great thing for him now!

He said one day this week " It's something about being around people who are doing big things, when you are around that you have no choice but to try to fit in. You aim for more and you are motivated to do more". I might have not quoted him word for word but this is sooo true. I have spoken about this before and I RE-ITERATE again. Don't hang out with people who are not on the same wavelengths you are, and if you must be there, take that time you spend worth it by trying to help lift them up. Is is soo important in this day and time.

Love you! Have a safe weekend! Spark someone to be something GREAT!


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Ricky said...

Kudos Kudos and more Kudos!!!! Life takes changes and so do you. If you stay the same your life then what good is life. The Lord blessed your parents with new a new life, which is you. He didnt put people here to be depressed and mad. He gave us light and he wants you to do the same to the next person. Share your light with others who dont see it. U no. This is why you base yourself around people who you see yourself as or want to see yourself as. Be motiviated, take on challenges, be ready for the unexpected. Stuff like this will truely only make us stronger! This is Real. Life is a blessing! People say we're living in hell, Yeah guess what, it is if you choose to make your life hell! When you pass and go on to the heavens, that dash inbetween your birth date and death date is what people and your family will remember you buy. That little dash represents your life. Now you can either make an impact with that dash or you can be a waste. What we dont understand is how serious that dash really is and what it really represents. Just hope that when its your time people will look at that dash, which was your life and be able to say, Wow he/she really lived a great life. Look at all the things he/she accomplished and how much of an impact they made on other peoples life. That doesnt sound like a person living in no hell. Now he/she is going to enjoy the finner things in eternity, HEAVEN!