Monday, September 22, 2008

B Season is on the rise!

I know some of you will appreciate this and unfortunately some of you will Cringe, but it is what it is!

B SEASON IS STEADILY APPROACHING!!!! Can you tell I am excited??? Many of you if not all, know how intensely absorbed I can get into BEYONCE! I love her not only because she is beautifique! But because she BRINGS it!!! She delivers and she taps into her capabilities.

Say what you must about her, "she can't sing" "she ain't all that", "She cant talk in interviews (this may be true) but hey when it comes to getting on that stage, belting lyrics from her guts like her life depended on it and dropping it like its HOT if the beat requires, oh you cant argue she does not BRING IT!

We now live in the day and time where real talent comes once in a blue moon. We are watching artists who may look great and have great management but really can't sing, sit at the top of the charts and make millions (Rihanna..*cough*)

I like Rihana but she hardly and most likely never made me feel like the room was floating when she sings. As of matter of fact NOBODY but Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce give me that feeling in this day and time which is why I resort to still playing and listening to my classics; Aretha, Gladys, Patti and my all time FAV ETTA JAMES!!!

How ironic was this that my favorite modern day singer is now doing a epic picture portraying my all time favorite singer!!!! I am just absolutely ecstatic about this and I am counting down to the day the biopic Cadillac Records opens in theaters.

I was fortunate enough, and I hope you all, saw Beyonce's groundbreaking performance on Fashion Rocks this year in which she sang "At Last". She performed with such poise, grace and earth shattering magnitude that I was in tears. I LOVED IT, and so did Ms. Etta James who was in the front row.

If you missed it check it out:

For all you naysayers, Pay close attention to that woman when she performs. She's always on point, not a step out of line, sings with her best ability and she performs as if she is saying "I do not take this for granted", she is aware that there are millions in the world who can sing but don't have the opportunity she has been blessed with.

Every time she gives a stellar performance which is all the time...that to me is her showing her gratitude.

The nerve of some of these fooleywang artists getting up here standing in one spot, stiff and reciting lyrics with a bad voice!

I love you B! Keep Rocking and Taking over the world!!!!

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