Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mr. Lab Rat

Do you know the story of the man who walks around NYC in a white lab coat and scrubs only because he thinks it will help him to pick up more ladies, because they will think he is a Doctor. When I first came in contact with the "labrat" as I like to call him since he is fooling many woman and being a rat, I saw him and thought how nice another young black male getting his PhD. How wonderful. I did not look at him as "Damn, he is a Dr., let me try to husband that fast". Unfortunately there are about 35,000 women in NYC who have that exact game plan with every potential she meets.

We all grew up and heard about "gold diggers" and it was never something to openly aspire to do, but you would be surprised at how many woman really are just looking for a man to take care of them and that is it. Now as a woman I must be honest, we love to luxuriate and do as we please on our own time. So for a Woman to attain this sort of lifestyle by chance is not at all a bad thing so to speak BUT to blatantly go out and look for Mr. Moneybags is another.

I come from a family where the woman are very successful. All of the woman on my paternal side have held executive, leadership positions, Deans, Architects, Senior VP the list goes on. I also grew up with a mother who was working hard ever since I was a young'un and was always on the move getting all the degrees in her field and being successful at what she does. Therefore for me not to aim for more would just be abnormal where I came from.I could not even imagine aiming to be wifed up so I can just sit and do nothing with myself, but these people actually exist and its real interesting to me.

I met a young lady a couple of years ago who had basically gave me her bio in about 15 minutes and all of it consisted of fail attempts to marry off well. She had been dating some of them for long as 6 months, they would wine and dineher, these high paid executives, lawyers, doctors (whom she said doctors were the hardest to grip because of their gruesome schedules) who she managed to snag a few but at the end of the day not one of them wanted to commit to her.

Which brings me to a serious case in point, if you are keeping the company of a high level executive, lawyer, doctor or any type of professional man, I would hope that you know at some point your intelligence and intellect will also have to have a percentage in his decision to court you.

He obviously is educated, hangs in particular circles and will not be bringing any old type of hood rat Hillary to join him in holy matrimony. So don't get confused when he does drop a little cash on you and use you as an arm piece , because as our Hip-Hop philosopher, Ghostface Killah would have said your "Backyard is bangin like a benzy".

So to bring it back to my special character "lab rat" he is getting attention from these ladies who are on the prowl thinking that they are winning the race of life getting with him and then they get BURNT! They are toasted and cripsy when they realize labrat is really TJ, 34, lives at home with mom, who in fact bought him the lab coat after hearing there was a chance that maybe he could move up out of her house if he could find a woman, and has 1 baby with Shanty, but no ends to support her the baby or himself.

Ladies keep in mind you meet labrat more often that not. He may not be wearing the white lab coat BUT he is there, macking, selling you a field of dreams with nothing to back it up. When you meet these men DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Research, go online there are sites that you can plug in peoples info to find out things about them based on their names and address. If he never gives you his address then you may have another problem, and thats for another blog. (*sighs*)

Quick story to end it off.

A nice friend of mine who name I will withhold, told me of story that just broke my heart about 4 months ago. Her BFF was dating this guy for 2 years. The guy was a cop so him coming to her house late at night and only at night seemed like a feasible excuse to her as to why she only saw him in the evenings.

Their routine was he would come over, she would cook dinner for him, and they would make a night of it. Not once the entire 2 years did they go out on a date, did she meet his family, all she knew was one of his friends. Well she was getting sick and tired of it one day and went to a public records search online, plugged in his info and found their was a marriage licence in effect for him and someone else and he had a son. NOWWWW!!!!!

Site she used:

This man was getting married within that month that she checked, Talk about woman intuition. You cannot make this stuff up! Its sounds crazy but TRUE STORY.

Men and Woman should do some serious research on who they choose to lay down with because that old saying "you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas" is true as the sky is blue. Take some time to check your mate out. Most of the time there are always signs of who a person really is in the beginning but we don't pay attention and I guess love is blind.



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