Friday, September 26, 2008

Grey skies and wet thighs....on my!

What a crazy morning. The rain makes me want to stay in bed longer. I don't wanna move and then before you know it its almost the time I am supposed to be at work! HORRIBLE. I have to speed race through the morning duties and hit the areas on my body that "sing" first as my Nana would say.

I run out the door to be greeted by wet windy weather, so I am getting washed twice. I come out my door to see my car is hiding from me because a special someone used it and parked it way down the block without telling me.

I get to the parking lot to see there are no spaces available and I park ALL they way at the end of the municipal lot. I run back to the front to enter the train and I wait an extra long time for my train that is delayed of course because it is raining and that is it's usual dance on days like this.

Train arrives, I sit down to read my book for someones rain drops from their umbrella to fall on the page. I look up in disgust but hold my tongue..after they quickly apologize. Then I realize we are all in this wet struggle together.

I walk the route to my job from the train which is the same two blocks everyday but today feels like 6 because of the rain that is beating against my legs and now my crisp jeans are wet. I finally arrive at my office to not be gained entry into the revolving door because my pass is not working.

I slide, I slide, No results. What is going on? I wait an extra 15 min almost as the reception desk is extremely crowded because the security guard chooses to partake in a conversation about why the young lady in front of me forgot her ID .

He is bewildered because "Girls forget their Id's on Monday's due to you changing your bag for the week, its Friday, why you changing your bag ma"..UMM hello dude happy you have learned something about women but UMM can you click me in! I am already LATE!

I sit down to be greeted by a slew of emails from people needing solutions to their advertisement woes.

Is this day going to be beautiful ..YES IN SPITE IT ALL!!!

It makes me think of what the people who went through the Tsunami, Katrina, and Ike were going through and how it was 100x more uncomfortable compared to this we deal with that is bearable. We are blessed and we should be grateful for some rain that is not flooding us out but rejuvenating our land and cooling us down.

I love it!

Have a great weekend, and don't let the rain beat you up.

If you made plans stick to them, I know I am excited about mine this weekend and I will be THERE rain or shine! Today will be productive for me and I will smile. :)

Love y'all!!!!


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Ricky said...

See, i like that attitude!!!