Monday, September 29, 2008

Giggles..makes you live longer...

I love to LAUGH and when I think about it I am laughing about 70% of my day everyday. If I am not making fun of something or a situation myself, the person I am with is. Its is funny, but ever since I was young I have always attracted jokester's in my world, maybe that is why I look youthful (since they say laughing keeps you looking young.)

Chris Rock! What a funny being he is. I am sooo happy that he is who he is to make me laugh hard as hell. I am the type of person that if you have humor and we can laugh and joke about anything then we have something in common, because I am extremely lighthearted and take everything with a grain of salt...usually.

But anyway..BACK TO CHRIS ROCK! Saturday was his special " Kill the Messenger" comedy special on HBO and I LOVED IT! I did not watch it until about 1 am that morning because I was at an event but I made sure to stay up until it repeated.

HOW HILARIOUS! Chris Rock is the type of comedian that puts the pill in the dog food. He will drop some wisdom and science on you that really makes sense and applies to the greater world but he will get you there by talking a whole lot of ying yang and non-sense to make you laugh so he can get you open and then hit you with it. I call these his "Slide- in-the- Science Jokes".

He made 2 of these that stuck out for me Saturday and I thought they were worth mentioning.

The first was when he spoke about having a job and career. He said when you have a job you count the minutes of the hour all day until it is time to go, when you have a career there is not enough time in a day. He then went on to say he hopes everyone gets a career. What makes him able to speak about a JOB, well because he has been there and he used to scrub shrimps at Red Lobster on Queens boulevard in 1989! You do the math! He was in his 20's.

So I took from that its never too late to get in touch with what you want to do and make it happen for yourself. He knew what he did GREAT naturally and he went for it. Now he is selling out theaters all over the world with his comedy.

The other point he made was how he lives in Alpine, New Jersey, and its a very posh area. He said the only other people on his block are, Mary J. Blige(Platinum Singer), Jay-Z (One of the greatest rappers alive), Edddie Murphey (Funniest Actor ever) and a white guy ...and he's a Dentist.

His point was these homes cost millions of dollars, within gated communities and most of the people who live there that look like him are stars, but this guy is just a regular white man who is a dentist. So he was saying how Black people have to FLY literally and accomplish greatness to get a taste of this sort of life, and for Bob it is innate. He went to school and there was no other way.

Chris spoke about how he dropped out of school at the 10th grade, and really he should have dropped out at 2nd grade because the opportunity that he was afforded was just as bad if he had. He even went on to say that the 2nd grade drop out had more of chance of getting a job than him since they had 8 years work experience. (lol..sad)

This is SCIENCE that this man slides into his jokes and makes it funny yet you can think about it.

I am positive there were some teenagers that watched Saturday night, including my brother who is still in High School. When these kids hear Chris Rock who love and think is funny, they will listen to things like that coming from him because he "made it" and he is telling them it is not easy. Even though he might speak a little wreck less, and say some distasteful material at times, he acts responsible in putting out a message of substance to round it all off.

I appreciate that, from him as a public figure within my culture, to take on that responsibility and speak about things that are real and that are happening, even as a comedian. Many of these entertainers who have the worlds attention don't take time to do that. They bless us with their music, acting, etc. but don't grab our attention to speak about or educate us on ways we can be better.

Chris ROCK ROCKS!!! I love him, I appreciate his humor and I I encourage all of you to watch the HBO comedy special that he did this past weekend. I am sure there will be repeats check your local listings.

On the Debate Front, Friday...OBAMA of course was poised, intellectual and did a great job, and unfortunately McCain was not as bad as I thought. But he is still a lyad! He stood his ground and used that damn experience speech as usual to try to keep his supporters blinded.

Obama will have to come from another angle in my opinion moving forward on the debates because he is playing it too safe as McCain is. Neither one of them want to be held "responsible" for this $700 Billion bailout, and if it goes wrong they will be the culprit. Both keep having lukewarm responses to it.

I need Obama to say "No I don't agree with this". Taking people's hard earned money to help the thieves who made millions prior to this every year ..NO!"

Just a thought....

LOVE YOU ALL...Have a marvelous MONDAY!

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