Monday, September 15, 2008

Tale of the Times...SMDH!(Shaking My Damn Head)

As you all have tuned into the news this morning and signed online to your various news sources, I am sure you have heard that one of the world's biggest investment firms; Lehman Brothers, filed for bankruptcy and 25,000 people are without a job, and it all happened in one day.

No warning, No speeches, come clear your offices. I know many people will listen to the news and say "That's too bad" or "Damn" and that is it, not giving it much thought. Maybe because it is not them nor their mother, father, sister, aunt, brother, or uncle BUT take a second to understand what is happening here, and let's take time to put ourselves there for one moment.

If you still have a job on this day give thanks and praise!!! You really should say a prayer as well or take some time to really feel for these people. My heart aches for them, especially those who have been there for 20+ years, those who were on the brink of retirement. What do they do now? Where do they go in their old age to try to sustain their livelihood, their families. It is harder for older people to find jobs. Its almost certain none of the 25,000 people will get any type of severance or pay for being cut since the company has filed for chapter 11.

Then I think of the single mother who was fortunate enough to have a decent job making a decent living to take care of her child or children. How does she now make ends meet, what does she do now?

Then there is all the young people who have invested thousands getting their MBA's and working long nights , sleeping at the firm to one day achieve financial freedom and just like that, their blood sweat and tears evaporates in one night.

I send all my prayers to these families and I know none of them personally. I pray they get on their feet, I hope that their neighbor, their family members, and their friends who know them help them in any way they possibly can.

Even if you do not know someone who worked for Lehman Brothers, you will see and probably get to know some of these 25,000 people who are now unemployed.

There is a new day approaching and I just ask you PAY ATTENTION!!! Think Smart and PLAN the best you can.

This was not a grass root company or a small time firm, this is an investment bank with roots going back to 1850. It was one of of the banks at the heart of the US, and global, financial system, being a primary dealer in US Treasury securities - US debt instruments.

As you can see I highlighted some words and I won't dwell on it because I won't say what is to happen next, time will tell, but I am certain that the BIG CHANGES that are about to take place in this country will be evident and you will see.

Knowledge is power and educating yourself about the way our government works is essential in our new world. I assume all that read this blog is registered to VOTE, Please encourage all to go out and VOTE and be a part of history. We don't know if the man behind the curtain will allow the votes to count this year (cough* cough) but AT LEAST you can say you did what you could.

My cousin sent me this link

Send it to EVERYONE ON YOUR EMAIL LISTS! BE PRO-ACTIVE and make your difference.

I love you and count your blessings!


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