Wednesday, September 10, 2008

yea, thanks to all the hustlers, and most important to you, the CUSTOMER!

Many Asians come here from their countries, start a susu and open up their markets. This sounds very easy but we live in one of the richest cities if not the most expensive city in the United States. Therefore for a group of people to come here with nothing but the clothes on their backs, open a store, and have us depend on them to get our fresh fruit, veggies , and occasional poison (I refer to Chinese food) is a great feat.

I say that to say that I understand that it was not easy for you to come here and to build your empire. BUT.....if I come to your store every single morning for a bagel with cream cheese, and a small tea with lemon with 3 sugars, then I decide to get jelly one day, don't call me BACK into the store to tell me ".30 cents more". What the rass clot this!?

I mean literally there are about 15 deli's, stores, and stands in which I pass in the two blocks from the train to get to my office on Madison Avenue. (Another example of surplus and more than we need.) Some places you go 15 miles to get a bottle of water. In any case..I choose to patronize a little Chinese owned and operated deli right across the street from my building. Why? Because they are clean, the buffet for lunch is amazing and they give customers a free tea or coffee with any bagel. So...of course they know me and we have out little chats every so often.

I decide to change it up a bit and add Jelly to my bagel and it seems like the little friendship that we have had for months is now at risk because they chase me down for 30 cents, at that moment I knew ..damn....all this is a business relationship. Forget the laughs and giggles we shared in the morning over a $5 bill as you broke it to give me my change, forget the compliments I gave you and the chefs for the amazing turkey burger deluxe combo I love, and the string beans seasoned in balsamic, forget the admiration I had and expressed for your dad who came here and worked hard to establish a respect and appreciation for his business within this business centered community.

It all comes down to the mighty dollar, matter fact in this case a couple cents, and I guess by right it should. Nobody helped them do darn thing. The patriarch of that family worked and worked and worked and he achieved his store on Madison avenue. The same store where the suits and skirts come and drop high dollars on meals and snacks that are overpriced by far, but it works.

How do I know it is overpriced because I am blessed enough to live in Brooklyn and know that a turkey, cheese, mustard, lettuce and tomatoe on a roll should really should just be $2.50-3.00. not $7.97 +tax..and magically I am paying $9.1o. and don't tell me its Boar's head because my bodega uses boars head in BK too. Hell I know people who work at Boar's Head so if I needed meat I could get it! take that Where.. BACK THERE!

Unfortunately some of these manhattaney's don't know any better and they pay out their rectum for things that cost less. I won't complain. It's all good. Business is Business.

To my Asian deli, I will continue to support your store because I LOVE THE FOOD! And I am a FOODIE at heart. I will always remember the day you made me 2 minutes late for work for .30 cents and chased me out the door like I was a stranger in the night. I will see our relationship as it is, I am a Customer, but show me some GD RESPECT!




Ricky said...

Well cause what Dee, since they own their own B.I why dont you. Wanna know how? I can tell you all about it..Its time for our generation of youths to grow into our own network and seek our dreams and achievements the 2% of america has overcome. While the 2% of america owns their own buisness,The rest of the 98% is working for the 2% and really getting nothing! Let s change that! Halla at me and I ll show you how!!!This is serious!!

Tasheeta said...

lmao! It's a funny story but nonetheless i have learned over the years that penny pinchers are always the ones who miraculously die and leave a million dollars in the bank for their loved ones that no one ever knew they had, "soul food" style. I mean, the fact of the matter is, those 30 cents probably add up and they are DEFINATELY counting. I read once in the business journal about how a burger king in manhattan is forced to close b/c they had to ackowledge certain items on a "dollar menu" because they were part of a franchise promotion...Well in manhattan they couldn't afford to give away a burger, fries and a coke for $3.00. So their business started to dwindle, and years and complaints later, they were run out of manhattan. It sux that our economy is to this point, where people have to war with each other over chump change, every penny counts, and no one is allowed to be frivilous anymore (except me lmao).

Anyways I enjoyed this post, peace and blessings!