Monday, September 8, 2008

Babies...Weddings and Showers..OH MY

The past 2 months have been filled with me attending either bachelorette parties, bridal showers or someone I know is giving birth! Yes these are joyous occasions and I am sooo happy for all my close friends and FAMILY who are on the brink of these momentous the midst of it all a part of me just feels like...I am getting older for sure!

It is soooo amazing yet unreal to see a girl you grew up with, and knew since age 10 about to be somebody's wife, or a guy you knew who wasn't just the life of the party but WAS the party, transform into a caring family man. It is beautiful and yet I feel like the young days of cutting up and not caring about consequences are slipping away. I have a 3 year old (approaching 4) daughter myself and have been in a long term relationship for some time, but there is just something about walking down that aisle that seals your fate.

I witnessed a beautiful wedding this weekend, one that I will remember for years to come. The bride was beautiful and her man very dapper, everything was perfect, from the beautiful reception hall, to the hundreds of flowers, the beautiful bridesmaids, the amazing open bar and buffet (food was AMAZING)!, it was PERFECT, and even with all that the most important and touching thing was the LOVE that was felt from her father and the man in her life.

The young lady I am referring to has the type of relationship with her dad that all little girls dream of. They are "closest than close", he was all she had, and to watch him cry, lift her veil and kiss her on the cheek and give a speech to express his love was so endearing. Then to offer another man to be her rock, was amazing! Then her husband who she will now spend her life with stood up and acknowledged her dad and vowed in front of the entire 200+ guests " This is it baby! I love you and I will do whatever it takes to give you any and everything that you will ever need"! It might sound cliche and not so groundbreaking, but if you were there you knew he meant it and you felt it through the room.

Of course we all were in tears, us mushy ones. lol, but I just love to see Love in action, Love in movement and LOVE taking its place and taking its stake in this world. It is a beautiful thing!!!!
Men are afraid sometimes to give all of themselves and of course this is a process, but I believe when a man is ready he is ready.

People ask me all the time..when are you getting married? I simply say "When the time is right and it has asked me to come forth"..I am happy and I am in a terrific space! I wish all my married girlfriends and those who are getting ready to walk down the aisle, blessings and happiness.

It defintily is a HUGE committment and something that should not be taken lightly. I will end with this.

Friday night I attended the Hindu portion of this wedding, and when I was leaving, my friend and I caught the attention of an old-school trinidad man. He dropped some wisdom on me about his marriage, He said " I been married 42 years, and I love my wife. See her over there. I am not perfect, I have had my movements, but I am human and these things happen. I know she is who I gave my word to remain with and protect and provide for. We marry and we don't divorce we work it out! I love her." I then asked him why wasn't he up the block at the wedding, why was he all the way up the block (we ran into him way down the block where I parked my car) he said " I think I have 2 girlfriends in there, mi nah want no trouble"...LMAO!

Love is Love...Enjoy your MONDAYS!!!!



Ms. Nancy said...

I went to three weddings in two weeks. Love is definetely in that air this summer, and three engagements also happened to 3 more close friends of mine.. so thats three more next yr. Time waits for noone. Live every day like its your last, and appreciate the little things.

valava26 said...

lmao!.. that was great!.. i wonder who partied all the time was:-)?.... i liked the story at the end..hahaaa