Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sitting ...listening...taking in every single particle of what exists in my "right now"...its amazing.

I can see and watch the clouds move across the sky. I can sit and feel my legs and get up if I need to. I can watch nature conduct itself, I can breathe deep breathes and take in the life that exists around me. I am one with my environment...RIGHT NOW.

The now is a magnificent thing. It only exists for a short time and it goes...awaiting and preparing for the next NOW. What are you doing to make sure that your NOW lives up more than the one before it. How do you capitalize off of every single minute that you are blessed to have.

Here's a hint:

If you are:

1- Sharing the same space with someone and they are speaking LISTEN
2- Driving or walking outside PAY ATTENTION
2- Working on a project or at your place of business DO YOUR BEST
4- Spending time with your mate LOOK THEM IN THE EYE AND TELL THEM I LOVE YOU
5- Spending time with your mate and your wish you weren't END IT
6- In church GET THE MESSAGE...PRAY...BE ONE WITH GOD..don't just be there

Life is too precious and goes too quickly for us to sit back and watch it happen without much input from us. It's something that we all have a stake in and we all have to challenge ourselves to stay focused on....Living on purpose!

Have a wonderful weekend and let your spirit guide you to what it craves to become alive!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

The HUMAN RACE needs a healing....

As I sit and watch the devastating images that have circulated through my television, and through the papers, it has awakened me to one thing....we are small in relation to it all. What is the all?

The all is GOD...NATURE...LIFE. It is a system that we merely co-exist in and many of us don't take time to acknowledge our co-existence within it. Many may read this and say..."Me"! Yes you.

So many of you have your life just figured have a great job, it pays your bills, your children are fed, clothed and healthy. You feel pretty good. You have water that runs from your faucet...inside your have a car that runs, you wear clothes made of the finest threads, and you spend hours watching brainwashing messages that do nothing for humanity. Key word here is HUMANITY!

What have you done for humanity lately? Not for yourself, not for your significant others and the ones you share the same blood with, but for the people of this entire world. The day we all start to see ourselves as a unit, as one race, as a collective effort to alleviate the stress that we put on this planet and this world then maybe that acknowledgment will take front stage.

I pose these questions to you, because I have asked myself. I have suffered from the same selfish things. I have awakened to this and I share it with my community through writing. This is my therapy and I share it with you.

GOD is all around us, Nature is GOD..we abuse it. We do not care to really appreciate and understand the nature that we live in and how connected we are to it. There are a few of us who know and understand this, and fortunate enough for us, they have perpetrated this message in movies and entertainment just a bit, for a few of us to grab on.

I recently just watched the movie Avatar and there were so many subliminal jewels in that movie that it gave me chills. One message that I hope everyone takes from it is that the village people "got it". The way they were so in tuned and connected to the nature around them is what gave them strength and instilled a sense of belonging and pride. It was a collective group of energy that ran through the nature in which they lived.

A very important line in that movies was " We are all one big network of energy". Ever wonder how you step in a room where two people are having a heated argument, one of the two people is mad beyond calming down and then another person in the room starts yelling off, and it spreads like wild fire. That one person's energy transfers over to someone else and there goes the environment in which you stand. You are in a war zone.

I look at this same setup with the planet. If we all were a tad bit more conscious and cared about what we thought, how we lived and our actions, then the world, as cliche as it may sound, would be a better place.

There is so many things going on in the world that are off balance, from spirituality to the emissions we release into the planet that is causing our world to react in ways that we are yet to see the worst of.

We MUST read, then learn to spread the word, the actions we as humas who inhabit this land must take to try to make the time we have here more meaningful and live with the purpose that God intended for us all.

I am in state of deep reflection and reevaluation of the things, activities and people I take in right now, so excuse my tone and need of urgency, but it truly sickens my spirit to watch these people... MY PEOPLE ( and no I am not Haitian) suffer and not have anything...water, food, sanitary conditions. Its hard. The worst part of it is that there are people in other countries who live like this everyday yet only when a travesty happens does the media shed light to it and cares to ask for a dollar.

I question to myself and beg to find my answers through Prayer on what else can I do to help? How can I be of service in a way that adds on and contributes to the human race. Help me help someone else. I went into the profession of teaching for this very reason and I pray that everyone learns to trust their power and gift that they have to add on to humanity.

Be safe, Be grateful. Pray for HAITI!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

In the midst of the storm....

It is the feeling you get when you are already out and it starts pouring down rain and you have no umbrella.

It is the feeling you get when you are stuck at somebody you loves graduation and its boring but there is 3 more hours to go.

It is the feeling you get when your tank is running on empty but the signs say the gas station is 4 miles away. Desperation......What to do? Wanting to scream....

I think being in the midst of the storm is the best way to identify the spirit that lies within you. You will see what you are really made of when it all starts to come down..crumble right before your eyes. Will you give up on yourself, let your self down..or will you fight and conquer and keep going.

I don't think many of us realize it is the hard times and the rough patches that gives us our stripes. Builds up our character and proves to us every time that our spirit is what sustains us and it is bigger than just what the eye can see.

You can always remember while in the midst of the storm...that it will soon be over and things have no choice but to get better and brighten up.

Nothing is never enough to make you frown everyday, have a bad attitude, not show love and receive it or not smile. NOTHING!

We all are here, as a collective on the same plane trying to achieve one thing...the feeling of LOVE.

If its from a mate, a friend, a career, a hobby, a pet, an idea...we look for LOVE in all that we do, because it is the only pure and whole feeling that makes us feel complete.

Love freely and leave your heart open for it each day!

Have a wonderful LOVE gushed day..and look your battles in the eye for you will LOVE yourself even more!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new year..Another chance

I have taken a small break from blogging to enjoy the holidays with my friends and family and it was much enjoyed and appreciated. I had a chance to just be still, laugh, watch, learn and be in a state of gratitude for the blessings that are in my life. I have been blessed in my life and I try to always each day speak aloud how grateful I am for it all. For my family, my love, my health, my friends and even the friends that I have lost along the way of personal growth.

Personal growth is something that feels so right, so magnificent and extremely rewarding when it happens. I am in a state of outgrowing many things in my life at the moment, including people and I do not feel sad about it at all. You come to a space in your life when you have achieved such greatness, and worked so hard to get where you want to be, and the folks around you are just not made up of the same fabric. You may notice they are lazy, or the highlight of their day is to gossip, they may be jealous and hide it...whatever the reason is behind why you outgrow them its valid and don't second guess it..because you just know.

The people I choose to share my world with have been carefully chosen and selected and I am constantly reviewing that roster. I do not need to have those around me who are weak, conniving, envious, evil, bitter and deceitful. I am not made up of that and I wont digest it.

This new year is a blessing for us all who are here to enjoy it. I will not make it in vain, but work hard and live right. Be good to those around me and kind. Give as much as I possibly can and help those who are in need. It is not about me and it is not about you. Its about US. We all need to start seeing ourselves in the ones we have around us and use it as a mirror to be better, stronger, and more responsible for the lives we live. Each one can definitely teach one and reach one.

Happy New 2010!! Your life has already began...