Monday, September 29, 2008

Giggles..makes you live longer...

I love to LAUGH and when I think about it I am laughing about 70% of my day everyday. If I am not making fun of something or a situation myself, the person I am with is. Its is funny, but ever since I was young I have always attracted jokester's in my world, maybe that is why I look youthful (since they say laughing keeps you looking young.)

Chris Rock! What a funny being he is. I am sooo happy that he is who he is to make me laugh hard as hell. I am the type of person that if you have humor and we can laugh and joke about anything then we have something in common, because I am extremely lighthearted and take everything with a grain of salt...usually.

But anyway..BACK TO CHRIS ROCK! Saturday was his special " Kill the Messenger" comedy special on HBO and I LOVED IT! I did not watch it until about 1 am that morning because I was at an event but I made sure to stay up until it repeated.

HOW HILARIOUS! Chris Rock is the type of comedian that puts the pill in the dog food. He will drop some wisdom and science on you that really makes sense and applies to the greater world but he will get you there by talking a whole lot of ying yang and non-sense to make you laugh so he can get you open and then hit you with it. I call these his "Slide- in-the- Science Jokes".

He made 2 of these that stuck out for me Saturday and I thought they were worth mentioning.

The first was when he spoke about having a job and career. He said when you have a job you count the minutes of the hour all day until it is time to go, when you have a career there is not enough time in a day. He then went on to say he hopes everyone gets a career. What makes him able to speak about a JOB, well because he has been there and he used to scrub shrimps at Red Lobster on Queens boulevard in 1989! You do the math! He was in his 20's.

So I took from that its never too late to get in touch with what you want to do and make it happen for yourself. He knew what he did GREAT naturally and he went for it. Now he is selling out theaters all over the world with his comedy.

The other point he made was how he lives in Alpine, New Jersey, and its a very posh area. He said the only other people on his block are, Mary J. Blige(Platinum Singer), Jay-Z (One of the greatest rappers alive), Edddie Murphey (Funniest Actor ever) and a white guy ...and he's a Dentist.

His point was these homes cost millions of dollars, within gated communities and most of the people who live there that look like him are stars, but this guy is just a regular white man who is a dentist. So he was saying how Black people have to FLY literally and accomplish greatness to get a taste of this sort of life, and for Bob it is innate. He went to school and there was no other way.

Chris spoke about how he dropped out of school at the 10th grade, and really he should have dropped out at 2nd grade because the opportunity that he was afforded was just as bad if he had. He even went on to say that the 2nd grade drop out had more of chance of getting a job than him since they had 8 years work experience. (lol..sad)

This is SCIENCE that this man slides into his jokes and makes it funny yet you can think about it.

I am positive there were some teenagers that watched Saturday night, including my brother who is still in High School. When these kids hear Chris Rock who love and think is funny, they will listen to things like that coming from him because he "made it" and he is telling them it is not easy. Even though he might speak a little wreck less, and say some distasteful material at times, he acts responsible in putting out a message of substance to round it all off.

I appreciate that, from him as a public figure within my culture, to take on that responsibility and speak about things that are real and that are happening, even as a comedian. Many of these entertainers who have the worlds attention don't take time to do that. They bless us with their music, acting, etc. but don't grab our attention to speak about or educate us on ways we can be better.

Chris ROCK ROCKS!!! I love him, I appreciate his humor and I I encourage all of you to watch the HBO comedy special that he did this past weekend. I am sure there will be repeats check your local listings.

On the Debate Front, Friday...OBAMA of course was poised, intellectual and did a great job, and unfortunately McCain was not as bad as I thought. But he is still a lyad! He stood his ground and used that damn experience speech as usual to try to keep his supporters blinded.

Obama will have to come from another angle in my opinion moving forward on the debates because he is playing it too safe as McCain is. Neither one of them want to be held "responsible" for this $700 Billion bailout, and if it goes wrong they will be the culprit. Both keep having lukewarm responses to it.

I need Obama to say "No I don't agree with this". Taking people's hard earned money to help the thieves who made millions prior to this every year ..NO!"

Just a thought....

LOVE YOU ALL...Have a marvelous MONDAY!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Grey skies and wet thighs....on my!

What a crazy morning. The rain makes me want to stay in bed longer. I don't wanna move and then before you know it its almost the time I am supposed to be at work! HORRIBLE. I have to speed race through the morning duties and hit the areas on my body that "sing" first as my Nana would say.

I run out the door to be greeted by wet windy weather, so I am getting washed twice. I come out my door to see my car is hiding from me because a special someone used it and parked it way down the block without telling me.

I get to the parking lot to see there are no spaces available and I park ALL they way at the end of the municipal lot. I run back to the front to enter the train and I wait an extra long time for my train that is delayed of course because it is raining and that is it's usual dance on days like this.

Train arrives, I sit down to read my book for someones rain drops from their umbrella to fall on the page. I look up in disgust but hold my tongue..after they quickly apologize. Then I realize we are all in this wet struggle together.

I walk the route to my job from the train which is the same two blocks everyday but today feels like 6 because of the rain that is beating against my legs and now my crisp jeans are wet. I finally arrive at my office to not be gained entry into the revolving door because my pass is not working.

I slide, I slide, No results. What is going on? I wait an extra 15 min almost as the reception desk is extremely crowded because the security guard chooses to partake in a conversation about why the young lady in front of me forgot her ID .

He is bewildered because "Girls forget their Id's on Monday's due to you changing your bag for the week, its Friday, why you changing your bag ma"..UMM hello dude happy you have learned something about women but UMM can you click me in! I am already LATE!

I sit down to be greeted by a slew of emails from people needing solutions to their advertisement woes.

Is this day going to be beautiful ..YES IN SPITE IT ALL!!!

It makes me think of what the people who went through the Tsunami, Katrina, and Ike were going through and how it was 100x more uncomfortable compared to this we deal with that is bearable. We are blessed and we should be grateful for some rain that is not flooding us out but rejuvenating our land and cooling us down.

I love it!

Have a great weekend, and don't let the rain beat you up.

If you made plans stick to them, I know I am excited about mine this weekend and I will be THERE rain or shine! Today will be productive for me and I will smile. :)

Love y'all!!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mr. Lab Rat

Do you know the story of the man who walks around NYC in a white lab coat and scrubs only because he thinks it will help him to pick up more ladies, because they will think he is a Doctor. When I first came in contact with the "labrat" as I like to call him since he is fooling many woman and being a rat, I saw him and thought how nice another young black male getting his PhD. How wonderful. I did not look at him as "Damn, he is a Dr., let me try to husband that fast". Unfortunately there are about 35,000 women in NYC who have that exact game plan with every potential she meets.

We all grew up and heard about "gold diggers" and it was never something to openly aspire to do, but you would be surprised at how many woman really are just looking for a man to take care of them and that is it. Now as a woman I must be honest, we love to luxuriate and do as we please on our own time. So for a Woman to attain this sort of lifestyle by chance is not at all a bad thing so to speak BUT to blatantly go out and look for Mr. Moneybags is another.

I come from a family where the woman are very successful. All of the woman on my paternal side have held executive, leadership positions, Deans, Architects, Senior VP the list goes on. I also grew up with a mother who was working hard ever since I was a young'un and was always on the move getting all the degrees in her field and being successful at what she does. Therefore for me not to aim for more would just be abnormal where I came from.I could not even imagine aiming to be wifed up so I can just sit and do nothing with myself, but these people actually exist and its real interesting to me.

I met a young lady a couple of years ago who had basically gave me her bio in about 15 minutes and all of it consisted of fail attempts to marry off well. She had been dating some of them for long as 6 months, they would wine and dineher, these high paid executives, lawyers, doctors (whom she said doctors were the hardest to grip because of their gruesome schedules) who she managed to snag a few but at the end of the day not one of them wanted to commit to her.

Which brings me to a serious case in point, if you are keeping the company of a high level executive, lawyer, doctor or any type of professional man, I would hope that you know at some point your intelligence and intellect will also have to have a percentage in his decision to court you.

He obviously is educated, hangs in particular circles and will not be bringing any old type of hood rat Hillary to join him in holy matrimony. So don't get confused when he does drop a little cash on you and use you as an arm piece , because as our Hip-Hop philosopher, Ghostface Killah would have said your "Backyard is bangin like a benzy".

So to bring it back to my special character "lab rat" he is getting attention from these ladies who are on the prowl thinking that they are winning the race of life getting with him and then they get BURNT! They are toasted and cripsy when they realize labrat is really TJ, 34, lives at home with mom, who in fact bought him the lab coat after hearing there was a chance that maybe he could move up out of her house if he could find a woman, and has 1 baby with Shanty, but no ends to support her the baby or himself.

Ladies keep in mind you meet labrat more often that not. He may not be wearing the white lab coat BUT he is there, macking, selling you a field of dreams with nothing to back it up. When you meet these men DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Research, go online there are sites that you can plug in peoples info to find out things about them based on their names and address. If he never gives you his address then you may have another problem, and thats for another blog. (*sighs*)

Quick story to end it off.

A nice friend of mine who name I will withhold, told me of story that just broke my heart about 4 months ago. Her BFF was dating this guy for 2 years. The guy was a cop so him coming to her house late at night and only at night seemed like a feasible excuse to her as to why she only saw him in the evenings.

Their routine was he would come over, she would cook dinner for him, and they would make a night of it. Not once the entire 2 years did they go out on a date, did she meet his family, all she knew was one of his friends. Well she was getting sick and tired of it one day and went to a public records search online, plugged in his info and found their was a marriage licence in effect for him and someone else and he had a son. NOWWWW!!!!!

Site she used:

This man was getting married within that month that she checked, Talk about woman intuition. You cannot make this stuff up! Its sounds crazy but TRUE STORY.

Men and Woman should do some serious research on who they choose to lay down with because that old saying "you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas" is true as the sky is blue. Take some time to check your mate out. Most of the time there are always signs of who a person really is in the beginning but we don't pay attention and I guess love is blind.



Monday, September 22, 2008

B Season is on the rise!

I know some of you will appreciate this and unfortunately some of you will Cringe, but it is what it is!

B SEASON IS STEADILY APPROACHING!!!! Can you tell I am excited??? Many of you if not all, know how intensely absorbed I can get into BEYONCE! I love her not only because she is beautifique! But because she BRINGS it!!! She delivers and she taps into her capabilities.

Say what you must about her, "she can't sing" "she ain't all that", "She cant talk in interviews (this may be true) but hey when it comes to getting on that stage, belting lyrics from her guts like her life depended on it and dropping it like its HOT if the beat requires, oh you cant argue she does not BRING IT!

We now live in the day and time where real talent comes once in a blue moon. We are watching artists who may look great and have great management but really can't sing, sit at the top of the charts and make millions (Rihanna..*cough*)

I like Rihana but she hardly and most likely never made me feel like the room was floating when she sings. As of matter of fact NOBODY but Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce give me that feeling in this day and time which is why I resort to still playing and listening to my classics; Aretha, Gladys, Patti and my all time FAV ETTA JAMES!!!

How ironic was this that my favorite modern day singer is now doing a epic picture portraying my all time favorite singer!!!! I am just absolutely ecstatic about this and I am counting down to the day the biopic Cadillac Records opens in theaters.

I was fortunate enough, and I hope you all, saw Beyonce's groundbreaking performance on Fashion Rocks this year in which she sang "At Last". She performed with such poise, grace and earth shattering magnitude that I was in tears. I LOVED IT, and so did Ms. Etta James who was in the front row.

If you missed it check it out:

For all you naysayers, Pay close attention to that woman when she performs. She's always on point, not a step out of line, sings with her best ability and she performs as if she is saying "I do not take this for granted", she is aware that there are millions in the world who can sing but don't have the opportunity she has been blessed with.

Every time she gives a stellar performance which is all the time...that to me is her showing her gratitude.

The nerve of some of these fooleywang artists getting up here standing in one spot, stiff and reciting lyrics with a bad voice!

I love you B! Keep Rocking and Taking over the world!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lean on me.

How can I be sitting in a chair and feel like I am sitting on the top of the moon? How can I be in a room full of people and still be so connected to myself that I am in my own little world? I LOVE who I am! I am not afraid to shout it to the world nor will I dim down my light. It's too powerful and besides some people need the rays!

I love me not "just because", but because I am in tuned with my spirit and aware of what it is that I need to do. I am present to the many people in my life who call on me for advice, who I am there to listen to their woes and worries and make them see it's really not that bad. I am thankful for my family (biological, extended and my friends who I call family). I am thankful to you who read my blogs..I AM THANKFUL to you !!!! You are conscious beings in a world that seems to be in a whirlwind at the moment yet you are elevating your level of thinking and trying to add on.

There is a feeling that we all get at some point in our lives, and it can happen more than once, it ideally should happen every hour of every day, but that's a stretch. It's the feeling you get when you are touched, truly touched. I know for me , it is when my daughter comes home from school at age 3.5 and explains to me how a butterfly starts off as a "catchapella" (this is how she says it). My heart is so full at that moment that I am here to see that she is LEARNING and she is evolving just as the butterfly she speaks of.

Its the feeling I get when I listen to some really good soul bending music and the singer belts out lyrics that move not only my spirit but the little hairs on my arms. My heart is full.

I was inspired to speak of this type of content only because 3 days ago, a friend of mine who I have known for many years, was DEPRESSED beyond description. She has not always made the best decisions in life and her current situation is a reflection of that.

She wrote a blog to cyberspace and posted on her Myspace page. I am sure, others saw that she wrote something, but did not take the time to go and read it. Something told me to go and read her blog, even though I was busy at work. When I read it, it was filled with complaints, worries, pain, despair, she was putting herself down and to me it sound like she was on the brink of giving up.

So I commented on her blog and basically tried my very best to uplift her in her time of need. I explained to her that I wont sulk with her and nor do I expect her to look and focus on all of the bad things that are going on right now. SO WHAT! I told her I expected more from her because she is a mother and she has children to live for. I told her she was better than that and she was made of some of the finest, mainly because she is a child of God.

She then asked me what to do? She was sick of people commenting and judging her situation and not advising on what she should actually do. I said I told her it may sound crazy but go outside and look to nature and she will find a calmness and stillness in herself that will help her find the answer. There is something about watching the leaves on a tree blow in the wind, watching an insect crawl in it's natural habitat, with no worries, but what their next step or meal will be. Or just staring up at the vast sky and watch it go from day to night.

If anyone has never watched this happen it is an amazing thing and you realize in that moment that you are really blessed to be part of something bigger than you, the bigger world. You sometimes feel small compared to nature if you really pay attention. We are just in it, all these magnificent things happen automatically every day and we get caught up in the small minute problems that occur that will eventually disappear. They mean nothing when we are gone. We are here on a mission with a destiny the same way as the flower that blooms in spring. The difference is the flower is on its path, the seeds have been planted so with proper light and water it will fulfill its destiny with no problem.

When it comes to us we get discouraged because we don't always know what our destiny is. We get distracted and we forget to look to ourselves and listen for the answer. We get so caught up on what everyone is thinking, about how they are going to react to our movements, and then we we don't take those big leaps and go out on a limb like our intuition tells us to.

Well I must admit that I was eager to see what she was going to say after reading my response to her blog, I really went in on her and she hates that, but what I realized is that she didn't have to say anything at all. Within an hour she took that blog down, and her new mood was changed on myspace from "depressed" to "relieved".

What was she relieved about? That somebody outside of her head maybe cared a little bit more than she thought they did. That someone outside of herself actually loves her and has no selfish motives or reasons? I do not know what the answer was because I have not yet spoken to her since that day, but she acknowledged me trough her writings.

I do know that something clicked because she has been talking with more substance on her messages to everyone on her page, she now believes that something bigger is waiting for her even if it is is not there at the moment.

I realized that day that we all affect one another in some shape or form no matter where we are positioned. My friend lives 641 miles away from NYC and I managed to help her get through a down moment. My energy was sparked and committed to trying to help lift her up only because I would want someone to do the same for me if I needed it. We have to help those in our life even if they don't want it sometimes, talk to each other, and motivate one another.

I will end with this. A friend of mine has been really into this new business venture he has taken on recently. I don't know a great deal about it but what I do know is it has transformed his energy levels and his ambition off the charts, so whatever it is, its a great thing for him now!

He said one day this week " It's something about being around people who are doing big things, when you are around that you have no choice but to try to fit in. You aim for more and you are motivated to do more". I might have not quoted him word for word but this is sooo true. I have spoken about this before and I RE-ITERATE again. Don't hang out with people who are not on the same wavelengths you are, and if you must be there, take that time you spend worth it by trying to help lift them up. Is is soo important in this day and time.

Love you! Have a safe weekend! Spark someone to be something GREAT!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The year of the Gentleman...has it passed?

Pregnancy...isn't it such a glorious time, even if you have yet to experience being pregnant in your lifetime, everyone who see's a pregnant woman, feels happy and warm and excited for that soon to be mom.

I am fortunate that a close friend of mine, is pregnant right now and she's looking magnificent everyday. She is the type of woman who is naturally fab so she loves to dress up and coordinate things with her belly. In addition she still wears the heels like she is not carrying a load in the front of her stomach. It is so funny because when I am with her, people sometimes stare at her like "Is she kidding me with that little skirt and those heels, where is your maternity garbs!"..She just smiles and keeps it moving.

The only thing about her pregnancy that is a little disheartening to me and has been extremely frustrating to her is the fact that when she gets on her commute in the mornings she hardly ever gets a seat! The train she rides is always crowded and and there are men who will see her coming and pull out their papers and read hiding their faces.

Their are older woman of course who should not be forced to get up out of their seat, but will offer her before a man does. All the boy's and men who sit and watch as her belly (which is pretty matured..she is 7 months) pertrude's as she has back pains, should be absolutely ashamed!! This is not just a problem with the pregnant woman but the elderly and woman in general.

In my opinion I think if a man is sitting down on a train and he looks between the ages of 10-75 he should not watch a woman stand at all. Especially if she is a woman who looks to be 40 or older. I know some people will disagree with this, BUT, this is what is was like back in our grandparents day. Men were true gentleman's if they was nothing else. They could have no money in their pockets or the bank, but they knew how to treat a lady. It was something they were taught and aspired to be because no woman would give them the time of day otherwise.

Now by no means do I think an elderly man of about 75 should get up for a young school girl. Even though I have seen this happen, because some of the old school men just cannot sit while another woman is standing. It was taught to them in their upbringing.

Unfortunately there are women who have allowed their standards to fall and they except these fooleywang boys who call themselves men. The men start to notice they don't have to work as hard and they start a whole new culture of being outright DISGUSTING!

My friend rode the E train Monday morning, to find all the men who were 30+ act like they were either sleeping, reading the paper or didn't see her. Another WOMAN who was listening to her iPod took her earphones off and asked her "Are you going far ma'am?" my friend replied "Yes", she then tapped the ignorant man, who looked about 28, sitting next to her listing to a boombox and dressed like he was going to a party, on his shoulder and said "You see this young sister pregnant, can you please give her your seat"? He then said, "Oh my bad, no problem". As if he did not see her. Not to mention he was sitting their with his woman, who condoned the tacky behavior!

HAS IT COME TO THIS? Must we ask these young men to get up when they see a woman clearly in her last trimester needing to sit? All my men who read this..please pass the message of being a gentleman on to your friends, your nephews and your sons. This is truly an epidemic.

Men we are women, delicate, yet strong, we work hard but are queens and should always be treated as such. Please show these young mislead boys what manhood is all about, how it starts with being a gentleman. I think that is the most attractive asset of any man. I remember when I would walk down the street with my dad when I was young and he would always put me on the inside of the street. I noticed that as I got older some of the guys I met and knew would do the same thing and it was the best thing ever!

To know that if a car jumped the curb you would take the hit, and you are not even my dad! Now that is Swagger. Ladies lets demand men be gentleman at all times and make it a mandated requirement for men apply to your school if they are interested. If we don't we will let all our pregnant ladies with their sore ankles on their long rides home go in vain.



Monday, September 15, 2008

Tale of the Times...SMDH!(Shaking My Damn Head)

As you all have tuned into the news this morning and signed online to your various news sources, I am sure you have heard that one of the world's biggest investment firms; Lehman Brothers, filed for bankruptcy and 25,000 people are without a job, and it all happened in one day.

No warning, No speeches, come clear your offices. I know many people will listen to the news and say "That's too bad" or "Damn" and that is it, not giving it much thought. Maybe because it is not them nor their mother, father, sister, aunt, brother, or uncle BUT take a second to understand what is happening here, and let's take time to put ourselves there for one moment.

If you still have a job on this day give thanks and praise!!! You really should say a prayer as well or take some time to really feel for these people. My heart aches for them, especially those who have been there for 20+ years, those who were on the brink of retirement. What do they do now? Where do they go in their old age to try to sustain their livelihood, their families. It is harder for older people to find jobs. Its almost certain none of the 25,000 people will get any type of severance or pay for being cut since the company has filed for chapter 11.

Then I think of the single mother who was fortunate enough to have a decent job making a decent living to take care of her child or children. How does she now make ends meet, what does she do now?

Then there is all the young people who have invested thousands getting their MBA's and working long nights , sleeping at the firm to one day achieve financial freedom and just like that, their blood sweat and tears evaporates in one night.

I send all my prayers to these families and I know none of them personally. I pray they get on their feet, I hope that their neighbor, their family members, and their friends who know them help them in any way they possibly can.

Even if you do not know someone who worked for Lehman Brothers, you will see and probably get to know some of these 25,000 people who are now unemployed.

There is a new day approaching and I just ask you PAY ATTENTION!!! Think Smart and PLAN the best you can.

This was not a grass root company or a small time firm, this is an investment bank with roots going back to 1850. It was one of of the banks at the heart of the US, and global, financial system, being a primary dealer in US Treasury securities - US debt instruments.

As you can see I highlighted some words and I won't dwell on it because I won't say what is to happen next, time will tell, but I am certain that the BIG CHANGES that are about to take place in this country will be evident and you will see.

Knowledge is power and educating yourself about the way our government works is essential in our new world. I assume all that read this blog is registered to VOTE, Please encourage all to go out and VOTE and be a part of history. We don't know if the man behind the curtain will allow the votes to count this year (cough* cough) but AT LEAST you can say you did what you could.

My cousin sent me this link

Send it to EVERYONE ON YOUR EMAIL LISTS! BE PRO-ACTIVE and make your difference.

I love you and count your blessings!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Is your word your bond? Take time to smell the flowers

Why is it so hard sometimes to keep our word? We can be around some of our favorite people and say "yea we gonna do this with them and yes I will go there with you" and then when the time comes (sometimes) we loose all energy, all enthusiasm and strength to follow through.

This just does not happen with making plans, but more importantly we let people down with the promises that end up empty that we make to each other. Sometimes in relationships (not always romantic relationships, but in general) a man or woman can say "Yes, I will do better, yes I will be what you want me to be, Yes I can see myself meeting that goal with you" and then like magic all that effort and initiative disappears.

We all grew up hearing the phrase " My word is my bond", and if you ask anyone they will be quick to even give their word that they live up to that phrase..but in actuality we all fall victim to not following through sometimes.

Circumstances do arise that can take us down another path than we anticipate, and life will happen. Therefore preventing us from attending events, but I think it is more important that we do not let people down in our lives. We need to hold up to things we say we will do. All we have is each other sometimes to make us feel like we are part of something bigger, a family. Most of us are closer to our friends than our own blood and that is fine. Whoever your family is its important you respect the relationship.

I sometimes forget how much it means to my grandmother when my daughter and I come and see her on a Sunday afternoon. When I do not go every weekend, in my mind I think "not a big deal, I will go next week" but actually it's a huge deal because who knows if any of us will be here next week. I promised I would make an effort to come by more and I should. I let her down each time I do not, and that is inexcusable.

The elders and smaller members in our family really look at us (18-35 crew) as rock stars most of the time. I say that because we are at the age where we can come and go as we please, we always look and smell good, we have our jobs our lives, and they are limited to what they can do. Even though we (18-35 crew) tend to be ripping and running a lot we should make time for those who we know love and look forward to our company and may just want to see us for an hour one day.

This can be a friend we hardly see, a relative or even your own house member. Sometimes we live with people and we don't even take time to talk to them. Ask them how was your day? Anything you need that I can help you with? Did you know I love you and you mean alot to me. Thanks!

I think its important to take time to acknowledge those who are a part of who we are each day.

I take this time to acknowledge all of my blog readers! I love you all! All of you have been fantastic in supporting me, and sending me little notes thanking me for certain material that helped you get through a situation or entertained you for a second.

Everyone on this list in my opinion is a part of something bigger. We re in a time where things will change drastically and we all have to be responsible and held accountable for it. Do your part each day even if its small in helping someone elevate and encouraging them. Try not to gossip, if you can refrain TRY it. It does not add on and it just gives birth to bad energy. I will go deeper into this Monday.

Love yourself and mean it, it will trickle out to those around you and that is the type of energy we all need.

Have a magnificent weekend filled with endless opportunities.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

yea, thanks to all the hustlers, and most important to you, the CUSTOMER!

Many Asians come here from their countries, start a susu and open up their markets. This sounds very easy but we live in one of the richest cities if not the most expensive city in the United States. Therefore for a group of people to come here with nothing but the clothes on their backs, open a store, and have us depend on them to get our fresh fruit, veggies , and occasional poison (I refer to Chinese food) is a great feat.

I say that to say that I understand that it was not easy for you to come here and to build your empire. BUT.....if I come to your store every single morning for a bagel with cream cheese, and a small tea with lemon with 3 sugars, then I decide to get jelly one day, don't call me BACK into the store to tell me ".30 cents more". What the rass clot this!?

I mean literally there are about 15 deli's, stores, and stands in which I pass in the two blocks from the train to get to my office on Madison Avenue. (Another example of surplus and more than we need.) Some places you go 15 miles to get a bottle of water. In any case..I choose to patronize a little Chinese owned and operated deli right across the street from my building. Why? Because they are clean, the buffet for lunch is amazing and they give customers a free tea or coffee with any bagel. So...of course they know me and we have out little chats every so often.

I decide to change it up a bit and add Jelly to my bagel and it seems like the little friendship that we have had for months is now at risk because they chase me down for 30 cents, at that moment I knew ..damn....all this is a business relationship. Forget the laughs and giggles we shared in the morning over a $5 bill as you broke it to give me my change, forget the compliments I gave you and the chefs for the amazing turkey burger deluxe combo I love, and the string beans seasoned in balsamic, forget the admiration I had and expressed for your dad who came here and worked hard to establish a respect and appreciation for his business within this business centered community.

It all comes down to the mighty dollar, matter fact in this case a couple cents, and I guess by right it should. Nobody helped them do darn thing. The patriarch of that family worked and worked and worked and he achieved his store on Madison avenue. The same store where the suits and skirts come and drop high dollars on meals and snacks that are overpriced by far, but it works.

How do I know it is overpriced because I am blessed enough to live in Brooklyn and know that a turkey, cheese, mustard, lettuce and tomatoe on a roll should really should just be $2.50-3.00. not $7.97 +tax..and magically I am paying $9.1o. and don't tell me its Boar's head because my bodega uses boars head in BK too. Hell I know people who work at Boar's Head so if I needed meat I could get it! take that Where.. BACK THERE!

Unfortunately some of these manhattaney's don't know any better and they pay out their rectum for things that cost less. I won't complain. It's all good. Business is Business.

To my Asian deli, I will continue to support your store because I LOVE THE FOOD! And I am a FOODIE at heart. I will always remember the day you made me 2 minutes late for work for .30 cents and chased me out the door like I was a stranger in the night. I will see our relationship as it is, I am a Customer, but show me some GD RESPECT!



Monday, September 8, 2008

Babies...Weddings and Showers..OH MY

The past 2 months have been filled with me attending either bachelorette parties, bridal showers or someone I know is giving birth! Yes these are joyous occasions and I am sooo happy for all my close friends and FAMILY who are on the brink of these momentous the midst of it all a part of me just feels like...I am getting older for sure!

It is soooo amazing yet unreal to see a girl you grew up with, and knew since age 10 about to be somebody's wife, or a guy you knew who wasn't just the life of the party but WAS the party, transform into a caring family man. It is beautiful and yet I feel like the young days of cutting up and not caring about consequences are slipping away. I have a 3 year old (approaching 4) daughter myself and have been in a long term relationship for some time, but there is just something about walking down that aisle that seals your fate.

I witnessed a beautiful wedding this weekend, one that I will remember for years to come. The bride was beautiful and her man very dapper, everything was perfect, from the beautiful reception hall, to the hundreds of flowers, the beautiful bridesmaids, the amazing open bar and buffet (food was AMAZING)!, it was PERFECT, and even with all that the most important and touching thing was the LOVE that was felt from her father and the man in her life.

The young lady I am referring to has the type of relationship with her dad that all little girls dream of. They are "closest than close", he was all she had, and to watch him cry, lift her veil and kiss her on the cheek and give a speech to express his love was so endearing. Then to offer another man to be her rock, was amazing! Then her husband who she will now spend her life with stood up and acknowledged her dad and vowed in front of the entire 200+ guests " This is it baby! I love you and I will do whatever it takes to give you any and everything that you will ever need"! It might sound cliche and not so groundbreaking, but if you were there you knew he meant it and you felt it through the room.

Of course we all were in tears, us mushy ones. lol, but I just love to see Love in action, Love in movement and LOVE taking its place and taking its stake in this world. It is a beautiful thing!!!!
Men are afraid sometimes to give all of themselves and of course this is a process, but I believe when a man is ready he is ready.

People ask me all the time..when are you getting married? I simply say "When the time is right and it has asked me to come forth"..I am happy and I am in a terrific space! I wish all my married girlfriends and those who are getting ready to walk down the aisle, blessings and happiness.

It defintily is a HUGE committment and something that should not be taken lightly. I will end with this.

Friday night I attended the Hindu portion of this wedding, and when I was leaving, my friend and I caught the attention of an old-school trinidad man. He dropped some wisdom on me about his marriage, He said " I been married 42 years, and I love my wife. See her over there. I am not perfect, I have had my movements, but I am human and these things happen. I know she is who I gave my word to remain with and protect and provide for. We marry and we don't divorce we work it out! I love her." I then asked him why wasn't he up the block at the wedding, why was he all the way up the block (we ran into him way down the block where I parked my car) he said " I think I have 2 girlfriends in there, mi nah want no trouble"...LMAO!

Love is Love...Enjoy your MONDAYS!!!!


Friday, September 5, 2008


I must say I was not "interested" nor committed to watching the Republican Convention coverage as much as I was for the DNC. This is not because I am a Democrat, and am rooting for Obama all the way to the white house door, but because I have had enough of the lies, staging and blatant disrespect on the human race from the Republican Party.

Even if every republican is not created "Bush", they have managed to leave a sour taste in my mouth for anyone who affiliates himself or herself as a republican.

Its OK to not claim a party, it OK to not know where you stand, it’s even OK to not support Obama if you do not want to. We all have a choice, but it’s another thing to not use the ability to think, use good moral and know the difference between passion and acting.

I know when I watched Obama make history 2 weeks ago; he stood there passionate, with a gleam of hope and determination in his eyes. He spoke words that could lift you up to your feet and for a second you were floating in the sea of a new day. He stood there tall and proud and you felt that he had a plan and KNEW what he was talking about. His plan is yet to be tried BUT he has one that he stands behind 100% and more than half of this country believes him.

As I watched Palin stand there and take jabs at Obama and the Democratic Party it reminded me of watching WWF or WCW wrestling. The way the crowd would respond and make noises after hearing her speak words of non-substance. The way she smiled, giggled and made nasty remarks like a school girl about things that do not matter in the bigger scheme of things. This is who shall be VP in the country I live in?

I find that her and McCain rarely get up to speak about what they are going to do and what they stand for, but they find more passion in speaking about what they are against and what Obama "said" and "did". If they would for one moment realize that some of us are not as stupid as they presume, we are waiting to hear their plans and how they will tackle them step-by-step.

I also found it to be useless and pointless to sit there and to tell outright lies about the tax hikes Obama is looking to give when in actually he is all about giving money back to the working middle class. She is a BUFFOON!

I am a woman in this country and as much I would love to see a woman rise to the occasion of greatness, she hardly fits the bill. The truth is you have 5 children who obviously you have neglected to steer in the right paths because one of them should not be planning a wedding and having a baby at her age. The youngest one sitting there holding a baby, slicking his hair down with her spit was hardly touching for me, and I am just OVER your hypocritical portrayal of your family structure.

You have serious issues you need to address within your family. You have young children you should tend to and not waste America’s time with your nonsense.

When Obama speaks of change he speaks truth. I don't look to Obama to be my savior and change this world over night. I look to myself, and I look for him to be a leader who reinforces that. I hold myself accountable for being a positive role model for not only my child, but for my neighbor's daughter, the post man, the caterer, the banker, our community. We must ALL be present and alive to the moment in which we exist. We cannot walk blindly anymore and just drift and work and come home and sit and wait...wait for what!!! The time is now!!! We must be active and conscious in what we think, what we watch, what we eat what we say and what we do!

I am insulted that you thought you were ready to hold that speech last night in front of the world. The nerve of you to say, "community organizers don’t have real responsibilities". Lady sit down and go home!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If you must go...

Isn't it funny? No matter how old we get, we still tend to get a little down that summer is leaving us.

After it romanced us, kept us up and dancing all night, kissed us with dew and sweetness, encouraged us to pack up and visit a new place, sat on our porch talking to the wee hours, take a boat ride, enjoy a jog or run around the track, have an excuse to eat BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, mango slices and watermelon every weekend. Just like that. As soon as we know it, it has robbed us... fast, quick and painless, like a metrocard swipe. It's OVER!

I love the summer for all the reasons above and more. Even though we hate to see it go, we do anticipate what the season coming in will bring, and before you know it, everybody's favorite time is knocking...Holiday season..Turkeys and Presents.

As I came into work yesterday, it was definitely a different feeling, all the kids on the trains, with their colorful demonstrations on their feet, and their skittle inspired dress codes. I look at these new trends sometimes like "WOW, would I have worn that if I was in their shoes"? Some of it is really over the top. I do appreciate the change and difference that they are not afraid to explore.

The commute was busy, crowded, school buses making us late with traffic, and small voices talking louder than they should, but through it all the sun kept shining. It shined bright and heated up the streets. I guess he is giving us some extra juice before he turns his handsome head away from us for 8 months. I am taking it all of it while it lasts because the cool air will soon come and lead us down a journey of wool pea coats, knee length leather boots, chuckers, goose downs, turtle necks and nicely fitted corduroy pants.

I will miss you summer 08. The times we shared were extremely satisfying, but I will let you go and look forward to seeing you again. It's easier for me this year since if you stay the Fall wont ever come, and I will loose the chance of seeing Obama in all his glory. To witness that moment I proudly say goodbye and kiss you on the cheek...have a safe trip. :)