Tuesday, June 29, 2010

With whom do you RELATE?

Any man who has the genuine love of a woman...(and this can be vice versa) has a tremendous blessing. To truly be in love with another individual past what they own, who they know, their material possessions, and what they can do for YOU, can sometimes seem non-existence in this day.

There was a time when people fell in love with someone based on who they were and what they stood for. They loved the character, integrity, respect, dreams and philosophies that another person possessed. Now a days they see how much can this guy buy me? What can he do for me? How big is his bank account? How fine he is. Who does he know that I can get around and try to get closer to advance myself? The list can go on. Forget actually having conversation and getting to know everything about the person.

OH...and it's not just women...men can participate in this as well.

Some men will be with a woman who can take care of their every need. They will secure a relationship that is suitable for what they need in their life for the moment. If a man has no motivation to get up and work, he will stay with a woman who is not the "one" for him just so he can live rent free, she can cook his meals, and all he has to do is lay her down on her back once in a while to keep her happy.

When a person is being used ...I believe they know it.

They know something is off and they are not being 100% loved in the way Love was intended, but they stay in a bad situation for as long as the comfort zone remains. Relationships are a cooperative effort. A partnership. Team work. In my opinion there should never be a relationship in which someone is doing most or all of the work. I am not saying there is something wrong with a man holding down a household and taking care of the bulk of the financial load, because many of our men were raised to do this, BUT, if you are blessed to have a good man, ladies at least take care of home. Take care of him. Make his life easier, be nurturing, catering and sensitive to the way he feels and the things he wants. Share in his joy and share his world. Be a part of what makes him happy, you are probably the main component of that happiness when you are at your best.

Men...if a lady is holding you down and doing all that she can to make it work for you, then do your share as well. Make her feel like a Queen. Make her feel beautiful without having to say a word. Pay attention to her, love her and be responsive to all her needs. Work to become best friends even though you are lovers. It's the best way to RELATE to your partner. Share your feelings your thoughts, dreams with each other and love with all you have.

Take time to evaluate what your self-worth is and how it relates to the one you lay next to. It may be an eye opener.


Monday, June 21, 2010

The high road

Sometimes we forget to celebrate the good in situations. I am gonna go on a limb and guess that it is extremely easy to look for the negative in every situation, in every word that is said, in every action that is done, and once it happens it's even easier to focus on it and to discuss it with someone else. This is a terrible disease. The unfortunate thing is there are many suffers of this disease and they may not know they are suffering from it. GOSSIPING.

Gossiping is one of the oldest and most toxic practices that you can indulge in regularly, but we choose to do it without a second thought. We do it without thinking about the people who is at the end of it, we destroy someones reputation and character in less than a second with the words we choose to affiliate someone with. The saddest part is when this disease erupts among people and places where only LOVE should be the common factor.

It's easy to take the easy way out and exude negative ideas and thoughts about another person, but challenge yourself today and in your tomorrows to refrain from that energy.

Challenge yourself to do what so many people don't do. Try seeing only the good in every situation, in every person, in every occurrence. The truth is it will be mishaps, and it will be things that happen that you would rather not experience, but, how much of your energy and time will you dedicate to it.

Have a wonderful GOSSIP free day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We need not wait for no one....

A simple word of encouragement when you are down can be a breathe of fresh air that awakens a spirit that was once down and broken. Just as food becomes stale after it sits too long, we can also become stale. Only thing with us becoming stale is we are the culprits behind it. We allow ourselves to becomes stale by becoming complacent, miserable and victims.

We know what does not work in our lives, when we are not at its best but we allow it to remain. We know we are capable of doing greater things but we stay in the same comfortable positions. We know that certain people and their energy and intentions are ill willed but we keep them around. We know that we are at our best when we surround ourselves with things and people that motivate, encourage and inspire us to do bigger and better things.

I believe that every day GOD awakens you, you are given a moment of "inspiration" to grasp and make your own. I do not care if you stayed in the house all day, crying, there was something that was placed in your space to awaken your giant and give way to the purpose you are to serve in this world. We get signs and clues into our future all day everyday. It amazes me sometimes now when I look back at certain "previews" that are present in my life today and thinking how I had no idea I would be where I am.

It takes patience and focus to be great. It takes great sacrifice to attain success and I can attest that nothing easy is ever built for the long haul. You must sacrifice much and commit to whatever it is you truly want to achieve it. So many of us have extreme degrees of blessings overflowing in our lives but this sense of "never being satisfied" and wanting more and not being grateful takes over like a disease and corrupts the essence of what really matters.

Here my list of what really matters:

2- Genuine Relationships with each other
3- Respect
4- Inspiration
5- Guidance
6- Passion
7- Commitment
8- Humility
9- Compassion
10- Generosity

These are in no particular order of importance, they all are equally important. They're all ingredient's to the recipe to being our greater self's.

Live with purpose..on purpose.

Enjoy your day....