Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We need not wait for no one....

A simple word of encouragement when you are down can be a breathe of fresh air that awakens a spirit that was once down and broken. Just as food becomes stale after it sits too long, we can also become stale. Only thing with us becoming stale is we are the culprits behind it. We allow ourselves to becomes stale by becoming complacent, miserable and victims.

We know what does not work in our lives, when we are not at its best but we allow it to remain. We know we are capable of doing greater things but we stay in the same comfortable positions. We know that certain people and their energy and intentions are ill willed but we keep them around. We know that we are at our best when we surround ourselves with things and people that motivate, encourage and inspire us to do bigger and better things.

I believe that every day GOD awakens you, you are given a moment of "inspiration" to grasp and make your own. I do not care if you stayed in the house all day, crying, there was something that was placed in your space to awaken your giant and give way to the purpose you are to serve in this world. We get signs and clues into our future all day everyday. It amazes me sometimes now when I look back at certain "previews" that are present in my life today and thinking how I had no idea I would be where I am.

It takes patience and focus to be great. It takes great sacrifice to attain success and I can attest that nothing easy is ever built for the long haul. You must sacrifice much and commit to whatever it is you truly want to achieve it. So many of us have extreme degrees of blessings overflowing in our lives but this sense of "never being satisfied" and wanting more and not being grateful takes over like a disease and corrupts the essence of what really matters.

Here my list of what really matters:

2- Genuine Relationships with each other
3- Respect
4- Inspiration
5- Guidance
6- Passion
7- Commitment
8- Humility
9- Compassion
10- Generosity

These are in no particular order of importance, they all are equally important. They're all ingredient's to the recipe to being our greater self's.

Live with purpose..on purpose.

Enjoy your day....

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