Monday, June 21, 2010

The high road

Sometimes we forget to celebrate the good in situations. I am gonna go on a limb and guess that it is extremely easy to look for the negative in every situation, in every word that is said, in every action that is done, and once it happens it's even easier to focus on it and to discuss it with someone else. This is a terrible disease. The unfortunate thing is there are many suffers of this disease and they may not know they are suffering from it. GOSSIPING.

Gossiping is one of the oldest and most toxic practices that you can indulge in regularly, but we choose to do it without a second thought. We do it without thinking about the people who is at the end of it, we destroy someones reputation and character in less than a second with the words we choose to affiliate someone with. The saddest part is when this disease erupts among people and places where only LOVE should be the common factor.

It's easy to take the easy way out and exude negative ideas and thoughts about another person, but challenge yourself today and in your tomorrows to refrain from that energy.

Challenge yourself to do what so many people don't do. Try seeing only the good in every situation, in every person, in every occurrence. The truth is it will be mishaps, and it will be things that happen that you would rather not experience, but, how much of your energy and time will you dedicate to it.

Have a wonderful GOSSIP free day!

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