Thursday, May 27, 2010

A new chapter begins....

Its been a while since my words have traveled through your PCs...I have been working...and working hard. I have learned that the jack of all trades MASTERS nothing and the fool speaks the loudest sometimes.

I took a minute away from my blog to focus on something that I started 2 years ago. A journey that even when I began, I had no idea how far I would go, and if it would ever be complete.

It began in a cubicle in the New York Times. As I sat there reading through my emails and getting calls about what advertisement was not showing on their website...I realized....I don't wanna do this. I don't want to do this! It was literally screaming out of my pours! I was I wish I could have taken a longer walk in the beautiful sun that glazed the concrete that morning...but couldn't because 9 am was creeping up and I was confined to work a schedule of 9-5! Doing something I was not passionate about. I did not care about. WHY? To pay a have alot of money? Things that don't matter when I am gone.

A whole 8 hours of my day...everyday...a huge chunk of my life in which at the end of it, could I say "I touched, moved or inspired anyone"?

When I left and went home to rest, did I do anything that made me feel remotely greater than how I felt when I left out of my house that morning?

Why did I feel like a free prisoner? Is it possible?

I sat and I wondered at that very moment in my cubicle.."Dee what are you doing"? At that time a voice spoke to me and said "Teach". You love children..You are a teacher naturally. You can make a difference with your voice..use it..give of service. So I followed the call. It was as if I was being directed to do things that I never did before. But My innver vocie spoke and I listened.

I went to the website of my alma mater and looked into graduate programs for childhood education. I sat at that desk that entire day and wrote why I should be accepted into their program and why I think I'm worthy of teaching. That and some other requirements were needed, and just that simple I had applied to graduate school. That was summer of 2008. It is now Spring 2010 and Its over..DONE. Mission Complete.

How fast time flies?

I now hold a Master of Science in Education and I am proud. I sacrificed my writing, my lifestyle and my time to complete something that I started, and for the first time in my life I actually FINISHED! I have always been great at starting things and not fully seeing it to the end. I get bored very fast with many things...but I committed myself to this purposely and I succeeded.

I never been so proud of myself and fulfilled with my work ever. It brings tears to my eyes to see Gods plan for me manifest. I did not do it alone. Nothing can be done by our lonesome successfully. It takes a village in everything we do. That's the key to life. Interconnecting ourselves to help each other.

If it wasn't for the support of my LOVE and my friends I would have never ever made it through the past 2 years! I take a moment to say Thank you! I am humbled and I am blessed and this message is your mirror to view the blessing that you are to me.

What are my next moves? I will teach but that is not all God has planned for me...I shall continue to write and fulfill the destiny that was written. There is much more.

I will stay true to who I am.

I will love.

I will live positive. I will be present to the lessons.

I will not confine myself anymore to just Tues or Thurs but whatever day I feel the need to release and share my soul ...

Dedicated to someone remarkable who asked me for this....



Anonymous said...

Keep growing and serving as a role model as well as an inspiration to your daughter!

Anonymous said...

That was great. I'm proud of you. Congratulations once again.
Your cousin, Rho.

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Ms. Nancy said...

Congratulations, you deserve this D, it is a calming to my soul to know that individuals like yourself will be out there teaching, encouraging and inspiring the children of our future. Im happy for you and I think teaching and writing suits you to the MAX. May God continue to guide you through this journey!

Love ya,