Friday, August 8, 2008

A Creation of Consciousness begins in August

So ever since I can remember I have had a lot on my mind. Even was I was maybe 3 years old I could vividly remember thinking way to hard about weather or not I should eat the peas my grandma would make on the side of my plate, thrown them on the floor or attempt to act as if was eating them, but really have a napkin hidden under my chair so I can spit them in there. (This was huge planning and concentrated deception at a young age that I was mastering).

I also always thought I was ill...typical example is the My Girl Movie. Remember how the main character LIVED at the doctors office because she thought she was dying from everything from Cancer to Tuberculosis. I was that girl. I would watch that show "Life goes on" and think I had Down syndrome after seeing Cody's character ( even though youhave to be born with that). Some of you may not have a clue what I am talking about, but the point is I "OVER ANALYZE" everything!!!! Which has prompted me to start using that same energy and thought ability into things that need it.

I love media! I love the idea of having a tool that can reach masses of people at the same time. I think the creation of TV & Radio was genius and now having Internet at our disposal is absolutely Mind blowing. Do we realize how Amazing and EASY our life is. As I sit here and write now this will not only be read by my Mom in Brooklyn, but my god sister in LA, my Aunt in Boston and my God brother in Japan. I love it, along with a host of others.

I wanted to start taking life and responsibility more seriously and wanting to use something that I have always had a passion for with everyone and that is my "gab" . Even though I am writing..I speak as I write and I want to start "gabbing" to you about everything under the sun of IMPORTANCE!

I think we live in an era that is of monumental proportions. Maybe Barack Obama has inspired me indirectly to start holding myself accountable for the human condition. Maybe turning on my TV and seeing "respected news" spend 8-10 minutes talking about one celebrity and what they did the night before and who they are sleeping with and what they ate for dinner has prompted this. Or, maybe it is that I have a young daughter who I love greatly and who I find to be the most amazing specimen in the world, is going to one day have to go to school in this country and that ranks #24 on the list of education systems in the world, compared to 20 years ago when we ranked #1. (circa 1988 - i was in 1st grade)...

When Obama speaks of change he speaks truth. I don't look to Obama to be my savior and change this world over night. I look to myself, and I look for him to be a leader who reinforces that. I hold myself accountable for being a positive role model for not only my child, but for my neighbor's daughter, the post man, the caterer, the banker, our community. We must ALL be present and alive to the moment in which we exist. we cannot walk blindly anymore and just drift and work and come home and sit and wait...wait for what!!! The time is now!!! We must be active and conscious in what we think, what we watch, what we eat what we say and what we do!

There is a crazy energy that now has possessed this earth and caused turmoil. We must reconnect with who we are spiritually and become one with ourselves and the world in which we live. Start thinking of how you can be of service and promote change. It does not have to be a hard task, it can actually be as simple as when you are riding the train or bus from work, smiling at the person across from you. Complimenting someone who you think looks nice. Sharing some info or wisdom with someone who needs it and enlightening them. Your goal should be to try to think what you can do for the net person. You will see how blessings will come to you in great proportion.

Please start small but aim to spread this good energy, this is just the beginning. I am on my mission. I will commit to writing to you and talking and sharing my thoughts with the intention for it to provide a spark to inspire goodness and change amongst humanity. I can not look at this as a black/ white thing. We are humans first and we must move and act as that and stop letting color be a barrier in us welcoming the understanding of LOVE across the human race.

Until we meet again...Live Bold! Be Conscious in everything you do. xoxoxo

Look for my blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. .. Forever.......


Misstyeisha said...

Hey Lady Beautiful,

I am the first person to hit up your blog spot and yes I read everything. I can't wait until Monday where I can read more of what you have to say. God Bless you my SISTA!

Keep living the life!

Doris said...

I am so proud of you!!!!

Rho said...

Just like you my little cousin, I aspire to ispire, encourage and motivate others. You are doing just that with your blog. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you for taking a stand to make a difference. God Bless You.

AdrianC said...
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