Wednesday, August 27, 2008


As she stood there a pretty brown with her determined gaze, words cannot describe the sensation I felt when I watched Michelle Obama, address a powerful room full of congress and the world Monday night. Her words were heard by MILLIONS that night, and regardless of how you feel about her and "Obama". You must admit that what she did was historical and well versed!

I am proud of the accomplishment that was made that night, for herself, her family, her man and for me! She speaks to me, she speaks to you and every other person who walks the grounds of this country in the hopes that her husband will set the foundation for the way this country should be.

What took me more than anything about Michelle was not so much that she stood there looking impeccable, with her perfect arched brows, bouncy shiny bob and her form fitting mint-ish green dress. She was standing there painting a flawless centerpiece of the man in her life. The man she has chosen to be her life partner, the man who has fathered her children. She stood there for almost 45 minutes going on about the character, strength, poise and potential of the man who she loves. WHO GETS TO DO THAT AND HAVE THE WORLD LISTENING!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

Obama you have done well, and it was definitely worth the persistence to reel in Miss Michelle Robinson, she has taken your last name and added even more light to it. That is the dream of every man. Every man wants a woman who can make him feel like cashmere even when he is having a polyester kinda of day! To praise him and make him feel like one of the most important creatures to set foot on the earth. To pick him up and raise him to the world to see him and his efforts in the best possible light! She has done that for Barack, in the way I have never seen another woman do, and she did it while she had the entire world's attention.

KUDOS and a job well done Mrs. Michelle Obama! I took an extreme amount of respect, courage and hope from your words and I have made a commitment to myself to reach to achieve such greatness.

Prepare yourself for a new beginning. It is approaching, many will rebel against it as we will see, some we have seen in the past weeks (assassination threats, crude and hate comments and van dilation) BUT we will still stand strong and OBAMA will still persevere.

My daddy would always tell me growing up "Dee don't follow the crowd, if you don't stand for something you will fall victim to anything" Well, Obama is standing tall and he will not run, he won't cop out and he will take this feat on even if it threatens his life. He believes in who he is and he knows his purpose. If we all had that same "Get it done or Die trying" mentality what would be different about the direction of your life?




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