Friday, August 22, 2008

Who does your heart beat for?

Ba boom, Ba boom, Ba boom, Has it ever been so quiet that you can actually hear your heart beating?

Well...sometimes you will find that just being around the right person no matter how loud it may be, you can hear this and FEEL IT.

I had dinner last night with two young ladies who company I REALLY enjoy. Of course we talked, laughed, and that age old topic of LOVE creeps in with its charismatic ways. Of course LOVE should always be welcomed whenever it decides to present we embrace it with open arms.

What I learned within 90 minutes of conversation I have been hearing from many women I know, and don't know. That basically they are NOT with the man they want to be with ultimately. Many women and MEN....settle for what they currently have with a person, in fear of being alone OR of fear of hurting the other person.

A typical scenario is like this: Jasmine's Ex (Daniel) and her were togther for a very long time, they did everything together, could talk to the wee hours about anything, could send her to heaven and back within 35 minutes ( if you know what I mean), and make her feel more alive than any other living thing. Of course life happens as it will, and Daniel and Jasmine part due to the circumstances that have taken over in their lives. Years go by, and Jasmine moves on. She dates and she finally meets a man (we will call him Greg) that really is a great "catch". Respectful, hard working, handsome, generous and a true gentleman. He wins her heart and she falls into another relationship.

Now of course, Greg is on cloud nine and thinks he has accomplished something great. He has a good woman, and he deserves it, but what Greg does not know is that her heart still skips a beat faster for her Daniel. Daniel may not have all the pro's that Greg posses, but there is just something about Daniel that Jasmine cannot shake.It makes no logical sense to her friends and family WHY she would want to be with Daniel over Greg, but she knows what she feels. She keeps it in, she suppresses those feelings, and she moves on with life because she wants to be married, happy and have the American dream.

This is alll tooooo common amongst families in America, which is the reason the divorce rate is so HIGH! We know from the gate who we love and what we want, yet if we have something that is good enough we will go with that.

You start asking yourself; Why should I wait for him to realize that I am his light in the tunnel, his Queen of the Nile, His fortune under the blueberry tree? Why doesn't he GET IT! So you tell yourself to forget him and forget how you really feel and what you truly want.

Yes this sounds good and assertive and powerful, but is it worth the price of happiness and true BLISS.

The biggest mistake a lot of us make, is we look for material things to equate to what our hearts feel. He does not have a good job, he does not make enough money, SO WHAT! Rome was not built in a day and neither will wisdom, maturity and wealth. If you love something so much and you know only one person gives you that special feeling I say "give it a shot". You have nothing to loose.

I am in no way promoting for you to continue giving a looser a shot who you have given 5 shots too already. After the initial shot at trying to work something out, and allowing him to prove himself fails, then yes my darling you should move on. If he try's to come back then he has to go through the depths of HELL to win you back..make him WORK FOR IT!

Love is precious and you know when you feel it. There is nothing compared to it.

I don't care what NOBODY feels like the tip of the q-tip when you are cleaning your ears, the masseuse's fingers massaging your back, the sea breeze hitting your cheeks when you have been sweltering all day, like a big plate of some GOOD, BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, collard greens, sweet yams, and potato salad, or your favorite Italian dish, with some garlic bread and your favorite wine! hmmmmmm.

Do not settle for any type of LOVE.... its NOT WORTH IT! I have seen elders miserable and heartbroken and wanting and searching for something they let slip away.

In the words of Dr. Seuess : "When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams."

Have a LOVE-ly weekend and reach out to someone you LOVE!!!!



valava26 said...

Good topic.. great way to put it "LOVE",,,. But!!!.. WHY DO I FEEL LIKE U ARE JUST TALKING TO WOMEN!!..ALSO.. SOME OF UR FANS R GONA TAKE WHAT U SAY TO THE HEART AND END UP VISITING RIKERS FOR THAT ONE WHO " MAKES THEIR HEART BEAT"..LOL.. "so what "ray ray" is a convicted murderer and beats the shit out of me…it's jus something a bout him"..lmao

kingchaaching said...

Lol @ the comments before mine! I agree 100% woman aren't the only ones who end up miserable DEE.... Men do too so what advice do you have for us? We go through our share of ish too!

Monday better be good or else!

Here are some issues I want to be addressed.
Tricking- What is it? and when is it ok if its even ok at all...

Detecting Undercover Cotties (lol)
How do you know she's the one? Because woman are cats riiiight sneaky!

Oh and "When a one night stand goes wrong!" and you get Norbits wife pregnant.... should we flee the country lmao! that one was a joke!

AdrianC said...

Heavy like a ton of bricks well thought out and masterfully displayed for all to see. You have illustrated some great points. IMHO, I think men and women both envision what they want, and then force said vision on the person they are with. It's like a puzzle you want the pieces to fit even if they don't you will jam them in there even if the grass piece should not go were the hotdog piece should. Also men and women both need to learn to acknowledge that a relationship is 3 components:Me,You,relationship. I also think that when you love someone there should be know compromise because you both would want for each other to attain ultimate happiness something missing in most situation I have more on this topic but this is all I am gonna share right now can't take up all the comment space! ;o)

P.S.I am a little daft, explain that take me to heaven thing? ;op

Don said...

Do not settle for any type of LOVE.... its NOT WORTH IT! I have seen elders miserable and heartbroken and wanting and searching for something they let slip away.

WOW. I'm stunned @ the fact that I recently wrote a post entitled True Love Never Dies on my blog Minus The Bars, and it pretty much shares the exact sentiment you voice with not only the above statement but how you describe Jasmine and Dianiel.

True Love is real, isn't it. So real. Nice blog, as well. I shall return.

Divine said...