Monday, August 18, 2008

WOMEN! How powerful we are...

I love being a GIRL!!!! I know there are some women who do not embrace their feminitiy and delicateness because they have other "ojectives", and that is totally fine! but the women around me LOVE being girls and I LOVE being one too!!!!

We like to wear dresses, heels, makeup (very little), wear purses that are way too big, get our hair washed and conditioned every week, wear jeans that fit our bodies PERFECTLY!!! We love it!

So I wonder, why do some women who share such a strong bond and appreciation for what we have, want to scratch each other's eyes out at the same time? Why can't beautiful women be a in one room and adore one another instead of looking at each other with the evil eye and snarl!

I bring this topic up this morning because I think women are in a GREAT POSITION! I look at Michelle Obama and I am just in AWE! I think she is absolutely wonderful! She is a breathe of fresh air, and we should all be PROUD that she is up there standing next to GREATNESS! Look what that woman is able to do, we ALL can do that. Not to mention her doobie is always FIERCE and I just love her conservative yet top of the line style! I pat her on the back!!!

I think we need to love each other, pat each other on the back, spend more time with our GIRLS, and take our men in when we have time. :), I know some of my men are reading this like..."Now you crazy"..but don't take what I am saying out of context.

Nobody loves and appreciates the essence of a MAN, more than me...But as women we already give you guys soooo much!!! Most of the women reading this believe me, is thinking about when she going to see her man, what hey gonna do, what she should cook, Do they look hott enough for him when they see him, and the lists go on?

We are natural born nurturer's so we are always trying to APPEASE the man! Lets start taking just a tad bit of that energy and nurture one another. Balance out the love, energy and power.

I love my girls and they know who they are!!!! Some of them don't know how much our friendship does mean to me because we may not speak on the phone that often, we may hang out maybe 3 times in a 3 month period BUT when we do, We do it well. I am blessed to have fashionistas around me who are classy and are career driven, doing it HUGE!

That alone makes me proud and I am always happy to encourage them even more!!! All we have is us!!!

As Diamonds are the precious stones that are formed beneath the earth's surface, Women are the jewels that lie on top of the earth, no wonder we are best friends!!!

Add an extra switch in your step today, call your best girls and arrange for some time to break bread, chat and laugh it up! We own this! You know nobody can dish on those men we love so much more than you and your girls! :)


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Ricky said...

Well I know my women is thinkin, I wonder what my BB is cooking tonight for my ass to eat for lunch..lolol..just jokes B, but true..But, nah I love ya women to (especially mine :) and i understand women need to take the time out and look at yourselves and realize how much of a women you are. Respect ya to the fullest, cause my popz always had love for his women, my mother, regardless of their matter!
1 love lady..