Thursday, February 5, 2009

"We're drowning in information and starving for knowledge". - GET YOUR SMART ON!

Put on the TV, Radio, Open a magazine at the book stand, you will see TONS of information....on NOTHING!

I don't know if it is because we have a Chief of Staff who is educated and it actually SHOWS, or we are just entering a new wave of "consciousness" on this planet, but it appears to me...that more people are interested in learning, growing, expanding their knowledge, and being GREAT!

People are actually picking up books, wanting to join book clubs, grinding it out and going back to school. I know a girl who never had dreams of being a lawyer, was actually in the entertainment field and now come May 2009 she will be getting her law degree. I know another person who ask him just a year ago, he would have said " Forget school, I don't care, I am gonna do this rap thing" he is achieving awards in school for most improved student (Good Job Bro).

I know another young person who dropped out of school to just "WORK", he would say "It is not what you have Dee it's who you know", So yes he got a job at a pretty cool place because he knew some folks...but guess what..he is back in school now and I am so happy.

The point I am making is that I can attest and know for a fact that is who you know in this world that helps you get closer to your dreams a little bit easier than the next mate. BUT....when you get there you need to know how to hold your own, have a strong backing of intellect to bring to the table, and make those who have given you the chance feel comfortable and at ease that they made a wise choice.

Going to school is not the end all or the overall answer either. There are people in school who spends thousands to just sit there and do the assignments, and meet the bare minimums to say they have a degree.

Then there are folks who have not gone to college BUT they have self-educated themselves better than any ivy league institution could have done. They READ books and books and books (without being told), They expose themselves to different cultures, ideas, they have conversations with people outside of their comfort zone, they think out of the box and they become well rounded, intelligent individuals who want to add on to the world and in turn receive the fruits the world has to offer them.

I don't think the answer is always going to school for some. You have to be committed to always challenging yourself to be better, to go to the bookstore, library and actually something that sparks you. Read something you never heard of, you will see how far you can travel in your mind and see what potentials you may have that you never knew existed. Your mind is really the only breeding ground you need to accomplish greatness!

All the ideas, the goals, the plans, the avenues you can develop happens mentally first!

When I was young and I would wake up on Saturday mornings and I would watch "Saved by the Bell" and right after it went off the same commercial would come on every week. There was a black backdrop and some stars and colors shooting across the screen that said "A mind is a terrible thing to waste".

When I saw and heard it then, of course you don't pay it much attention, you think how cliche.."DUH, of course it is", but it is not until you get to be 26 years old, and the same people who once watched that commercial when you did, at the tender age of 11, they are now 26 as well, and they have not done much with the mind they have.

You see so much potential for them, but they rather smoke, drink, run the streets,chase after people and situations that do not add on to their greater self, and the only constant positive that they ever you!

You listened to the have achieved goals that you set for yourself, and you are not close to being finished. You are putting your mind to use..good use! You are LIVING this life like it's GOLDEN..and that is all you can do!

I just want to say I was sparked to do this blog after seeing a snippet of Lil Wayne being interviewed by Katie Couric for his 10 Grammy nominations. (great interview by the way, LOVE HIS AUTHENTICITY!) Check it out.

This man did not go to school, at all. BUT....he was committed to crafting in on his GREATNESS. He knew what it was and he put all his time and energy into it. I knew from the first time I saw lil Wayne when he was 15 that he was HOTT, because there is something in the eyes of a person who is on a mission. You can always feel it. I don't care if you notice it at that moment or will realize it eventually.

Kudos to Lil Wayne, and ANYBODY else who is stepping up their game to be the BEST they can be in whatever field, industry, or passion that drives them! Educate yourself and hone in on your potential! It is so worth it!

Be MINDFUL of your time, what you do with it and how you are elevating yourself! We all are superstars in our own right.

FYI - Katie Couric Later went on the early show to discuss her interview with Lil Wayne with some of the reporters, and she said "I was amazed, I never heard anyone say "I am a GANGSTA" like that before". LMAO! There is such a disconnect in our world. :)

Love you all!

Have a great Weekeend!



Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

my concern is that pedagogy and intellect are not as they were. critical thinking has been obviated from the general populus as a required skill and reading - no more folk. i read 7 news papers a day and about 8 or 9 books a week. just took me 4 hrs to read the 680 page obama stimulus plan, and i cant talk to others, even thoes who voted for obama about it - sad

me fin have a great weekend folk
and email me if i can or we can swap blog rolls

TaMina said...

kudos- its amazing how much is out there-i tell people GOOGLE -ya know? Expand your horizons go beyond the norm-read on the train something-it amazes me how many people don't know whats going on in the world-whether it be media stories-or local news-information and knowledge is key so why not embrace it