Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Knowledge is the new currency..." - Les Brown

So I had a pretty cool weekend this past weekend. It had its ups and downs but for the most part it was very eventful. Out of all the places and activities I took part in this weekend before the BLIZZARD the one thing that sticks out for me the most is watching the "State of the Black Union" on C-span on Saturday afternoon. This convention was presented by Tavis Smiley and took place in Los Angles, it happens every year.

Let me tell you, if you missed this very purposeful stimulating conversation amongst some of the most intellectual, motivational, and wisdom drenched panel then you have committed a disservice to yourself. It was absolutely magnificent. Some of my favorites that stuck out for me on the panel was Iyanla Vanzant (love her), Les Brown, Jesse Jackson and the great Michael Eric Dyson. I just loved the message that each one of these talented beautiful individuals had to offer the world on that day.

The main message that I received and touched me the most came from Iyanla, and that is that today, Now, is the time for us to start holding ourselves ACCOUNTABLE. Really sticking it to ourselves. Our dreams, making sure we chase them like tomorrow is not coming. Living with a real reason and not just because we wake up.

I also loved when Les Brown spoke about knowledge being the new currency. He said that yes it was no doubt that President Obama was a better candidate, orator, extremely charismatic and had an overall better campaign but this man was PREPARED. He was prepared because he went and educated himself with the knowledge that could carry him as far as he came, and he was successful at it.

We have all heard the saying "Success is where Preparation and opportunity meet". Many times we just want the victory without really preparing ourselves thoroughly, but then how will you know your next step if you did not plan for it at all. Create a vision around what it is you want to do and JUST DO IT!

I believe the key is to learn as much as you can. Read! You don't have to be in school to educate your self. Abraham Lincoln was a self taught lawyer, and went on to become the 16th president of the United States. Times have changed and standards have been raised, but it still is in your power to pick up a book and learn something new.

As adults some become so lazy and disinterested in learning after they have graduated from school, but guess what "if you are the smartest person in your crew, then it is time to get a new crew"...This may hit home for many of you. You have to continue to surround yourself around people who can teach you something...anything. Build you up and elevate you to keep reaching. Always remember as long as you have life, you have more to do. It does not end ...you seeking to be better, to learn more and to add on to the greater picture restarts everyday!

Step it all the way up! Set your standards high, and fly!

I love you fam!

Have a great day!

XOXOXO - Sky is really the limit!

A few shout outs to people I know living their dreams out loud:

- Divine Bradley...my rock, he is in the world on a tour spreading the message of being who you want to be! Being a force in this planet and stepping up and taking responsibility for each one teaching one. Collective work within your community, and the world. God is shining through you, and you are lifting people up in a big way! Keep rocking! Live Wire who is also on this tour...sacrificing a lot to be in the spirit of goodness and share his talent with the world.

- Janine Morris. Met her years back at Kiss Fm and Hot 97 when I was working in Radio. She has went on to write 3 books and is getting her law degree this MAY 2009, to go on and start her own practice! Huge Kudos to her! She is young too!

- Shout out to my good friend "Jason" who show premiered last night on BET...Harlem Heights. Check it out Mondays BET 10pm.

- and Lastly, my friend DJ Finesse is on his ARAB MONEY tour...where he hit Africa and Dubai really getting that ARAB money for real..living like a prince, all while doing what he loves to do .... DJ!

Make your dreams a reality. It only takes effort, preparation and opportunity, and believe me the opportunity always comes when you prepare yourself for it.

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