Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are you fluent in the universal language?

What is that? Some have their own perspective on what this is...I believe it is LOVE. Music runs a close second in my opinion but LOVE is always a language that we can recognize when it speaks to us loud and clear.

If it is love between you and your man, or woman, you and your home girls or homeboys, you and your children, you and your many things you might possess...you know when you love something and it makes you feel like nothing else in the world.

I was watching this new video by Keri Hilson last night...(whom I am HIGHLY anticipating her album release 3.24.09) not just because my home girl helped work on her project and she is always branding her around anyone she is near, but because the girl is really talented. She can write and she knows how to speak to that place we all love to feel so much, but may not feel it as much as we may like.

Anyway...she has this song called "Make Love". They released a snippet of the video on the internet yesterday and I must say...I loved it! Not just because Kanye was her leading man (I love Kanye) but because the eye that the director had, caught the emotion that the song was trying to convey. The video actually CAPTURED the song and to see that these days is like actually opening the door for a Jehovah Witness on a Saturday morning...it just does not happen anymore.

We live in this world of FAST FAST FAST, everything is done in a snap, videos no longer have story plots, themes, captures emotion...it's just a backdrop and the digital masters make the effects happen. Who wants that?

If I hear my favorite love song, or a song that pulls at my heart strings you best believe I wanna see a fine specimen of a man serenading and capturing the mood that I am in when I listen to the song. I want to see him hold that woman and tell her how much he loves her! I want to see her smile and them swoon over each to the tune that made it all possible. I don't want to see him or her just stand there in front of a damn green backdrop.

So I fell in love all over again when I watched that video last night..I fell in love with ART, MUSIC, TALENT...I felt excited behind the passion, work and creativity that went into the cinematography behind that little snippet. I can tell that all the participants worked hard at making it possible and that includes Keri herself who had to be very intimate and physical with Mr. West...That is no easy feat. lol.

Anyway...I recommend that you demand LOVE from everyone, everything and make it a staple in your life. Look for the love in it all, and give the love back. It feels sooo FLIPPIN good when you can do that and really embrace it.

I love you guys!!!! Lets all speak the same language!


2009 is giving birth to some serious movers and shakers...watch!

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