Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baltic Avenue my a**!

How long can you stay in the same spot without getting antsy, bored, tired, restless and aggravated? Even when you go to the post office and see a long line you start to suck your teeth and want to about face because you just cannot bare to stand in line and do NOTHING. Well how come when we are standing in the same spot when it comes to relationships, careers and lifestyle are we willing to STAND STILL with ease?

I realize that I have been a victim of this as many of you probably are. I wont go into detail and specify what area I notice this in but it has put me in that state and I am sooo liberated because I am free to stop standing still and waiting. I am setting my standards and requirements for the various positions in my life and if they are not meeting that then they will fall by the waste side.

Anyone who knows me know I am very ambitious, always have a plan and rarely unhappy based on where I am in my life. I recently had to re-assess certain areas that I thought WERE on point, and realize actually they were not at the levels they could be. Have you done this?

Have you thought that the place you are in with something in your life was great, on point, going well, and then you expose yourself to something outside of you and realize that really your stuff is not as great as you thought. Many professionals do this within their careers, even when they are happy to just see "what else is out there, and what else can I get" when they are in dead end jobs. (Take that figuratively if you like :) ).

The point I am making is everything and I mean EVERYTHING in my world has to add up for me right now. From the people who I give my attention to, the food that I eat, the activities that I take part in, the job that I do, the relationships I foster they have to be = to "Broadway on the monopoly board", not Baltic bum a** avenue! ..Thanks Steve Harvey!

I would like to thank the young ladies whom I spoke to last night for their time and energy and Ms. Saulters I appreciate you! :)

We must start upholding our word, commitment, and dedication to the external forces out side of us. When we stick to the plan and go by our standards we realize that our dreams become reality faster than we think! We have to have a map for ourselves for our lives just as we use maps for anything else. That way if we fall off track we can get right back on.

I cannot offer conversation or any type of energy no longer to those who are not about SOMETHING. Can you hold my focus and attention, should it be granted, because you are taking time away from what I am trying to do for me and mines. If we have a conversation can we build on something that is going to take me a step higher, elevate my level of thinking and inspire me to be more than what I am?

And for my ladies..If he checking for you and wants to get to know you better is he coming he showing you that he will be a good husband ...can you see yourself having kids with this man? Would you introduce him to your family, or you rather hide him because he don't offer much but a fine physical shell.

Everything we do are deposits in the bank of life. Many of us are not reaping any returns because the deposits that are made are so small they don't add up to nothing...Live BIG..Deposit BIG...BE BIG and leave the small fries behind.

There is ALWAYS something better waiting when you think what you have is it. Jump out on a limb and just explore. Your fear of not giving the next opportunity a chance is what keeps you stagnant!

Enjoy your weekends!!!



Anonymous said...

Amen! Amen! And AMEN!! I see someones been reading Steve Harvey's book ; )

Its funny how women have known so much of the information that's in that book for so lond- but just by reading it we have gained a new insight into all the bull crap that we have and are putting up with in our lives...beyond relationships with men-but with all aspects of life. I know my world has been open to a whole new set of opportunities and its been reassured to me that I truly am in control of my life as well as what I allow to affect me...I'm glad you too are no longer "standing still" as I vow to no longer do the same... We are as free as we allow ourselves to be- not as free as we allow other ppl and things to let us be...

Ms. Nancy said...

Very Good Blog Dee!