Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easy loving comes a dime a dozen....

Its a sad day when you see a 53 year old woman say "He bought me 2 drinks...What am I supposed to do... not put out"? SMH on this one until I am dizzy. I was watching Oprah last night and a woman of that age actually said that and laughed! I could not believe it.

I mean granted in this day and age..men use bottles and VIP as an extension of there lack of thereof, and some of them can take on this attitude as if you are supposed to supply them with some of the goodies just because he allowed you to drink on his bottle of overpriced liqueur, and you danced with him a couple times in a night. Therefore you should just know what is going down once you leave the party, bar or where ever you may be.

Of course any woman with a high regard for who she is and knows herself, will NOT equate a man catering to her and offering her something as small as a drink the chance to be invited to the goodness and quality that she possess between her legs. BUT, I am well aware that there are some ladies who think this is OK and they are making it harder for those who don't.

You can give some of these women the benefit of the doubt in some cases and say "hey, maybe she really is attracted to the guy and whole heartily wants to take him home and sample what he has to offer", but in this day and age with the all the stuff circulating...Is it even worth that? I have heard too many horror stories about sleeping with someone once and catching a disease EVEN when you think you are being safe wearing a condom.

There are too many types of unsanitary, unhygienic folks running around looking fine as they wanna be. That is the craziest part of it all. The most attractive folks are the ones burning alive! Sad but true. Be careful out here and get to know a person before you offer them a piece of yourself..because in actuality when they lay down with you they WILL walk away with a piece of you.

Another crazy thing I heard on this same show was a girl calling in to say she basically is a christian woman and decided to wait for marriage before having sex but she wants to participate in "heavy petting" and "oral" with the guys she is dating. WHAT?!!! This had me actually laughing out loud! The icing on the cake is she said "I will receive oral not give it". OK...What planet is she living on and what guy is willing to go through this with her over and over again before making a clean exit. FAST! Which will then have her dating more and more men , adding on to her roster and her receiving oral sex, which puts her in the BURNING ALIVE crew I mentioned above, because you are more ample to catch even more diseases through oral.

I am concerned about the logic that some of the ladies have these days. It just isn't smart and it does not make any sense for the long term. Start to wise up and start HOLDING out on your goods! Men WILL wait if they really like you and that's the bottom line. They will be forced to get to know the real you, and they may like who that is before he gets to see your other sides. Sure, he may get some in between his waiting period with you because after all HE IS A MAN...But that has nothing to do with you.

I have heard some of my homies say "She refused to give me some, and even though I can call up 5 chicks right now willing to hit me off, I don't even want nobody else but her"...So if your are a grade A level Dame then he will remain in line and stay focused, and if he stops and ceases all communication then I have to say he was whack anyway.

Easy loving comes a dime a dozen....step your game up and make him remember this ain't easy...because you are worth it!

Happy hunting :).

Have a Happy Tuesday!


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