Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wearing my GRATITUDE on my sleeves!

So...I have been on a "Blog Break" for the past week because I was blessed enough to go to Disney world through a project I am a part of with Essence.com and Disney. My daughter and I were chosen along with my sister girl "Brie" and her 7 year old daughter, to go to Disney World, all expense paid and just "be", while the camera's rolled.

I must say that it was a FABTACULAR, AMAZING, there aren't enough adjectives, experience and I will never forget it! I met some amazing people throughout the experience and I was able to share this wonderful time with a friend of mine who I love dearly and is my family, along with having our daughters bond to the point they didn't want to leave each other.

We went to all the parks and experienced the magic that IS Disney. We hang-glided over California, we sailed through Egypt and the Asian empires. We took a time machine through space and saved the world. We watched Muppet Babies and Lion King come alive in front of our eyes, we found "Nemo" in a musical, we watched pyrotechnics at its best over the Netherlands seas, we ate some of the best Cuban food and crab legs on the planet. We had a love affair with the sun everyday. We touched snakes. We hugged Mickey and kissed Minnie. We laughed with Goofy. We rode race cars. We snapped pictures. We ate Turkey legs. We smiled for the cameras. We swam. We shopped and shopped and shopped. We had lunch with the Princesses of Disney. Our daughter's became Princesses. We laughed and played and talked about what we loved and gave testimonials to the gifts that we received!

I am in a complete state of gratitude and bliss. I never had such a great time at Disney EVER, and this is coming from a woman who parents took her almost every summer from when she was 8 years old. Maybe it was the fact that I now have my own little bundle of sunshine to share in this joy! Maybe it is because I was there with a mission, and the world will soon be able to witness this joy!

It could possibly be that I met some pretty phenomenal women in the process as well that I am hoping to continue a long, growing relationship with. The producers and crew behind this project were a force to be reckoned with. I would like to take this time to speak to two women who moved me:

Ms. Dorothy Williams you are a beautiful woman with a kindred spirit and you are making your mark in the world through your creative vision. Your vision is of substance and adds on to the "wellness" of what it is to be human. There needs to be more projects like this that speak to the goodness and captures the essence of what it means to be FAMILY and the things that embody that. You captured this with this project and I am overexcited to see the outcome!

Ms. Tomar...what can I say. You are a ball of good energy, humor and all around fun! You were there to make sure everything was in place and organized, and made sure what needed to happen when it was SUPPOSED to DID. I love you for that, and for being you!

I love you both! I think that one of the most powerful statements that I took away from this trip was when Dorothy said to me during a conversation about helping women, she said " I am in love with Black Women".. WHOA!

Here this beautiful black woman who is soon to be married (CONGRATS) telling me she is in love with black women. Of course, I knew what she meant and did not take that out of context but how often do you hear another woman (a successful woman at that) speak so open and honest about her affection and love for her fellow sisters and how much she is dedicated to helping them in getting to where they need to be.

My heart was full from the moment she said that, not just because she said it, but because she meant it and was proving it! Here I was, with one of my closest friends, enjoying a vacation, living life to the fullest with my,"family" all because of the vision and direction of this one woman. If that is not love then what is. She is doing something positive, she is sharing that positiveness with the world and she is adding on to the idea of togetherness and family.

I always say that I am not making things happen here by myself. I am always constantly in a state of acknowledging my many blessings and opportunities and giving thanks and speaking it out to the universe because my purpose and existence is bigger than me. Disney world was magnificent but the impact that it had on my daughter and her relationship with her friend, the relationship I have with my friend, and the new relationships that developed are priceless! Those are the gifts and blessings you cant measure into words!

I love you all for asking me " Dee..where is the blog"? "Whats going on"? You guys are my community..my family and I love you for being the veins in my passion. I hope that you all take time to be in a state of gratitude. Speak it out! say what you are grateful for! No matter what you may not have at the moment.

Speak of the blessings that be..because sometimes all it takes is to acknowledge what you currently have to allow what you desire to manifest.

I will let you know when the footage will air so you all can see us and the other families enjoying the Magic of Disney World!

LOVE YOU ALL! Have a Tasteful Tuesday!


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Ricky said...

Now its my turn to adventure..to bad my trip won t be all expenses paid for..lolol...But ya did have a great time and that s all that counts..KUDOOSSS :) :D