Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Give me a reason why the cage bird should sing?

It is funny, when a fish lives in a tank his own life, or a bird lives in a cage, they think the magnitude in which they can swim or fly is just in that small area. They learn to move in that space to perfection, not risking too much, just making sure they don't bump into anything they know will already be there.

They don't have to think too hard because they know their environment like they know how to breathe. They are well adapted to everything in it, they pretty much can predict every second that is to happen...they are comfortable and have no worries.

BUT...what happens when you take that fish out the tank and drop him into the ocean? What happens to the bird who manages to fly out of that cage into a vast sky above him. A new world lies before them. A world that always existed but they never were able to explore, because they were confined to a space that was beyond their control. I say in that case, is it not the fish nor the bird's fault in their entrapment, it was never their choice to begin with.

What is your excuse?

Why do you stay on the block all day or chill on your couch when you can get on the train, in your car or walk to learn something new? Why do you sit behind a desk for a company that you hate when you can jump out the window for what makes you want to get out of bed everyday? Why do you stay in a stale relationship with someone that does not make you feel celebrated? Why do you continue to change yourself short in so many aspects of your life, when you are FREE to do as you please!

You are not the fish, or the bird, you actually have a say in your destiny. You are a child of GOD that actually can do ANYTHING that you want to do if you put your mind, effort and focus to it! Of course the road won't be an easy one. Nobody said anything that is worth it would be easy, but, I am sure that once you initiate some real centered purpose into your life, you will feel so much more meaning for it.

There is no excuse for being healthy and being lazy. It is an insult to those who are bed ridden, ill and unable to make decisions for themselves. Start holding yourself accountable for all the things that you want and desire and bring the richness of what life is supposed to be into fruition!

The caged bird has no real reason to sing in actuality, for he is stifled and trapped to his environment.

The willing and able individual who works hard, through blood sweat and tears and sacrifices much to get what it is he claimed a goal for, is the one who should lead the choir in a song and dance. That is a great reason to sing, celebrate and be proud!

Have a productive, insightful, fabulous sunny Tuesday!



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DJ FINESSE said...

couldnt be said any better than that... amazing is what i rate this blog