Thursday, April 9, 2009

How do you kiss your future if you're still hugging up on your past in the present!

It is soooo easy to think that something that you once had, may it be a job, a relationship, or a living situation is so much better than what you have at the moment. Have you ever been in a situation that seems to be JUST right, everything fits in its place, but something from the past creeps into your current space and seems to throw EVERYTHING off. That is not by accident. It is supposed to throw it off, because it does not belong!

I know many women and men in relationships who have everything they need right in front of their nose, but they are holding on to some idea and emotion that they shared with someone else from their past and it prevents them from fully living and embracing the possibilities that this new, fresh love has to offer them. They do not even think about the leaps, bounds and heights that a new love, a new career or a new lifestyle can bring to their world if they just let it.

I was watching Sex and the City re-runs last night...(one of my all time favorite pastimes when I have some down time), and I was looking at the episode in which Carrie was just starting to date "Jack Burger", a fellow writer that she recently met. Everything was just PERFECT between them. They both laughed at the same things, he "got her" and she "got him", they could go on and on, about topics for hours, but what was happening was her ex "Mr. Big" was calling her every so often and having conversations with her that you would not usually have with your "friend".

She would entertain it and this would continue to go on until she finally had to say "STOP", I am seeing someone new and we cannot continue to carry on like this if we are "friends".

This happens all to often, all the time in reality. We do not fully close chapters and shut the door on experiences that left us vulnerable, unhappy and wanting more out of what it had to offer, yet we will allow those experiences with those people to gain re-entry into our lives, even when we have something FABULOUS already. Is this just the natural human tendency of greed, or are we saying we just cannot let go of the memories and feelings we once had for people and situations. Are we that mushy?

I don't believe the latter. I know for a fact that it is possible to close a chapter and leave it where...back there..but this takes time and it is a strenuous process. It does not happen easily and it really almost always just clicks with your spirit without you even knowing it one day. Something just moves you to say that "this is over, and I am fully through with that". You can try to force yourself into believing this before the magical click but the truth is YOU will get there when YOU are really and truly ready. keep something waiting on a string for you or close by because in your heart you really want to rekindle something with that individual, even through you tell yourself do. This even proves itself in Sex and the City, when Carrie ends up ultimately with Mr. Big. She let him be a painting on her wall for years, through his marriage, through her finding some pretty incredible men, through his move from NYC, through her engagement to someone else...and Still what was meant to be WAS "Them"!

This is the piece of the pie I think we all forget. When something is destined it is destined. Does not mean the road will be a swift one, and it may be easier for someone else to get where you are going, but if its meant for you to get to that will get there and the person who is SUPPOSED to be there with you when you get there will be there, because the universe will make sure it happens that way. How...I don't know. Life is funny, but there is a master plan.

This is how I have started to live me life. Just having the ultimate faith that whatever the powers that be have in store for me, God will bless me with the wisdom, patience, and understanding to get through, and to do it gracefully. Whoever is supposed to be my sister girl, my companion, my heart strings will be naturally and whatever service I am to do will unfold and touch those around me with a positive effect. This is all that is important, how we help and inspire one another.

We make things sooo complicated in life sometimes when in actuality it is really just easy living that makes it all work.

EASY = doing what you never feels like work, but it has the biggest payoffs!

EASY = embracing your emotions and being real with your feelings, not lying to yourself, but allowing your spirit to let you LOVE who you want to LOVE because you need to NOT because you HAVE to or you are supposed to.

EASY = Living life out loud! Being bold and moving like no one is ever watching! Free to be who you are with no restraints.

EASY = Putting fear in the incinerator and leaving it there! How can you embrace anything if fear walks with you always!

EASY= Smiling, Dancing, Laughing, Talking, Creativity... being HUMAN naturally!

Start living in the moment and taking advantage of all that the PRESENT has to offer! Life will happen!

Love you all!

Have a blessed weekend and LIVE it up!


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R Green III said...

Wow,I am completely taken aback by this post. You have just o so accurately described every pitfall, mistake, fault, and thought that we all make and have experienced, yet never learn from.

I wonder why it is so hard for us to let go, to actually be happy when we are happy and not sabotage it. Is it really human nature, an emotionally flaw. A side effect of love.

How do we allow ourselves to be truly happy when we are happy truly. I have no idea, I do know that your above outlined easy steps are a very good place to start.

Thank you for this, I certainly needed a fresh outlook this day.