Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Take a asprin and call me in the morning.....mmmmm NO!

So since yesterday I have been feeling completely UNDERNEATH the weather. I call myself fighting it and I have been for the most part, but I am just weak! Usually when I get sick I do not take ANYTHING! If I have a cold, I boil garlic, lemon and ginger and drink it RAW. If I have a stomach virus I munch on saltines, eat peanut butter out the jar and sip on hot ginger ale. If I am in some sort of pain from anything (headache, cramps, etc.) I wait it out and rub some tiger balm on it. I am just not one to take over the counter drugs.

I know many people do this and think nothing of it, but, I believe and my gut insists that any drug that you take is just telling whatever you have to "ssshhhh" for a second. Then when it gets tired of being quiet, it starts making noise again and you have to do the process all over again making you DEPENDENT on the drug. Anything that suppresses a process in your body that happens naturally I feel is just suspect.

I remember growing up and my Nana would drink a packet of BC every single day. I used to look at this blue and white small package with white powder inside and say "What in the world is Nana doing"? Then she would say "oh my legs...I smell the rain...my legs are going to be hurting..let me take some BC". Anyone can see that she was so used to taking this drug that she now had a habit, but this happens with people with Advil, aspirin, and cough syrup, amongst other harder drugs. Thankfully, she stopped taking BC before I got to High School, or maybe they stopped making it..lol. I never see it anymore.

I thought about this today, because as I am home sick, watching the news, they are actually advising people to start taking one aspirin a day to prevent a heart attack. Now I have heard this before, and when I was pregnant I was required to take one a day since it is a "anti platelet", also means "anti-clotting" agent. People who's blood tends to clot easily can take aspirin to remedy this in special cases. BUT.....if you are a normal healthy man or woman and you watch the news and they say take one aspirin a day to prevent a heart attack, never mind the fact you eat healthy, you have relatively no body fat, you don't smoke and rarely drink, and you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and you are having a active sex life...why would you do this?

The sad truth is so many people will because they take in what they see off the television and hold it as if it is the word. They don't even take time to see that when taking aspirin in large doses (and if you take it everyday I don't care if it is a small dose, its in your system heavy) you run the risk of gastrointestinal ulcers, stomach bleeding, and tinnitus, which is a reoccurring buzzing, whining or humming sound you can hear in your ears, when there is really nothing buzzing or humming. .

I have always been about natural remedy's and living in a natural state. Our ancestors lived and cured diseases with the BUSH and some herbs, and these herbs are still present today, you just have to know where to go get them. I know first hand that using the right herbs can work magic...literally. Stop being a slave to all these drugs that are toxic for the natural balance of your body.

Ladies I know many of you use Birth Control, for obvious reasons, and I have too, but you really have to give your system and body a break from that as well. It really is detrimental to your reproductive organs after a long EXTENSIVE period of time due to the suppression that it undergoes for so long. I don't care what the doctor says. They will say that because it has not been proven and they have contracts with the manufacturer to keep supplying you...that is how they make their money. Then you wonder why you are gaining weight, because you are not allowing your eggs to fully be released from your body and therefore, what do you expect to happen...you get bloated and gross. Just be responsible in handling your business. Go on them, go off...that is not unreasonable.

Be responsible with your health, and how you maintain it. Eating Chinese food (from the corner) every night, can really mess you up in the long run as well. I am not saying don't eat out...but the way they prepare this Chinese food is just disgusting. They do not care how they handle your food and its filled with sodium.

I am just in a state of encouraging everyone to start being mindful of what they eat, start being active and stop using all these toxic drugs when you really don't have to.

Warm weather is on the come up and who does not want to feel as good as it will look!

Have a great Tuesday!



AdrianC said...

Thank you Dr.Dee! lol I appreciate this one and I hope others do too. Being in pharmaceuticals, the 1st lesson that they teach us is that every drug is in effect a poison, that is why they all have side effects. In essence, you are trading one malady for another. With the aspirin yes it is an anti-coagulant and good for blood thinning and minor pains, but take to many of those bad boys and it can be liver toxic. A lot of people are very quick to take medicine to suppress symptoms and feel that as soon as their nose gets stuffy it's time for Sudafed. Blow your damn nose and get all that stuff outta there! Take care of yourself and do the preventive things it takes to make sure your temple is tiptop. Also, when the weather breaks a little, don't put on shorts, baby tee, and flip flops the weather is just breaking it's not sweltering out there and your body is not adjusted yet. Much like airplanes, the equilibrium takes a minute calibrate, so if you jump from one extreme to another too fast, problems could occur, and that's why people tend to catch colds and flu around this time. Anyway, stay informed, and pay attention to your body. Cya!

LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...

You are a mild genius adrian! :)