Thursday, March 5, 2009

"You can't soar with eagles if you walk with Chickens"

This is a old saying that I know my people down south love to preach about. The ironic and funny thing is ...90% of the people who will re-quote this saying...are walking with a slew of chickens and even worst some of them ARE the chickens.

You ever seen people talk and preach some deep wisdom and then you see them not doing nothing significant with their own life. It is so easy to judge and write them off but we are all human, and a work in progress, but it does make you say "hmmmm".

It reminds me recently when I said something and this guy I know says " You don't have to tell me you preaching to the choir"? What the hell does that mean when people say that? Even at church the choir is sitting BEHIND the preacher receiving the same message as you. Once you believe you are above receiving the message, no matter IF you know it or not, you have already shot yourself in the foot and done a disservice to the person speaking. We have to encourage one another in spite of us being "know it all's".

It is sooo easy to complain and to rant and go on about the negative aspects that affect us everyday, may it be people, obstacles, situations...but this never helped or added on to nothing but the spread of more negativity. I have been practicing putting Good Energy out to everyone who comes near me for the past couple of weeks, and what I find out is "Good Energy Bring Good Energy" (Thank you Kanye).

I think many would argue that this sounds easier than actually doing it, but try it. I mean really put your effort and be conscious to just being happy and being upbeat and having good energy in spite of running low on cash, not liking what you put on today, having to meet up with someone you rather see every 3 months, having to watch somebody's kids, running late for something, someone running late to you, someone owing you money, waiting for someone to call who clearly is not thinking about you, and the list can go on...but do you let that consume your entire being and existence and block you from receiving the numerous blessings that are lined up for you?

I believe in "What is will be". I also believe we play a huge role in achieving what is to be by what we put forth and how hard we work at it. A a wise man once said "The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary".

Yes you will see many one hit wonders and people who seem to make it with minimal work, but their lasting affect and the quality of what they are made of will diminish. You want to have a lasting affect, be respected and make sure the place at the top was custom made just for you and you can only achieve that by working your tail off to ensure it.

2009 we cannot waste time! We must create the lives WE want NOW!

Have a fab weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather...


P.S. I just want to say to all who read this and I do not fwd to you but you can find something in it for you...I appreciate you taking time to read it and for all the kind words that you have sent me. Thank you. I do it to contribute to my community of folks so we all IT BIG when it is all said and done.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great article, very inspiring and true.

Tonya B