Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FRIENDS...How many of us have them?

I say Thank you to those who I can call my FRIENDS and never second guess it. Those who have always stood by me and supported me, never said anything to me that they knew might be hurtful but say it anyway...never defame my character behind my back, reaches out to me to check on me and my family, comes to functions that I throw for my loved ones, Give me daps ...and give me hugs...This is for you!

I appreciate authenticity.

I appreciate those who do not have jealousy and hate running through their makeup, and think it is hidden...I can see it.

I appreciate the times that you just reach out to just say hello.

I appreciate the advice that you have given with my best interest in mind.

I appreciate you sacrificing your time which belongs to you, to be by my side.

I appreciate all the late night chats we have indulged in because we just wanted to keep the joke going.

I appreciate the countless meals that we have enjoyed together.

I appreciate the gifts that you have bestowed on me throughout the years..even when it wasn't of material nature.

I appreciate you telling me how much I mean to you in your life.

I appreciate the wisdom that you have taught me without you even knowing it.

I appreciate you searching for the right words, because you want me to get the message but you want me to take it the right way.

I appreciate your respect.

I appreciate your smile.

I appreciate your prayers that have included me in them.

I appreciate your good intentions.

I appreciate the essence of you... MY FRIEND!

Have a wonderful day and tell your Real True Friends...How much they mean to you!


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Ricky said...

And I appreciate U!