Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ignorance Demon is running rampid.....look to your left..

As a new season enters and is approaching...It's time to pack away the old and pull out the new. This can apply to clothes, environments, activities and people. I am in the process of purging people from my life who do not have any place there. They may have had a place at some point, but clearly they have made it obvious they no longer do.

Life and opportunity is of the moment and what time do we have to waste with those who are negative, inconsiderate, insensitive, and non ambitious. In addition to having issues that are so deeply rooted in their well being that they may have some trouble seeing their flaws and understanding why you have elevated from who they choose to be.

New season's bring new blessings, if you welcome them in. Be who you are naturally and deflect the ignorance demon that is bound to try to creep into your space on the daily. This demon can possess anyone and anything and try to cloud your vision, but you know better. You can spot it a mile away and you should be able to walk away from it EASILY because you know who you and it's soo much more than what is being presented to you.

Be Wise..Remain the bright spot in the room, and live your dreams out loud, you may need to loose some people and things along the way....but as they say "Pack lighter you get further".

Happy Tuesday!!!

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