Thursday, August 27, 2009

What will you be remembered for?

How long do you stay in a position before you realize your time there has gone stale?

For some reason recently, many people have been asking me for "career move advice", obviously there is no surprise that many people have been let go from their jobs, and re-evaluating what to do next, but, what about the fortunate people who have not lost their jobs. The people who are sitting in a position that they have been in for years and they are ready to be promoted but "due to the economy" are afraid to ask for a promotion.

I think this entire "economy" situation has been a mind manipulator. Yes there is no denying that the economy and the money that has been available has been limited...BUT that has nothing to do with what you are worth and what you deserve, and to allow the state of this economy to affect your ability to know and believe that, is inexcuasable for chasing your dreams. Self worth BEATS Net Worth.

There IS money out here and you CAN get some if you are dedicated and committed to allowing your talents (whatever they be)to shine and you sell yourself. You can be the most talented, singer, writer, dancer, stylist, administrator, etc. whatever it is at the end of the day, you have to make someone believe that you are too. You cannot have all this talent and not market it for yourself and then get madd when opportunities do not come your way. There isn't anyone who is capable of helping you, just sitting at home, thinking about you. You have to make yourself visible, noticeable and go for what you want vigorously.

Now if you are reading this and you don't know if it applies to you then ask yourself this...

1- Have you been doing the same exact thing for more than 2 years with no salary increase or promotion?

2- Do you HATE going in to your job everyday, and know EXACTLY what you want to do, and it isn't your current job?

3- Is there any positions at your job that you want and know you are the best fit for but have not applied for it out of FEAR?

If you can say YES to any of these three questions, then you need to stop making excuses for living in a mediocre, non-ambitious space and go after what you want.

There is no excuse!!!!

One of America's Original Successful Authors, Robert Collier once said "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

Read that quote and think about what you do DAY IN AND DAY OUT.

P.S. I am sitting here watching all this coverage on Ted Kennedy and his life.

It is sad that he has passed on but I see a man who came to this world, served his purpose and left his mark.

He will always be remembered for what he created for himself while he was here. He made an impact...and it is just more affirmation for me that this is our only mission.

What will you be remembered for?

Have a productive Thursday & a safe Weekend!!!



Anonymous said...

As someone who has been affected by this recession I disagree completely with you. In certain industries bouncing once the job isn't to your liking is frowned upon. Plus, why be unemployed just because you aren't "happy" at work there is something called responsibility such as shelter, food and clothing especially if you have kids. I think it is irresponsible to lead a job without any real offers if you have a kid or rent to pay. Unemployment benefits barely cover anything. I think this idea of yours is fine for the creative types.

Ted Kennedy did many great things that he will be
remembered for and some not so great like the car accident that he didn't report for 10 hours because he was drunk driving and a girl died due to his actions.

I think it is important to be a provider for your family and be remembered for that. How does it look to a child when they don't have food to eat or clothing for school because their parent didn't like their job. That is a selfish view that the parent is showing.

Lastly, this recession is very real and they only people who haven't noticed are those with nothing to lose or those who don't read newspaper. The unemployment rate is at its highest which is through all sectors, public and private. There have been small improvements but not many when you look at consumer confidence reports and quarterly financial reports you see that it is actually getting worse. There will be more laid offs and millions of people who are unemployed will run out of benefits. So my advice is if you hate your job asking for a promotion will be you unemployed because I will hire someone else to do your job since you are so ungrateful! LMAO!

Ricky said...

I m not gonna front. I like this from start to finish because this is how I feel and tell people on a regular basis. :D