Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In simple form....

Is it my fault that I embraced you with open arms and smiles every time we shared the same space? Listening to your stories about your tired man, and how happy you were. Giving you advice about what your next step should be. Sharing a hard laugh with you and facial gestures as we both tried to figure out why we were laughing. Hey....not my fault. That is just me.

I welcomed you into my world because you were welcomed in by someone close to me. Maybe I can be at fault for that. Why couldn't I tell that you were a jealous, envious negative person? Then again, we all do not see what we have no knowledge of. If we had a radar for all the nonsense that people had under their sleeve we would never have relationships. SO...in a way should I be disgusted? Should any of us be disappointed when a person shows another side of who they are that is not what we like or expected.

The truth is most of the people we know don't even understand or know themselves. They have a tendency to be weak and will go along with what everybody else is doing. Second what everyone else is saying. Laugh at something everyone else may find funny and not take a stand and say that this is what I think...in fear they will stand out and not fit in. I cannot identify with this person but I know they exist, and that is the balance in the world.

So...I have chosen and learned that it is not my place nor duty to allow the result of being upset, disappointed or mad when someone shows me a side of them that I am not used to nor like. I roll with the punches, and I smile for the battle is not mine and as the good book says "forgive them, for they know not what they do". (Luke 23:3)

Enjoy your day!

Be yourself.

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